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Current Second covid vaccine is done! So far no bad side effects, but it's only been 2-3 hours since I got poked. Wish me luck that I don't get super sick
12 days ago
Slowly trying to work on posts today, but my brain is still recharging after two weeks of traveling and a lack of quality sleep. Staring blankly at the ceiling for hours has never been more appealing.
19 days ago
I must be lucky. I'm known among my friends for being a writer, and I sometimes have coffee shop dates with other creatives, where I work on posts while they work on the art/stories they're doing.
26 days ago
Thanks to a friend who met up with me for a creative dinner, I'm finally making headway on the novel I said I'd write a year ago! Here's to hoping I have what it takes to turn my hobby into a career
1 mo ago
Finally got my first dose of the Covid vaccine! As a high risk individual, this is the best my mental health has been in a year


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Name: Taylor
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Age: 21+
Occupation: Waiting for COVID to stop wrecking the job market
Relationship: Married (happily, I might add)
Time Zone: Arizona (we hate daylight savings, so it's either PDT or MST depending on the time of year)
Writing History: I've been on a number of different roleplaying websites for over a decade
Hobbies: Writing, drawing, graphic design, piano, hiking, camping, traveling, anything NEW (can be convinced to try almost anything if I know I'll come away with a good story)
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Format: 1x1s
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Favorite Genres: Historical, Romance, Action/Adventure, Horror/Dark, Fantasy, Slice of Life, Dystopian, can be convinced to write some Sci-Fi
Hard 'no's: Fandoms. Sorry, but I can't maintain interest in characters/worlds I didn't build with my partner
Template: Public threads or PMs. I prefer to keep all my RPs in one place, so no emails or G-docs or the like
Rating: Comfortable with 18+ content, but it's not a necessity and I prefer not to center a RP on explicit scenes
Level: Advanced. Will consistently provide around 400-700 words per post, but can occasionally leap to 2000+
Character preference: One main character, but large side casts are greatly enjoyed. Because I write long posts, I prefer not to double
Gender preference: Willing to play M or F, but preference is M (I'm more masculine than feminine, so I write better for the opposite gender)
Romantic Relationships: MxF or MxM
OOC chat: Yes please! I'm a total extrovert who loves to get to know the amazing minds behind my partners' characters
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Let Me Steal Your Heart - Medieval saga going 6 years strong with @BuzzingBee (on pause)
Match Up in Malibu - Reality show SoL set in California with @Bee
Cirque du Sombre - Supernatural circus of monsters with @Siaya Dragalorn
Amnesia - Modern dystopian romance with @sukikyoufu
New World Contention - Post apocalyptic sci-fi with @AnnaWinters (on pause)
Also shoutout to @Syrenrei @meyerlemontree @Angel Vicky & @nachonacho who are wonderful writers of the PM land

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Yeah, he still hasn't adopted the mentality yet, haha. It'll be a slow and steady transition.
Cas didn’t get as much rest as he’d been hoping for when he’d laid his head down on the pillow. For about two hours, he tossed and turned in the king sized bed, dipping in and out of shallow sleep that left him feeling even more tired than he had been when he’d first started trying to relax. The mattress was too big. Like the bedroom he’d moved into, it just reminded him of how alone he was now that he’d been crowned the new ruler of Aspiria. His immediate family were all either dead or banished, and his friends, while supportive, couldn’t understand what he was going through. They lived the life he wished he could have: one in which their biggest responsibilities were deciding which parties they wanted to attend on the weekends.

Already, he missed the freedom he’d taken for granted when he’d only been a prince. Just a week ago, he’d felt constricted by his duty to his father, but compared to what was coming, the tasks that had daunted him before were like a teenager’s household chore list. He wasn’t ready to lead an entire country by himself, and he’d never felt more alone than he did buried under the covers in his parents’ old bed. Thoughts and worries about all the new ways he could fail swirled around inside his head, and sleep eluded him no matter how hard he tried to give in to his exhaustion.

Above all else, he found himself missing Iris like a limb. Even though he knew she wouldn’t be able to understand his struggle much more than Jay or Miles, she had a way of comforting him that he needed at that moment. He craved her warmth and her touch and her smile and her constant reassurances that he would be a good king. Pining for her presence, he rolled over and curled his fingers wistfully against the bedsheets, wishing she were there beside him. Even though they hadn’t been doing long distance for more than a couple days, he was already feeling the strain of it twisting his heart. It wasn’t easy to wait for a single, short phone call once a night after he’d gotten used to having her with him to hold in his arms.

The clock on the wall seemed to tick slower than ever as he continued to grapple with sleep and bide his time until the little hand struck ten. At long last though, his patience paid off when his phone vibrated on the nightstand in a siren song that he’d been looking forward to all day. He rolled back over on the bed and sat upright, the sheets sliding down into a heap at his hips as he reached for the device and smiled at the increasingly familiar number on the screen.

“Hey, Iris,” he said softly, bringing it to his ear in eager anticipation of hearing her voice again. Twenty-four hours felt like a small eternity to wait between conversations with her. However, when she called him ‘your majesty’ over the other end of the line, he wrinkled his nose in distaste. Out of everyone, he didn’t want her to call him by the stuffy title he’d inherited from his father. “Well, you’re not wrong,” he conceded. “But I always have and always will prefer ‘Cas.’”

Laying back down on the bed, he folded his free arm over his chest and fixed his brown eyes on the ceiling. “How have you been today? Did you watch the ceremony?” he asked, starting down the list of questions he’d been waiting for far too long to voice to her. Another one, even more important than the first two, popped into his head, so he tacked it on as an afterthought: “Have you eaten since yesterday?”
Insomnia is no fun. I hope you kick it! And no rush as always. I’m currently visiting my in-laws for the weekend, so I’m most likely not gonna be doing much writing, if any, until Monday.
I ended up having more than enough to work with in my post, so feel free to start the conversation between Cas and Iris, assuming Cas answers the phone when she calls him ^^
The sovereign’s quarters felt cold. Caspian stood in the doorway, the Aspirian crown dangling carelessly between his fingers as his eyes roamed over the oversized bedroom that his parents had once occupied and that now belonged to him by rite. Somewhere in the back of his subconscious, he’d known that the day would come when he took over everything that had belonged to his father, but to actually take the first small steps toward that life was surreal. This room in particular held so many memories that his head felt like it was swimming as they flooded back to him at once. Distant childhood recollections of running to his mother when he’d had nightmares, days when he’d used the space to hide from the servants, early morning meetings with his father to study skills he would need to become king… and more recently, visits to Atlas when his father had been on his deathbed.

His throat tightened, and he took a shuddering breath to steady himself. He hadn’t expected this to be so difficult. It was just a room, but since all of his memories were either painful or nostalgic, it was hard for him to bring himself to step further inside. He glanced over his shoulder with a wince, wondering if it was too late to change his mind about going back to his old bedroom. He could just pick up a change of clothes and some toiletries and sleep in a place that was more comfortable, but deep down he knew that putting it off wouldn’t make it any easier for him to move into the new room later. Now that he was king, he needed to toughen up.

So, taking one more steeling breath, he forced himself to close the door behind him and walked slowly up to the four-post bed. Even from a glance, he could see that the sheets had been recently changed, but his skin still crawled with the knowledge that this was where his father had breathed some of his final breaths before he’d been rushed to the hospital. Gingerly, he ran his fingers over the crisp duvet and set the crown down on the nightstand. When he was alone, it was easier to let the weight of his new role ease from his shoulders, but the stress of becoming a monarch was replaced with a messy tangle of emotions that were just as heavy in their own way.

He stood by the bed for a few minutes before he peeled himself away from it to take off the ceremonial garb he’d been wearing all day. The staff had moved all of his clothes into his father’s wardrobe while he’d been at the banquet, so he dug through the options until he found an old set of pajamas tucked away near the back. The top and bottom were soft cotton printed with the logo of his favorite football team, a gift from his mother that she’d given him about a year before she’d died. Leaning into his nostalgia, he untied the sash around his waist and slipped out of his tunic and trousers, replacing them with the old clothes and ambling back over to the bed.

His cell phone had been moved into the new room as well, left on a wireless charger on the nightstand. Leaning back against the edge of the mattress, Cas picked it up to find hundreds of missed notifications from every social media account he had. People he’d never met or even chatted with online were congratulating him on his new status as if they knew him personally, undoubtedly trying to bolster their own followings by pretending to buddy up with the new king. He rolled his eyes to himself and turned off his notifications altogether, uninterested in reading the comments at the moment. Instead, he turned to his texts, where he found a string from a group chat with Jay and Miles spread out over a few days’ time:

M: The soldiers stopped by but I told them I didn’t know where you were. Got your back, man.

M: So… are you ever gonna tell us where you and Iris went?

J: Hey, I think something’s up. The soldiers just came by my place and they were pretty serious. I heard about your fight with your dad, but maybe you should go back to the palace, Cas.

J: I just heard about your dad’s passing. I’m so sorry. If there’s anything you need, just let me know.

M: Yeah, same here. Also, I hope you’re OK. Haven’t heard from you in a couple days. Text us back when you see these.

J: Hey Cas, think you can get us invites to your coronation? We’d love to be there but we’re not on the approved list.

M: I know you’re king now and all, but it would be nice to get even a ‘K’ back from you, dude. Or are you too good for us now that you’re in charge of this place?

M: ……Actually, if you ARE too good for us, please don’t have me arrested for that last text. Thanks.

J: Miles, you’re an idiot.

He smiled to himself. In spite of everything that had happened, he was glad that his friends had continued to reach out to him. He wished he’d seen their messages earlier though, because he hadn’t even thought about making sure they would be able to attend his coronation. Having not seen them there at all, he guessed they hadn’t been able to secure invitations on their own. Too tired to call them, he tapped out a reply on his keypad:

Hey guys, sorry I went AWOL for a while. Things have been crazy, as I’m sure you noticed. Thanks for the well wishes. I’ll call you both when I can… I’m still processing all of this, so now’s just not the best time.

He paused, then added:

Also, Miles you are an idiot. Just because I’m king now doesn’t mean we aren’t still friends. You should know you guys are more important to me than that.

Setting his phone down on the nightstand again he let out a sigh and laid back on the bed, sinking heavily into the plush, memory foam mattress. Although the room didn’t feel like home to him yet, the bed was enticingly comfortable. With plenty of time left before he expected Iris to call him, he pulled the duvet out from below his body and crawled underneath it, hoping to get a little shut-eye first to decompress after yet another hectic day.
This thread kind of reminds me of this FRIENDS episode

“If that’s the case, they won’t stand a chance,” Rayth joked, enjoying the mental image of his roommates getting swindled by a human. The brownies weren’t as openly hostile toward Lune’s kind as the other creatures in the circus were, but it would definitely be humiliating for them to lose money to one over a game of cards.
“Maybe you could teach me sometime. I know the basics, but I’m not much better at gambling than my roommates are,” he added as an afterthought.
Lune’s reaction to his offhanded comment about his cousin drew another grin out of the half-vampire. Her enthusiasm was infectious, and he liked the idea of teaching someone else how to exercise their five senses. It had been decades since the last time he’d had a ‘student.’ Even though humans couldn’t even dream to reach the same level of sensitivity that he had when he was out of practice, he knew they could get better if they worked at it. They were surprisingly adaptable beings.
Judging by the way she seemed to shy away from him, he had a feeling it would be a little while before he could get started with her though. The way he’d taught his cousin had involved the use of a lot of blindfolding, which would only work if she trusted that he wouldn’t bite her the instant she covered her eyes.
“I’ll add your name to the roster,” he remarked, only to fall quiet briefly when she asked him if he had control over his nose.
It didn’t sound like it was meant to be a probing question, but he’d had bad experiences with other people taking advantage of the fact that he couldn’t just turn off his sense of smell when something was overwhelming. Because of that, he was careful not to make a fuss about the downside of his heightened senses if the other people around him didn’t already know about it.
“I can focus on one smell over another if that’s what you mean,” he replied. “It’s kind of like how you can focus on one object at a time when you’re looking around. The scents are always there, and I’m aware of them, but unless I’m actively thinking about them, I can usually ignore the ones I’m not interested in paying attention to.” With the exception of human blood, of course. If he smelled that, all bets were off.
Reaching for the door that would take them into the shower car, he let Lune pass through first and then followed her into a room that was just as dark as each of the sleeper cars they’d walked through to get there. Stall doors lined the narrow corridor, about eight in all. Behind each one was a small, long space with a tiled floor and a curtain in the middle to separate a changing area with a shelf from the shower itself, so the user’s spare clothes wouldn’t get soaked while it was in use.
“Towels are in the bin to your right,” Rayth said, gesturing to the receptacle in case Lune’s vision had adjusted enough for her to see it by now. “When you’re done with it, just throw it in the ‘used’ bin on the left. It’ll get taken care of later.” More specifically, Frieda’s faeries would deal with the laundry while they were making the jump to the next city. They acted as a maintenance workers for the troupe in between shows.

Ironically, I was just talking with someone about AAVE earlier today. I’d never heard of code-switching before, since it’s not really part of my life experience. Thanks for the explanation and link! Super helpful stuff.
<Snipped quote by Dagger>

Take it from someone who learned English very late in life, people do not randomly inject words from their home language into English. Hollywood often does this with say a French guy saying "bonjour" to great or a Spaniard exclaiming with "puta" but this really doesn't happen that much, its a cheap way for movie makers to emphasize the foreignness of a character without doing something meaningful with them. There are exceptions, i.e. hotel staff because its expected of them to endear them to clients, but its something to keep in mind during judgement.

That’s an interesting point, and I definitely don’t doubt it. However I also have a couple Latinx friends who do use “Spanglish” in their daily life, so I wonder if there’s some variation across people from different cultures? Living in the southwestern region of America, we have a lot of people from Mexico in my county, and it seems to vary even person to person whether they weave Spanish into their speech or not.
Can't wait to read it! I'm also wondering if it would be a good idea to skip forward like a few days or a week after the upcoming scene, since Cas will be busy with his new responsibilities, and Iris will be stuck at the resort.
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