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If we can confirm 3 or 4 people besides myself than I will post a thread for this
Yea, I really like giving people space to be able to write and to be able to do a ton in any post they do.
It would be set in a post apoc earth, long enough after the apoc to where civilization has started to rebuild. society was in a way that the earth was under a one nation earth scenario, with the concepts of stands being known to the public at this point even if the only way to stop a stand was with another stand (stand rules vary). A threat whose identity was lost to time appeared on earth and wiped out the worlds leaders, WMD, basically just trashed human society somehow. Even stands were not able to stop him apparently. What is believed to be 300 years after the fall of humanity, cities lie in ruin still appearing as they did from the year 2021 besides all the damage and stuff. what remains of humanity lives spread out in North America, some living on their own and some in groups. While cities and towns do lie in ruin lots of places people have set up camps and shops and the like for those who pass through the cities still as many people travel. Stands are still a huge part of the world where 75 percent of humanity (about 20 million humans) has a stand. Stands can vary much wider now to the point where many stands may seem similar but are used much differently based on the stand user. The main plot of this Rp would be focused on this. An elite class has begun to appear after so many years of families passing down what they made and grew and saved for their families and have begun to want to group humanity together again. But to do so would be a seemingly impossible task. Especially with a certain amount of famous Stand Users. Our writers here would all be famous through gossip and unreliable communication between groups and individual humans. Famous for what, you decide, but these elites believe the key to grouping humanity is to start to weed out the trouble makers, the biggest players in the Stand Game. Each of our characters would be captured or brought willingly to a specific location and through the intimidation and overall inability to disagree from the leader of these elites stand we are forced into a hunger games situation where we are confined to a huge portion of land and are forced to fight. hundreds of powerful Stand users having to fight to kill or permanently incapacitant another's stand. There are alot more details but that is a small portion of the premise
So I was thinking of doing a JoJo themed Rp for awhile now, I have a pretty decent concept for a start for one but wanna know who else would be interested.

Kyle Hishamie

Kyle had stepped aside as the TA approached their group thinking how unusual it was that he would be the last to arrive somewhere. The army was all about being fifteen minutes early to anything, if not you were late. He mentally cursed himself for his lagging behind blaming this partially on the fact that he had been living as a civilian for so long now. Kavius felt a small twinge of pain in his upper right temple from his earlier experimentation but at least he did not smell like sweat from running to get here or have sweat stains. Kyle was thankful for the small miracles. Walking into the room behind the others, Kyle handed in his paper next. Although to call it a paper would be understating it. Kyles paper was slightly thick from the amount of pages, attached inside a vanilla folder, all hand written. Kyle looked sheepish as he realized he might have gone a little over board.

"There was a lot of information relating to the topic," Kyle said to the TA forgetting to use his power, "So I was as thorough as possible." Kyle took a seat at the round table two seats to the left of the TA.

A few silent moments passed before Kyle heard a grunt coming from caleb, who was trying to catch his attention. With a look that held meaning from Caleb, Kyle almost smacked himself mentally when he realized a moment later that he was suppose to be interrogating this women for information. He had almost forgotten after seeing how his paper compared to others. Especially since they had been given such short notice on it, Kyle could not help that he had gotten to it as soon as he remembered it the previous night. So much had happened so recently that Kyle was almost having trouble managing his time. It was difficult to remember as well that his body had its limits and using his powers too much would wear him out and leave him in pain, with a time limit that was not set in stone. He did not have any magic to heal himself and he had yet to test if his power worked on himself somehow. Kyle leaned forward with rested his elbows on the table with his hands clasped together.

"Miss Bella, the midterm isn't really a concern for us at the moment." Kyle felt somewhat like he did when speaking to a superior officer. "to be honest, after the mock ritual exercise, all of us just felt....," Kyle pretended to search for the world he was looking for, "More intrigued by knowledge related to that learning topic. The chant, the paraphernalia, all of it its all just.....very neat to know about." Kyle leaned in a little closer to the TA and spoke. "Doesn't having so many students so interest make you feel encouraged? Like you want to share as much possible with us even if its something we shouldn't know?"

Suddenly Kyle started coughing deeply, spots of red that stuck to the side of his hand that had been covering his mouth that were clearly visible. The TA looked visibly confused and worried, offering her help to Kyle and asking what was wrong. Kyle could not answer, his head in a daze while a trickle of blood slides out of his nose.


Putting his hand instinctively on one of the 4 tomes strapped to his side, he proceeds to walk in an arc, staring at Kavius until he's in a better position.
"Alright, let's do this..."

Xara whispers to himself, which proceeds to make a shield and hand axe of pure ice, quickly showing Kavius that Xara isn't a run of the mill spellslinger type.

Kavius winced slightly at the noise caused by the collapsing building but was more surprised that Xara was so quick to agree. The misinformed womenfolk had caused Kavius to exert more energy than he had preferred to use to escape their wrath which made his innocence even more irritating. Kavius knew better than to let others get to him, and remembered how the real culprit was still caught, so he sighed and relaxed his body. While unsheathing his sword Kavius took a few steps closer to Xara.

Xara glares and tenses up.

Alright my Table hopping, window smashing, admittedly handsome companion. Glad you're so enthusiastic,” Kavius said with his eyes on Xara.

Xara raises an eyebrow and decides to respond.
"Well, how are we supposed to fight together if we don't know each other's moves? Consider it a learning exercise."
He says this with an unimpressed smile.

Kavius tossed his new silver sword from one hand to the other, stretching his legs for a few moments. After cracking his knuckles Kav measured the distance between them and placed himself with two feet from the tip of his blade from Xara. His fight with the warrior noble was in no way easy, but he did not have the terrain advantage like before. No sealegs, crumbled or nearly destroyed buildings, not the best setting for him but Kavius did not mind. Ok he minded a lot, now that he was more in fight mode and not flight mode. With a sigh Kavius raised his sword and held the tip up and facing Xara.

Ok so lets make this simple since we are on the job,” Kavius said rolling his shoulders back, “Since you like making things explode with magic, be it yourself through something or your surroundings, lets say first in either a compromising position wins or first to take damage that's more than a scratch…...or giving up is an option!” Kavius added that last part for himself in case he wanted to bail.

Xara is starting to look actually kind of bored as Kavius continues to talk with a weapon pointing at him.
"You gonna swing or…?"

Kavius smiled. “Nah, why would I do that?”

Kavius threw his sword into the air while shouting “GAH”, rolled forward while scooping up sand and dirt and debris, and threw it at Xara.

Xara gets dirt in his eyes, burning them and making him flinch. He jumps back, expecting the sword to land on top of him. Using the same spell as in the tavern, Xara launches forward in an attempt to knock Kavius over while he recovers his sight.

Kavius attempted to dodge Xara as he was propelled forward to little avail, barreling into Kav, sending him to his back. With a flick of his waist and feet Kav pushed himself up and backwards, rolling back a few steps as his sword landed in front of him slicing off a strand of hair as he looked up. Kav looked down for a moment, realizing what almost happened, and reached for his sword.

Xara recovers his sight, quickly doing a wide spin recovery from the ground, he flings the ice axe in Kav's direction and proceeds to start another cast.

Kavius heard the sound of something flying through the air. As Kav looked up he spoke.
Oh Nooo,” Kav shouted. With a turn of his body Kav rolled sideways, grabbing his swords handle, dodging the axe. As Kav finished his roll and dodge he quickly threw his sword at Xara as if he was throwing a spear, raised two fingers from the hand he used to throw his sword, and spoke. “Just kidding,’ he said with a smile.

Xara blocks the sword with the ice shield, which visibly cracks it, and knocks Xara back. But instead of stumbling, Kav can see ice under Xara's feet, as if he's using it to control his inertia. The hand axe from earlier starts to boomerang back as Xara throws what look like, ice marbles(??) around Kav's feet.

Traveling with Samara taught Kavius a great many things about projectiles since she herself was an archer. With an incoming attack in his direct path, his footing possibly ruined based on whatever these tiny things were, and Kavius had no time to think. Letting his body take over Kavius takes a single step forward, instantly seeing he was correct, and fell backwards almost comically. As he fell Kavius reached upwards and grasped the handle of the ice axe tightly as it passed him, a little too tightly in fact, shattering the handle and causing his right hand to receive several cuts.

Xara is shocked at this entire interaction, what kind of timing tricks did he know to do something like that? Xara touches a different book, his hands now a different color, this time of orange. He then throws both a fireball and the shield like a frisbee towards Kavius, hoping to throw him off his game.

With his weapon close to Xara, little tripping marbles around him, and two incoming attacks, Kavius pretty much wanted to surrender at this point. He put himself in a bad spot, but not a horrible one. Kavius grimaced as he clenched his right hand into a fist and decided he had no choice. Time for an increase in effort. Kav, from his crouched position that he went into after the axe handle broke, rolled forward over the marbles. As he did the fireball flew over his head, leaving the shield trailing but imminent. With a flick of his left wrist and a finger snap, a marble he had discreetly picked up flew from his left hand, hitting the shield, cracking it, and causing it to wobble mid air. With the shield now losing momentum Kav caught the shield in his left hand as it approached his face and threw it back like a frisbee at full strength.

"This is*grunts*yours, I'm keeping it next time."

Xara is taken aback by Kavius' agility, his awe was short lived as the shield struck Xara square in the head and shattered, knocking the lithe mage over and leaving him completely dazed.

Kavius used Xara being dazed as his chance. With a leap and stride Kavius closed the distance between himself and Xara, scooped his sword from the ground, and began to swing his sword but planned to stop it right before his sword reached Xara..

Xara reactively caught the sword with his hand, cutting his fingers despite Kavius' hesitation
"Yah, uh, I think you win. Ow.”

Kavius had stopped his sword as quick as he could before he sliced through Xaras fingers, leaving only deep cuts on the parts of his hand that had touched the swords edge.
Uh...I can agree its over but did you have to try to catch my sword with your hand? Blades cut human meat pretty well.

"It's a stall tactic a Laguz taught me, gives you time to thunderbolt them."

Yea but you could just dodge.

"And leave myself in a worse position? Mmmnnah."
He puts his hand to his on chin and nods in disagreement

Kavius laughed then patted Xara on his shoulder, leaving blood spots from his cut hand on his shoulder. “You’re alright, by the way we should stop that bleeding oh wait I am also bleeding too, annoying to fight but yea you’re alright.

Xara takes the same fire he made earlier and proceeds to burn his hand with it, cauterizing the wounds. He winces in pain as he probably regrets the decision to show off.

Kavius winces at the sight of Xara burning himself, then reaches out his hand for the same treatment.

Kavius feels like his hand just touched the bottom of a forest fire. The bleeding stopped, atleast…
Xara didn't realize until it was too late that he caught the debris on fire, it burns something it shouldn't and causes the whole wreckage to explode, sending both the combatants flying and screaming like canaries.
Xara looks visibly annoyed by this.
"Aw man, that was a waste!"

Kavius laughs again as he and Xara sit upright, patting him on the back, while looking at the wreckage Xara caused earlier to burn brightly.

Thoughts of Sam never strayed too far from the back of the mind of Kavius even as the natives of the island had pulled him into their festivities. He was somewhat worried about Sam, not because she could not take care of herself, her sea sickness had to be annoying for her to deal with and he had only left the boat for a supply run. Now, drink in hand and feet moving to the rhythm of the music, Kavius could only be on with the rest and enjoy the party for a bit. He still needed find some more money lying around in peoples pockets, the small sum he already aquired was not enough for everything on his mental list, and still needed to pickup his sword. Only a short amount of time was necessary for his weapon to be finished, and he had paid extra for a rush order, but Kav was still slightly surprised he had been able to find a blacksmith so quickly after arriving to the supposed vacation island of the world. Kav shrugged at the thought and assumed everyone needs a blacksmith for something eventually of course one would be here. After another swig of whatever was in his cup at the behest of a native he was dancing next to Kavius could feel the heat rise to his cheeks imagining how red they must be. Kav stopped dancing and steadied himself, then cursed himself for being a lightweight. That is when the odor hit him. It took awhile after departing from his foul smelling companions and vessel, but now Kav could smell himself more clearly and almost gagged. How in the world did others around him not throw up? Kav looked around and came to the realization that the booze here must be saving him for the most part, everyone being mostly drunk was fortunate turn of events. A few people would notice Kavius and his smell, he now realized, and react but keep their distance. With a sigh Kav dropped his nearly empty cup to the ground and began walking away from the scene the best he could. A few times an attempt was made by a random native to get him to drink or dance with them but even in his inebriated state, or maybe because he was inebriated, he leaned away and would step around anyone that came up to him or tried to touch him. He had not realized it before but now that he was leaving the party Kav was surprised by how big it was. It almost seemed like it stretched for multiple blocks ahead or at least did not have an end in sight. Kavius laughed and thought how insane you would have to be or become if you lived on the island. This was fun, but if he ever had to stay here overnight he would be sleeping someplace much farther than where they docked. It was a vacation place so surely they had to have calming and soothing areas as well away from the unruly ones?

Kavius would not have to wander far from where he had departed when he would find what he was looking for. Kavius saw the public bathhouse and wondered if that had been placed there because people knew where parties would take place or was it because parties took place so close by? Kav stepped through the front doors, paid the fee required, disrobed and toweled himself in the mens locker room, then went to the shower area of the bathhouse. The water was so warm and clean looking, with soap provided complimentary that smelled amazing. Kavius took more than a few extra moments, allowing the hot water to pour from the faucets and down his face and body. Even with the soap and amazing water Kavius could still detect bits of nasty emanating from his body. Kavius tried his best to get rid of all traces of shit ship stink then went to the relaxation area of the bathhouse. Kavius was surprised to see a gender divided hot spring, especially in an unassuming bathhouse, but Kavius was glad for a chance to sit down and relax. The water was hot to the touch but Kavius became accustomed to sittinf in quickly. Thoughts of Sam once again rose to the front of Kavs mind. He knew she hate it if she missed the chance to enjoy this, so Kavius laughed heartily and enjoyed himself some more. He would still get the food and items he wanted to get for her, but a pang of guilt shouldered itself onto Kavius. He rolled his shoulders back and lowered himself deeper into the water, uneasy. He did not know why she followed him around, or what made her want to in the first place, and it was something they never discussed. Kavius mistrusted easily and did not take a lot of stock in words spewed by people who were only out for themselves which was most people, so when he had left that diner so many years ago and realized that Sam had followed him he did not question it. Then, that night, she had said her goodnights and went to bed, then the next morning she stayed still. Kavius smiled thinking back on how he had spent a decent coin on accommodations that night for them since she had followed him, with meals to boot, then the next few days spent sleeping on the grass since he spent most of his money. She got him up and moving when he was being lazy to make money which led them being able to afford beds and fresh meals more often than before. So Kavius kept with the no question gimmick but it did not take long before Kavius came to expect to see Samara standing next to him. If she decided to leave him, he guessed he would be ok with it since it was not like they agreed to anything. She was her own person and so was he, it might not even change too much. Kavius could not help but feel a surge or sadness as he thought of Sam not being there anymore, which made Kavius rise up from the water and shake his face.

"You're an idiot Kavius."

With Kavius rising so suddenly he happened to startle the other occupant to the hot spring, a male who had stay quiet the entire time. Kavius looked over to the divider wall and saw the toweled man pressing his back against the divider. He looked startled, like he had something to hide. Kavius looked at the man quizically then realized what the mans intentions were. He began to speak as he slowly walked over to the stranger.

"Listen guy, I love naked ladies as much....well ok not as much as you clearly but still," Kavius said as he reached the man and placed a hand on the guys shoulder. With a determined look Kavius gave the mans a thumbs up and said, "Real men recieve consent before seeing a women naked."

Kavius began pulling the man away from the wall when the stranger suddenly spoke up. "Dont! Dont pull me-", The man would yell before stumbling forward from being unable to resist being pulled away from divider and a small circle in the lower part of the wall would fall out from it. Kavius opened his eyes wide in shock as the man began to wimper then run away as he yelled, "I tried to warn you." Through the hole was umistakenably both heaven and hell while Kavius stood frozen in place with both fear and intrigue. So the stranger had at some point found or carved a small hole in the wall and accidently let it fall out and land loudly when he pulled him away. In these thoughts the women on the other side began to notice Kavius through the hole and began shrieking about how there was a pervert here. This snapped Kavius out of his head, taking off out of the water and to the locker room. Clothing himself faster than he had ever before, Kavius dressed himself and snuck calmly but quickly walked out of the bathhouse. As he walked out of the bathhouse door he spotted a guard restraining the toweled man from before who was wailing how he was innocent. Kavius how maybe he should have put on real clothes and not kept only his towel on then. Kavius strode away from the scen, eager to leave it behind.

After the bath fiasco Kavius went to retrieve his new weapon. At the blacksmith store, the shop owner presented it to Kavius with pride. He handed Kavius his new Silver Sword, with an elegant light brown and dark black handle. Double sided and balanced in his hand, Kavius took a few practice swings and found it to be well worth his money. Kavius thanked the blacksmith once again, then spotted something small and square out of the corner of his eye. Kavius bought the small item as well with what remained of his funds and walked out of the store satisfied. The small item was a gift for Sam, not a useful one he guessed since she was sea si- Kavius froze midstep realizing his error. He had meant to spend that money on other things but now........That's when he train of thought again was interrupted by a squeal nearby. One of the women from the bathhouse incident recognized him and began calling her women in arms nearby to get the pervert. Kavius sighed and took off, running as fast as he could. Kavius found a way to easily get to the roof of a nearby building and ran away roof hopping after that. Kavius would eventually leap down from the rooftop and leave the more inhabited part of where they had docked. Kavius walked for what seemed like forever when he spotted a familiar looking spell slinger destroying some abandoned houses. Picking up a small stone and throwing it at Xara, Kavius yelled at him.

"Hey! you know me," Kavius yelled, "What do you say to a friendly spar? I have some aggression to work out at the moment!"

Kyle Hishamie

Picking up and ending from the where we were last

Kyle was nearly finished writing in his small notebook when he felt a cough about to erupt from his throat. Quickly Kyle grabbed a tissue from his pocket that he acquired earlier in the day and coughed into it, producing several soft but rapid coughs. He did not need to look to be able to tell that there was blood on the tissue, a problem he has been having for a good portion of the day. Using his powers was rather unhealthy for him, when used multiple times with a power suggestion that is, and caused him to bleed more than Kyle was comfortable with. That did not mean this impeded his experiments but rather forced him to take breaks from time to time. Rehydrating and eating helped so it seemed his body recovered in time if left alone but can also healed quicker by reinforcing the body with supplementation and nutrient. Using less powerful suggestions did in fact lessen the burden placed on his body and with time and practice Kyle could tell he could lessen that pain to almost nothing if he worked at it consistently. The fact that he had written this down was something he would most likely not share with his newfound companions, but the fact that a body can recover in multiple ways confirmed is a useful fact to know that he would share. The others might already know this but it is unlikely that everyone's magic worked the same way anyways. Flame Wonder seemed to be hurt by their flames if Kyle recalled correctly. Luckily he might be able to help in a very small way with that, he just needed to remember to say something at the group meeting. Kyle suddenly took his phone out at checked the time, sighing slightly when he saw he had a few hours. He had plenty of time so no way would he be late if he stayed where he was for awhile, is what Kyle thought to himself. Kyle was sitting on a brown metal bench next to the side of a building in a shopping plaza. Most people around where he was were walking around, going in and out of different shops, while having parked close by in a parking lot. Kyle liked to go to plazas like this when he wrote in his notebook if he could not do it at home, mainly because he would find a spot that had a convenient sitting area where someone could not catch him from behind. He would write, and ponder in thought, but kept one eye out with his head on a cholent swivel checking his three and nine. He had been sitting in a park earlier but was unfortunate to be there as the same time as several school children been running amuck in the park, acting as children do but were enough of a nuisance for Kyle to want to find somewhere else to write. If attractive surroundings were not available then a secure location was better.

That being said, danger was always present. Kyle narrowly avoided a skateboard to the head by quickly and quite suddenly ducking down and diving forward, only being saved by seeing the oncoming threat out of the corner of his right eye. Kyle ended his roll by landing on one knee and looking towards the two young men running towards him. Stopping only a few feet in front of Kyle after retrieving his skateboard the first youth spoke. "Damn dude my bad, that was insane," exclaimed the youth in obvious shock, "Ya just...dodged my board dude. Like a ninja." Kyle rolled his eyes and sighed, wondering why he had to be bothered when he had done nothing wrong. Accidents happen though, Kyle thought. He stood up slowly and brushed himself off, eyeing the two youths. Kyle smirked, thinking how this could be a prime time to test something he had been meaning to but figured he could try tomorrow. "You ight dude", the second of the youths asked weirded out. To him this ninja guy was being awfully quiet and eerie. "YO you got sand in your ears dude", The first of the youths asked annoyed. Kyle held up his right hand in defeat and spoke.

"Hey now, I have a great idea", Kyle spoke his voice filling the air with a sense of magic. Kyle looked directly into the eyes of the first youth and spoke. "Your friend next to you looks like her could kick your ass. Doesn't th-", Kyle tried say but was cut short by a sudden cough. More than a few droplets of blood were attached to the palm he covered his mouth with but Kyle wiped his hand on the bac of his pants and continued. "-Doesn't that piss you off even a little?"

Kyle then turned to look the second confused youth in the eyes. "Your friend there has better brand clothes than you. Doesn't that make you green with envy?"

The two youths looked momentarily confused then turned to look at each other. Youth number one spoke first. "This dude is fucking weird but......what? Why you looking at me bruh? You wanna kick my ass? You think you could?" The second of the youths replied, "Fuck you you think your better than me? Cause yo fat momma gives you money all the ti-," The second youth was cut short by the first youth suddenly slamming his fist into his friends face. For a minute they tussled in such a way, each exchanging blows with the other, while Kyle looked down in disapproval. His power did not make them fight, they were ready to fight all on their own. They just needed a little push, dumbass kids that they were. Kyle watched the two fight as others began to spectate or walk away, and after another minute Kyle stepped in. He kicked the friend on top of the other off with a swift kick to the ribs, the grabbed the second and hoisted him up to his feet. With a decisive blow Kyle gut punched the youth, knocking the wind out of him. Tired and in pain, the two youths laid on the ground in pain. Kyle walked in between the two and sighed.

Kyle grabbed one of the youths head and opened his eyes, forcing eye contact. "Listen, woulndt you rather be feeling happy than in pain?" After a few moments and no responce Kyle again spoke a bit firmer. "Don't you notice how parched you feel more than the pain or anger?" Again Kyle waited a few moments but this time the youth quit writhing in pain and began to stand up, exclaiming how thirsty he was. Kyle smiled then proceeded to do the same with the one he suggested jealousy to.

After a few moments the youths left in search of nourishment and the crowd dispatched but Kyle remained where he was, smiling. He could not control others actions but if he could find out or predict what makes someone tick he now knows he can influence their decision making if they are emotional like the youth of today are. Kyle winced as another headache came on strong just as suddenly as before. The pain was something he was used to, but he was a civilian now and had ways to deal with it. After a quick trip to a medicine store in the plaza and a quick bite to eat Kyle checked his phone and was alarmed to see how the time flew. He was going to be late to the group meeting! Kyle, as quick as he could, raced to the library.

Library / 12:51

Kyle walked up to the group, a bead of sweat rolling down the side of his head. He had tried to run as quick as he could but he had forgotten about the meeting in the commotion of his experiment and not all the pain from that had subsided yet. Kyle took a drink from a water bottle he had with him and sighed.

"Sorry I am late, but I learned some amazing things about my magic in return."

Flashback to Boat Trip Day 1

Kavius stood with Sam at the bow of the ship, looking out towards the sea and chatting. He knew he did not need to mother Sam, she was a badass that could more than handle herself even with something as trivial as sea sickness. Unfortunately even though Sam protested, Kavius would keep his eye on Sam and while he felt helping the crew was important his first priority was making sure his partner in crime was.....well Kav didn't know what he could do besides make sure Sam was fed and her thirst slated. She appeared to be alright for now but the paleness in her face concerned him slightly. His presence undeniable, but Kavius did not speak his worries as much as he thought them. He would rather enjoy the voyage with Sam than to be badgering her with worry. That want their style. Everyone on the ship seemed to be busy with their own thing, helping around or cleaning, conversing and such. Kavius did not want to be in the splotlight but nether did he care what others thought so his display earlier made him sigh to himself. He expressed to Sam how it was such a spur of the moment thing to do, he just wanted to meet everyone. One of those people, who walked with confidence and power, appeared behind Kavius and Sam.

"Would a hammock alleviate her motion sickness at all?" she'd eventually ask Kavius, considering Sam. "Might I bother you to spar with me? The way you move around on deck seems so natural—if I can't match your dexterity, I'll be a liability if we're boarded."

Kavius looked towards Ashley as he turned around in disbelief. Spar? With him? Who gave her the right......wait he was no one so no one needed to give her that right. Also quit being a dick, Kav thought to himself, Your a regular clown. Kavius almost chuckled but held it in, he had a decision to make. He looked at Sam, who had her thoughts on the matter, and Kavius sighed in disbelief. He really had not expected anyone to notice him with all the bright flashy wizards casting about. Not that anyone was casting about currently besides that nerd with the fierce looking women whose name alluded Kav at the moment.

"Fine, sounds like it could be interesting and a way to stretch the old sea legs," Kavius said with a smile.

He knew just by looking at Ashley from the steady wobble that would appear every few moments. She probably did not have much experience fighting as sea, but little did she know neither did he! In fact Kavius was very grateful that while it had been awhile since he was last on the boat that the last time he was he had spent a fair amount of time at sea. There was no cure for sea legs, just adjusting your footing to the way the boat is rocking. Also being so nimble did not hurt as he was already light footed and used to unstable surfaces. Kavius gave Sam a two finger salute, after listening to what she had to say, and walked with Ashley to the middle of the bow of the ship. Ashley quickly turned, drawing her sword which was common but was unsheathed with style, and elegantly flicked her wrist making her sword suddenly face upwards towards Kavius. Kavius hopped back slightly at this, fumbling to draw his own sword for a moment. Kavius unsheathed his sword, common and bottom tier as it was since Kavius lost his previous sword some time back, and raised it so that it mirrored Ashleys sword with two feet apart from the tips of their blades. Ashley stood with both feet firmly planted, her sword arm raised and her other arm back her back. Kav had seen people fight like that before, but not personally faced against this style. Kav made his limbs somewhat relaxed and limber but with a firm strength behind his grip. Kavius kept both hands on his sword.

"I like a good old fashioned countdown so I will start us off.....One..Tw-", Kav started to say as he quit speaking mid word. Just as quickly as he stopped speaking Kavius hit Ashleys sword with his own while taking a step forward. Ashley gripped her sword tighter and was able to bring her arm back up to meet Kavs blade while taking a single step backwards, albeit it was a shaky step. Ashley reafirmed her footing and bounced her sword back off Kavs and brought her sword around and down towards Kav in one quick dazzling motion. Surprisingly, Kav smiled at Ashleys battle face. Even more surprisingly, only a moment after their swords clashed together next as Kav met Ashleys blade mid swing. Kav used most of his strength to push their swords upward as he let go of the handle of his sword. Kav dropped to his back, keeping his hands pressed to the floor of the boat for support, and kicked upwards at Ashley. Aiming for her waist and not aiming to bruise Kavius kicked Ashley back which gave him the momentum to flip himself up onto his feet. He had no isses finding his balance, whereas Ashley took several shaky steps backwards which almost ended with her falling. She remained vigil and quickly assumed her battle stance as her legs started to shake a little less. Kavius grinned a spun his sword in his hand. Kav finally noticed however how his hands stung quite a bit. Eyes widened for a moment he realized that clashing with this knight seemed to be a a bad idea, or was this just how it felt fighting someone as trained as her. Her movements, while limited due to their environment, were swift and precise. She knew exactly when to apply most of her strength and knew her own weaknesses. Kav shuddered to have to clash with her again, this was the part of fighting he hated more anything. Inexplicibly Kavius seemed to get lost in thought which gave Ashley ehr chance. Seeing her opportunity and not wasting it by any means she quickly lunged forward with her sword pointed the same direction. Kav barely had time to react when he noticed by chance due to blinking. Kav raised his sword up to defend himself as quick as he could managing to deflect the incoming attack, which while Kave was able to keep his sword in his grasp his arm was sent leftward. Ashley followed up with two quick slashes from her blade, which Kav was able to avoid as he threw himself towards the direction his arm was sent in the previous clash. This sent him in a single spin to his left, falling to the ground. As soon as he hit the ground Kavius jumped back up into the fight, bringing his sword up with him. Kav gripped his sword with his right hand and feinted at Ashley, taking a step backwards. Ashley pressed her attack, following Kav as he stepped back. Once they were close to the side of the boat Kav jumped back a step, kicked off the side of the boat wth both feet, and flipped over Ashley. Ash spun her sword and with a single wrist motion as she spun around to face Kav she made an attempt as inducing a flesh wound on her opponent. As soon as his feet hit the ground Kavius had ducked, stepped forward, placed his right leg around her right leg, and bumped into Ashley avoiding her sword strike. This caused Ashley to once again stumble backwards, seemingly still not used to fighting in such a unstable environment.

Kavius made an attempt to strike Ashleys wrist with a slightly upwards sideways swip of his sword when Ashley showed her plan. Her legs suddenly stood firm as she brought her sword upwards avoiding Kav and his sword, then quick as can be struck Kavs wrist in a similar fashion making him drop his sword. With her victory in hand Ashley started to bring her sword up to Kav to be pointed at his chest but Kavius was not done yet. Kav stepped into Ashleys personal space bubble as she brought her sword up, wrapped his left arm around Ashleys sword arm and attempted to disarm her through force. Ashley swung her first at Kav, who responded by swerving his head around her thrown fist and wrapping his right leg around her left leg. Kavius applied pressure with his right arm to disarm her, kicked the back of her leg to ground her, then jumped back a foot as Ashley was able to quickly rise and do the same. Kav noticed she had left her sword in-between them, as did he, and eyed them both before returning his haze to Ashley who had already began to take action. Ash sprinted forward, scooping up her sword but almost losing her balance, and elegantly charged at Kav. He thought to himself how she seemed to understand he didn't need his sword to fight. Hopefully she didn't know he really really wanted it back since she was charging him. Kav had no idea what to do at this point so he did the only thing left to do. He had an ace up his sleeve that she possibly knew about but could do nothing about. His legs were in great condition while Ashleys were sill adjusting. Kav smiled.......and started quickly stepping backwards. When Ashley was close in proximity Kav performed a duck and roll and began running away, avoiding every slash from Ashley. Kav jumped off the walls of crates aboard and the pole connecting to the eagles nest, rolled sideways and retrieved his sword just in time to catch Ashleys blade with his own. On his knees and options limited, Kav brushed back Ashleys strike and parried with his own.

Ashley locked with swords with Kavius again, then began to display a strange face to Kav. Kavius believed she was.....starting to get angry possibly? With another strike and parry from Kavius and another wrist flick and jab at Kav, he jumped back and raised his empty hand. "Alright I'm good for now," Kavius said with a smirk, "Honestly if we had been on land that would have ended with way more bruises for me. You're great, even without your sea legs fully in yet."

"Hmph. You're quick, little mouse," Ashley said with a slight frown, the spark of life returning to her eyes as their duel ended. "Next time, don't stop me right when I'm starting to have fun."

Ashley knew she would have to keep her eyes on this boy. Someone like her couldn't afford to fight fair, so she was always looking for new tricks to hide up her sleeve. That get-up kick was something she was definitely going to practice, for a start. If all she had was a sword, she would be forced to reconsider her remark to Mikhail about how she could "take him." I only get one shot at the usual sneak attack. After that, who can say? He's a credible threat. If he remains loyal, he'll be useful, she thought as she wiped her sweat with a kerchief and sheathed her sword—only after Kavius had put his away.

As the strong willed but sorely shaken boat made port at Santorini, which as far as Kavius knew was an adventurer trap. Kavius loved to read and times he would come across reading material containing information on other places in the world. One such document he had read was a personal retelling of a mans own time spent on Santorini. People of all color and taste chose to make this island their home as they lured pit stop making sailors and adventurers into staying for a much longer period of time than intended. Many a men and women have spent all their coin on the pleasures of this place, but Kavius was like sixty percent sure that wouldn't happen now. The group he belonged too has way too black ducks to get lost in something so base. Their last three days together had taught Kavius that. The journey had been arduous to say the least. Not impossible by any means but by no means did Kav believe the last three days had been totally enjoyable. Kav heaved himself up, while holding the railing of the boat with two hands, and flipped onto the railing. Kavius raised an arm and sniffed and immediately turned his head. No way spending three days on a fishing boat wasn't gonna make you stink at least a little. Jumping off the boat, Kavius landed on the wooden plank that their boat had docked at and began walking away. As he did Kav thought back to the last three days.

Their first day at sea had been the best by far out of their journey so far. Starting off their first few hours were calm and tranquil, with only the smell of rotting fish fouling the air being considered the bad part of their voyage so far. Kav noted his new companions each seemed to be involved in their own activities amongst the start of their voyage. He had wanted to go over the boat and to check its knots, any cracks, etc.., but Sam came first. Her sea sickness was worse than he had hoped but not as bad it seemed, Sam being able to avoid dying to death in between throwing up. It was not as if she was constantly sea sick, but a sudden wave or bumpy motion of the boat was enough to make Sam turn at least a little pale. Kav was able to obtain clean drinking water aboard from one of the crew and and a bread roll and sat by Sam's side as thy sat in silence. That was not something so unusual but most of the time talking was unnecessary between them. Kavius would try to say a funny quip or one liner at times, making fun of BTTM (blonde table top man) softly to Sam, or really anything to distract her from her own current misery since this was the nice leg of their journey. That was the first few hours. Nighttime brought fresh hell.

The storm did not hit without warning but neither was most of the sea fairing crew aboard the fishing boat were prepared. Several other ships of multiple varieties had set sail and were in close proximity of Kavius and his group, which may or may not have been a blessing for him. The wind hit hard, faster than any man or women Kavius had raced or any animal he had ever seen, which at times pierced Kavius skin like needles. The cold speeding air showed no mercy to his fellow companions, but his first priority was Samara. Kav found the least smelly and dirty tarp he could see aboard the ship and wrapped it around Sam but not so that she couldn't move freely but just protect her skin. He kept his arm around her as he held on to the boat with his right arm and hand. When ships around them started to sink Kavius became nervous about their situation a serious way for the first time. Brigands and such he could handle, friggin mother nature could suck it but would win in the end. Kavius would get distracted trying to think of a way to help more, especially when he saw one of the boat crew having trouble or especially if they were hurt. The adventurers in their group all seemed to fare in their own way, but Kav was mainly only concerned with one person. Kav ended moving Sam inside and downwards the boat into the cargo hold, making her promise to stay down here till the storm lessens. In her condition she would only be hinderance and Kavius told her a such.

"Look just stay down here and try to hold yourself down best you can. I will come back down and stay here in a bit but if your up top I cant focus on helping the crew make sure the ship stays intact because I will be too buys being worried about if your safe or not. Your sick as hell in a storm the likes you've not seen not sure ever. Its completely expected Sea trouble isn't your specialty in solving and mother nature is really giving it to us right now," Kav said to Samara with concern but speaking truthfully and without thinking about what to say before he said it. "So please, save your strength for the enemies that dont make you dizzy and sick."

After that, kav returned top deck and did what he could to help. Multiple people were shouting, some were trying to give orders as well as some were trying to relay something to another, and it was chaos. Luckily their ship had not received severe damage but the sea was unforgiving with her intense bashing and rocking. The rain would end up falling faster and getting pelted by the rain would come to feel like a wall of pressure trying to push you back. Kavius retied sail knots and scooped water off the boat as fast as he could, giving instructions to others on proper emergency boat care for those who did not know what to do. The night was long and the storming was brutal, with the first night ending with half of the original amount of ships at sea. That next morning Kavius walked with Sam up the stairs and to the top of the main deck. putting an arm around Sams waist, Kavius kicked the rope attached lever he and Sam were standing in front of with his right heel and grabbed a long strand of hanging rope next to them. Kavius and Sam rapidly ascended and landed on their feet in the eagles nest. The sun had risen mostly and the seas were calm.

"You know Sam, this is why I do what I do. Why, even before I met you, I acted on impulses. Because the view here and now," Kavius spoke with a gleam in his eyes, "with the right person by my side makes me forget about all the issues in the world and I feel at peace."

Kavius then spotted a piece of drift wood in the distance with a dead adventurer floating in the water on top of it, hanging over it as if he had been clutching it for dear life. Kavius coughed into his hand and chuckled.

"Well......maybe not as at peace as drowny there."

The others in the group filled their days with their own humdrum activites, at times conversing with Kav or Sam and at times Kavius and Samara would do their own thing trying to keep Sam from throwing up more. The smell had gotten pretty bad at this point and a temper had risen here or there as their living conditions were not great for this ships voyage. When night would come again more storms would appear, taking the lives of even more adventurers on other ships. The storm had been much worse the second night than the third, and it felt as if time had slowed during the natural carnage that was this sea storm. On the third day at some point, Kavius could tell if he looked for the position of the sun or watched for the activities of any airborne creature, they arrived at Santorini. Multiple times Kavius had been approached already for his somehow surprisingly useful tidbits that would help on the voyage, but now that they had docked he could buuy some supplies for Sam and some things for himself that would further aid in this job.

Back in the present time on that same third day, Kavius had headed out after saying to Sam he was gonna go see what type of stuff he could get on the island. Kav knew Santorini had zero military, and a nearly zero rate of crime. Sam would be having the time of her life here if she had started feeling better is what Kavius thought. Easy marks and horrible security. I mean...... surely the reason why there was such a low rate of crime is because people here are just so nice right? Kavius reminded himself they would only be docked for a short bit as they were nearing the end of the voyage to the island of Irinoth. Taking the time to keep his surroundings in mind Kavius admired the craftmanship and architecture that he walked past. This place was popular for a reason it was very bautiful. It was also lively with people selling their wares and street performers around here and there. Many signs for so called "famous" hotsprings were advertised, and he had really hoped Sam was feeling good enough to have left the boat after he had and that she would go to one of these hot springs. Get some of that stick that's in the place the sun don't shine out. Kavius pressed onwards passed the hotspring determined to find what he was looking for. Some basic small food items for the sea sick, some exotic candy, and possibly a shirt. Kavius touched his eye that once held a shiner, since none of the mages on board had offered Kavius had not asked for a healing spell for himself, that now only held its traces. His eye was healing at a great rate, which was not unusual for Kav. Seeing a colorful store that had multiple clothes on display Kavius smiled and walked inside the store.

Kavius was nearly immediately greeted by a man who appeared to work for the store. He wore a white and orange suite was intricate designs in certain parts of the suit. Kavius could instantly tell by the material that it had to be very expensive. " Hello good Sir", The employee said to Kav, "My name is Jvohn devierre and I will be assisting you this evening." The man eyed Kavius up and down and for some reason Kav got the distinct impression that the man was not impressed with what he saw, a shirtless musclular man with a fading shiner and cheap clothes was not the ideal customer.

Kavius sighed and fished through the pouch on his waist, pulling out one dozen shiny and clinky coins. "Soooo....what can I get that you recommend for someone on a life or death mission John my goodman."

Jvohn flinched but kept his smile towards Kavius. "My good sir, my name is Jvohn by the way, we have several outfits available for those limited to......your type of budget. Please follow and do not tarry."

Kavius could see the store was of moderate size, but with no other customers currently occupying the store. Only two other employees and this man. Kav smiled and followed Jvohn to the near back of the store.

Kavius tried on a few different clothing items but ended up choosing to do away with his old rags for something more useful. Kavius had chosen a baggy, black, cotton shirt with blue rolled up at the bottom pants, with gray leather shoes. Kav also bought for right arm a wrist brace that on the bottom of it had a small hook catcher. Supposedly you could wrap a small wire or rope around the hilt of your weapon and to the brace and it would help you with not being disarmed as easily. As Kavius left the store, his wallet lighter than it already was, he smiled to himself. Thankfully, Kav thought, the employee saw him as someone low class and abhorrent so he only kept his eyes on Kav for as long as he had too and did not even see him out of the store. That made it easier for Kavius to be able to walk out with something hidden underneath his shirt, also Kavius was appreciative he was allowed to keep the clothed on after he tried them on. He was told his old clothes had been burned relatively quickly. Kavius withdrew the item underneath his shirt revealing a small pouch that clinked with coins inside. While the man Jvohn had moments where he pretended to be busy with something when Kavius would pretend to have a question about a certain clothing item, Kavius would quietly walk away and talk to the other store workers. Little by little without raising anyone's mental alarm, Kav used every lesson Sam drilled into him against his will and was able to snatch away coins bit by bit during his time spent in the store.

After the clothing store Kavius walked until he found a metalsmith shop. Unfortunately since the island had zero military presence there was little reason to open a business where making weapons or armor was greatly needed. But if you were a smith that would take requests on any type of repair or metal work you were in business. The metal smith was a medium sized burly man who seemed to not want to deal with him as well. When Kavius walked up to the silversmith at work at his anvil, the smith groaned. "And what, pray ye, could ya possibly want with me. Need a picture frame mended? Is it a cool jeweled two handed sword to impress your friends?"

Kav smirked and put his hands behind his head and leaned back in place. "Nah I think I would prefer an actual decent one handed sword, and I am gonna need something else custom made." Kavius reached into his pouch and handed over a small note. The metalsmith read the note and laughed loudly.

"Aye I can manage to have this done in an hour do doubt. Lucky for you I just need to adjust a few things on something I was working on previously for a customer that needed up tryin not to pay. But its gonna cost ya", The smith said as he wrote down a number on the other side of the note and handed it back to Kav. Kavius sighed, pulled out his entire money pouch, took out a few coins, and poured the rest of the pouch on the counter. The smith smiled and laughed heartily. "Up front eh? I like you! Be back in an hour and you can pick up the most reliable sword you have probably held in awhile, as well as your other thing.

Kavius gave the smith a two handed salute and walked out of the store.

Kavius found a shady spot near a local hotspot that the natives seemed to enjoy and sat down. He would pop a piece of candy in his mouth eventually, taking a sip of a drink in a coconut he wasn't sure at all when he was handed. The natives seemed to really like involving tourists looking people in their activties. Multiple time Kavius had to fight the urge to slap a native once or twice, it did not matter how scantily dressed these people are or how nice they seem Kavius was starting to believe this is an island he would never return to if given a choice.
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