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Current Morgan Freeman: "And then POOHEAD189 was buried under the sheer amount of happy birthday's from his followers. We still search for him to this day."
5 hrs ago
Happy 30th Poo, here's wishing you many more years of memorable roleplaying.
22 hrs ago
Poppa Nurgle blesses the most pustulant of his children.
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1 day ago
I am enlightened, praise be the lich king!
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Nerull Approves
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<Snipped quote by Dark Cloud>

I wouldn't say he would be a weakness, but it does show that she cares a lot about her second in command. I mean, Most living beings would not want someone they know or are close to them to die in any way. Though, when thinking about it rank wise, it is more probable that the reason being that the second in command is vital to their forces. Whether the second in command be a good bait or way to get at the General, it seems likely. Though I would not put all your eggs in that basket.

I see and what do you know of her?
<Snipped quote by Dark Cloud>

I hope it's a change you like.

Everything in Existence is change, the multiverse is ever expanding.
I'm still rolling for everyone, still just a reminder.
@RainyHigh Twas a joke, I just need to implement a turn order.
Hm okay everyone, would you all prefer if you could roll yourselves or if I continued? (PLZ CH00Z3 DA LATT3R)
@Legend Sorry. Heh.
<Snipped quote by Dark Cloud>

Do you run into this sort of thing a lot?

Only recently.
Holy Shit I am co-GM. I barely realized just now.

*Smash announcer voice*

@RainyHigh I can remove the Co-Gm thing from you as I was joking, but if somebody could roll dice I wouldn't mind. Or I'll just roll physically cause it is becoming a chore to continuously go to dice section and here.
I'm trying to think here.

Is Lana being electrocuted in the water already split in half?

Or did she get split in half then electrocute in the water?

Either way.


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