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Current i'm literally just gonna shill my commissions sheet forever take a look-see…
3 mos ago
yo if y'all are looking for an artist to commission i just opened my geeky little shop up…
4 mos ago
o bby it's pirate'o'clock check out this bundle o' swank…
4 mos ago
avast ye homies and come aboard my mtv crib the discord is up for rhau: a seabound tale and the link's in the interest check
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uh excuse me i'm 24 years young and i'm a real sk8r girl my idols are tony hawk and a chicken tender shaped vaguely like gandalf u wanna fite


It's not about the size of your brain, it's how you lose it.

Gay girl taking on the world, full of shit and ready to quit. 24 years of nonsense shoved into a goth chick who's just tired and wants a burger or an icepick lobotomy, in that order.

In all seriousness, I'm actually a pretty happy-go-lucky little nerd, I've just got a TERRIBLE sense of humor! Big on cosmic horror and monstergirls.

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Gonna update this here soon with a wider range of lower-priced options; look forward to some clean, colored samples for my significantly-cheaper B-style, on top of logo and icon commissions starting at $20!
I mean, if you want it drawn, hit me up in a PM with the details of what you'd like me to draw / how you want it rendered and I'll shoot you a quote. I can 100% draw that, easy peasy. c:
@The Ghost Note Nice deep cut there, Murrlogic1.

No joke though, I 100% can draw your character buying Wonderbread.
I'd be down to do some challenges. It'd help me buff up my portfolio!

That said, be forewarned, I will turn every prompt into monstergirls. Or just gay girls. Mostly both.
That you would imply that someone of my persuasion would not do Halflings sullies my honor. Of course I do Halflings! I draw everything from vaguely-human to oh-well-this-is-basically-just-a-human to well-jeez-this-sure-does-look-like-it-eats-humans. Anything I don't know how to draw, I'll happily study and learn over the span of a couple of days.
@Blackmist16 Haha, it's okay! Even if you can't put money together right now, I'd really love it if you'd pass my Twitter or just this link around; I'm tryin' my darnedest but it's a big world and I'm a very small artist at the mo'!

Hi-hello! I'm Cherri, and I like drawing. I also like money, and am definitely trying to pay the bills. I'm sure y'all love some cool art, and for that, I am here to provide! Feel free to hit me up in my DMs if you have any questions, I'm happy to talk business here or on Twitter!

Hey y'all, we're still very much alive! A few people are hanging in the Discord right now, you should definitely come and say hi, even if you're not sure if you want to join.
@Blackmist16 Yeah, unfortunately it's a bit of a must just to keep the pace and have a spot for fielding questions that would otherwise require short, not-very-relevant posts to explain and give each 'crew' their own spot to talk in as well as an easy way to reach one another. If this were a Persistent World roleplay it might be a different story, but it's an improvise-adapt-overcome situation! ;~;
@Blackmist16 It's pretty much necessary, but if you're willing to take extra pains to keep in touch with your crew by way of PM and you can deal with big ol' PM chains hashing out your character and such, I'm happy to oblige someone who's really into the setting!
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