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How I usually like to do posting is not in a strict order, but rather on a basis of "raise your hand if you would like to post," essentially like you just did, Decimate. Let the rest of us know that you want to post, and if someone has any objections on grounds of them wanting to post first then it's up to them to say so. Communication, as I've stressed many times now, is key.

At the moment things are kinda happening all at the same time, so I don't imagine it would be too much of an issue if you went ahead and posted.
Eastern Yharnam, Hunter's clinic, back room

Victor and Torquil's attention had strayed from the figures occupying the back room of the clinic after the one aptly described as the “Screaming Man” had turned out to only have stirred momentarily from his slumber. Victor was just about to resume his search for anything interesting in this place with a newly determined priority to find a key to this place, and Torquil had noticed the new Messengers offering them their message. But barely had the two made a move to go through the door to the reception before a voice – a new voice – called out behind them, stopping them dead in their tracks. They both turned around to face the speaker.
But a moment later a second new voice replied to the first, and the two Hunters at the door turned their heads in unison to look at him instead, Victor with an expression that betrayed shock and mild panic, Torquil with surprise, but also joy and relief.

The two men likely made a strange visage, standing there next to each other, particularly with Arcturus' tall, lean figure with them for comparison. Victor was fairly tall, only a little shorter than Arcturus – though both of them would still have to look up at Nigel, had he been standing – while Torquil was rather short. The comparison almost made their relative proportions seem exaggerated; Victor and Torquil both being somewhat burly, though neither could once again compare to Nigel – likely made Arcturus look obscenely thin, and Torquil standing next to his tall companions would make him seem tiny.
Of course, a lot of the attention that might have been directed at this, as well as to the fact that Arcturus and Torquil were both dressed and equipped in such a way that it would not betray their inner nature as Hunters while Victor wore the uniform of a church Hunter, might have been distracted by the fact that Victor was still completely drenched in impossible-seeming quantities of blood. His efforts to wipe his face and gloves had only lessened the red tint there, but not removed it; blood was notoriously difficult to clean off, and there was a lot of it.

“You're at a clinic for blood-ministration,” Victor replied to Ludolf's question, eyes shifting between these newly awakened fellows in a way that might suggest paranoia. Noticing Nigel's foreign-looking attire, he elaborated: “In Yharnam. You're probably Hunters now. So are we.”

As he spoke, a crowd of four Messengers – invisible to Victor but ironically visible to everyone else present for it – emerged from the floor around Ludolf's feet through what seemed almost like tiny puffs of mist. Their grotesque, eyeless and remarkably dissimilar faces turned towards him, their tiny little hands extending towards his shins, palms upturned, in an almost pleading gesture.
I will try to get a post out this weekend, then.

My main problem with it still being called Pthumeru would be that it would make it weird for the twisted semi-undead from the old labyrinth to be called "Pthumerians" if "Pthumerian" could actually refer to anyone from the country. It is strongly suggested in the game (if not downright stated, but I can't seem to find any references to such a statement) that "Pthumeru" fell long ago around the time of Queen Yharnam and the stillbirth of Mergo, which would make the current country more of a successor state.
Eh... the more I look into it and try to see patterns in naming, the less certain I feel that I could come up with something original that would fit. I'm thinking it may be best to call the country something derivative from Pthumeru, yet different enough that the people of Yharnam don't get confused. I was thinking "Pumeria".

EDIT: Had time to properly read your post now, Decimate, and I must stay that I'm both intrigued by Ludolf's dream and pleased with your writing. Well done.

EDIT2: Decided not to wait, post is up.
Do you want to introduce your character now, too, @Decimate, or should I work on a post reacting to Nigel's awakening?
It's no trouble. Whichever you prefer, really; if you want/can, you are free to post Nigel's awakening whenever you're ready. If you want me to introduce the character, all you need to do is ask (though there isn't a lot to introduce given that he's currently comatose).
Same clinic, same situation as Decimate's character is about to wake up in, with its current state approximately summarized here, albeit for another character.
Most things I generally won't comment on, like minor typos (like accidentally writing "taunt" instead of "taut") or small grammatical errors that aren't necessarily confusing, but what catches my attention about your writing is the general lack of flow between your sentences. When I read your CS the sentences felt somewhat disconnected from each other.

Am I making sense? I hope I am. It's nothing terrible, it's just something I noticed.
It's quite all right. The beauty of (false) Paleblood Hunters is that the memory loss from metamorphosis allows them to be as fleshed out as you want them to be; they may remember a lot and/or be from Yharnam, or they may remember nothing and be from a foreign land, essentially leaving them as much of a blank slate as the player character from the game.

There's nothing in particular that stands out as problematic, so the character is accepted. That said, would you mind if I offered a little constructive criticism? It's okay if you would prefer that I keep it to myself.
It is possible to be infected with false Paleblood before becoming a Hunter, thus effectively making you a false Paleblood Hunter, yes... though it will probably be a lot more challenging. The batch of false Paleblood Hunters currently under metamorphosis or in the currently active scene were created en masse as a test of the treatment, to see how well and reliably it worked across a broad range of subjects. Anyone receiving the treatment to become a false Paleblood Hunter henceforth would do so after the procedure had been tested, meaning that the Healing Church would already know that it has a high probability of working, which in turn will mean that the church will be a lot more selective about who they decide to effectively turn into immortal soldiers.

A character would need to either be very highly favored and deeply trusted by the Healing Church to receive such an offer (as opposed to just being made a Hunter, which they would be much more eager to accept), or they would need to steal the means to infect themselves with false Paleblood and then become a Hunter.
Yes, the RP is indeed still open to new applications and recruiting. Don't worry too much about the advanced tag on the RP; as I already wrote in the interest check writing ability (and/or willingness to put in huge amounts of effort) isn't paramount, and not being constantly active is also acceptable as long as you keep us/me informed so that people don't end up waiting for you to post before doing so themselves, and (in extreme cases) allowing some mild puppeting of the character to keep the story moving.

Feel free to throw in an application over in the OOC whenever you like, and to speak up if you need information or advice.
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