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Current Catan was fun. Anyone wanna play Catan?
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having a life is illegal! if you don't have a reply rate of 12/sec, you aren't a dedicated roleplay partner!
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big tit might be the shit, but thick thighs save lives.
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karaoke on a tuesday is pretty lit tbh
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pasta without sauce sounds like pizza without bread


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I might not get a full concept nailed in time due to a series of bad decisions, and it looks like a bunch of people have ideas bettee than mine. I'll probs pull back my interest in this case and wish everyone luck! o7

I think my character concept is nailed.
f i s h g i r l s ?
I'm fine with things slowing down. Been a bit hard for me to keep up recently.
Lawrick yawned as he marched through the empty streets, his calloused feet scampering softly on the wet, cobbled stone. It was a rather somber morning for the Halfling, although not for reasons one would expect. It was true that the small folk were quite connected to their communities, especially in times like these where it was considered suicide to march out of civilization. Rare is the story of the Halfling hero, having long since past. Better they stay together in their little hovels, living these final nights together as family.

To Lawrick, however, he was more upset that the rain made it harder for him to light his pipe. Unlike his brothers and sisters, he was not one to rely too much on others, at least in a more conventional sense. Rather, he had always taken advantage of the goodwill of his kin, having "convinced" the lot of them to take part in his various schemes and plans. Had he not been a Goodbiscuit, it was likely he'd have been exiled from Gladharrow, his community.

Given the situation he was in, he was basically kicked out as is.

"How hard could it be? Unlike those sourpusses, I've got the recipes all here." Lawrick patted his satchel, mumbling to himself as he muscled through the rain. As soon as word came that Granny was losing her mind, Lawrick was fast on the draw, having been one of the first of her grandchildren to show up and take care of her ailing mind. Of course, this was all a ruse to get closer to her, to use her descending madness as a way of getting her to see him as the favorite grandchild.

As far as things were certain, it ended up working, and Lawrick lived as a modest king for the next few months. Of course, he would have lived comfortably for longer had he not gambled much of his family's fortune away. It seems that even Halflings run out of luck, sometimes. It's because of this that Lawrick was ostracized by his own family, and why he had chosen to undertake such a treacherous journey into the wilds... Not that it mattered to him, anyway. To Lawrick, it was another scheme, after all, butat the very least, it's also a form of atonement. It was a much more honest way of making money than his usual forms of shady business, and it was also restoring the good name of the Goodbiscuits.

"Maybe I should have actually read those recipes and bought a few batches of ingredients before we hit the roads, huh?"

Staring at his satchel for a brief moment, Lawrick laughed off such an idea in the end.

"Nah, I'm all set! How hard could it be to make biscuits out of whatever we find, anyway?"
these wounds, they will not heal
inb4 there's an invisible barrier through the torii and Junichiro just ends up running face-first into it

A bead of sweat rolled down Junichiro's forehead as he kept his gun trained towards the light. Whoever these people were, whatever is going on, he couldn't help but feel as if perhaps they were in the same situation as himself. Maybe they've all crossed the yakuza, and they were all thrown here to "disappear." Maybe this was some sick joke by some underworld boss and they're all being secretly filmed. Regardless, Junichiro did not falter in his stance.

"Just stay back, all of you!" The freeter exclaimed, stepping backwards slowly. He waved his gun at each of them, although he kept it particularly pointed at the two who spoke to him. As he did, he took quick glances of his surroundings, getting a better idea of where they were at. In particular, Junichiro was interested in that giant torii, thinking it would lead back to civilization.

Taking a breath and regaining his composure, Junichiro would open his mouth to speak once more, his arms faltering slightly. Before he could utter a word, however, the light from the man's smartphone would give out. Did it run out of batteries? Whatever the case may be, the young man knew he lost most of his leverage with that light away. He could barely see in the dark, and that bright light didn't help. Knowing full well that he would lose control of the situation soon, especially without some sort of warning shot, Junichiro would instead do exactly what was expected of someone whose first actions after waking up in an unknown place would include pissing themselves.

The freeter ran off, beelining for the torii. Using the rush of adrenaline to push through the somewhat absent feeling of pain in his legs, Junichiro would pass through the gates, abandoning those he had woken up with. Sure, there was strength in numbers especially in a remote place like this, but sticking with the rest seemed futile to the nihilistic young man. If anything, knowing his luck, Junichiro would just end up getting the rest of them killed as well. And besides, he still didn't trust any of them.

Malphas pondered his choices for a moment. He had never met this "Enli" yet. Perhaps he should get himself acquainted with the leader of this village, especially with his new gifts in mind. Would he be the type to accept such an idea? And even then, would the dinner be successful? Malphas thought about it for a moment, wondering if those who recognized him would also be a part of this outcast girl's retinue... If that were the case, he would definitely need a disguise, but the Illuminator seemed like a fickle type. The pale man surmised that he would have to prepare a backup disguise just in case.

Of course, there was also the much more blunt approach of just commanding these hunters to ambush this girl alone. While such a plan was much simpler, there was also the added risk of her using whatever it was she stole from the Illuminator. Worse, perhaps she'd come out of that temple with even more treasures, ones that would make her a more formidable foe to face. A mere annoyance, at the very least.

"Hm. I'll speak to Enli, for now. I must know what sort of man he is, though. Is he easily swayed, or is he the stubborn type? More specifically, what does he think of the temple, and of this outcast girl? Is he any close to her?" Malphas asked his questions, staring at his mitts as he had done so. Whatever their answers, he would keep this all in mind on his trek back to the village.

On his way out of this secret meeting place, Malphas backtracked to the marked tree in order to retrieve the intact flower. He would scoop up the soil holding the herb into his hand, folding the mitt he's wearing on that hand into some sort of makeshift pot. Once that was retrieved, Malphas would procure his poisoned dagger with his free hand before setting off into the wilderness, and back to the village. Malphas would see to that merchant's request first, as there was one more thing he needed from her. Hopefully, the return trip wouldn't be full of those dastardly birds...
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