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Did you know that Dante's inferno is called a divine comedy because things work out for the protagonist? Back in the day, the only two genres were comedy and drama. The only difference was that in a comedy, the protagonist is better off at the end, and a drama is the opposite. So that's why a story about going through hell can still be considered a comedy, even if it's not funny.

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I Prefer to make my own, but will occasionally join something if it looks interesting. I'll join just about anything so long as it isn’t overly edgy/sweet, bonus points if it has familiar RPers in it. I don't do 1x1s too often.

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I tend to play adorable characters everyone wants to befriend or proper assholes everyone wants to stay away from. I try not to play moral paragons or prime evils.

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I've completed quite a few RP's off site, but most of them are on private forums or have simply been lost to the ravages of server crashes. As for stuff here, I'm sure everyone who sees me post in the off topic sections has seen me find an excuse to talk about Danganronpa: Tower of Carnage. It's a project that took over 4 years to complete and I feel pride not only for myself but all the wonderful people who helped make it enjoyable during its run. Re: Zero: The High Council Is technically my first, but it was just something I kind of took over and ended up ending the story after just six months. It technically finished, but eh...

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Presently I'm playing in a magical girl RP. I don't really think there's much more to say. I do have something in the works, but it's still too early to talk about that.

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I've been pretty fortunate on this forum. I think I joined one when I first came on the site that didn't really do anything, and there are a few 1x1 things that didn't go anywhere. It's disappointing when an RP ends before it can be finished, but I've come to look at them as learning experiences.

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I watch a lot of educational videos on youtube. Usually as research for something I’m writing or purely because a topic interests me. I like channels like Tier Zoo and Daryl Talks Games, and I’ll also watch things like Critical Drinker or Literature Devil to deepen my understanding of story telling. Though I also like memes and jokes, to which I’ll find myself watching stuff like Sseth, but usually find myself surfing through meme videos. I gotta work on that.

I have a rather long history of playing virtually every platformer to come into existence during the indie boom, as well as quite a few other indie games. I’ve played Meatboy, Binding of Issac, Gunvolt, Cuphead, Princess Remedy in a World of Hurt, Classic Metroid, Warcraft 3, Final Fantasy 7,8, and 14, Left 4 Dead, Shantae, Celeste, Danganronpa, God Eater, the list goes on. What I’ve played is kind of all over the place. I don’t play many games these days, I tend to pick things that look interesting and go on a decent steam sale. Currently playing through Tales of Berseria, but it's slow going.

I draw. I haven’t done a lot of it recently and certainly don’t feel confident enough to show anything I make to the general public. Perhapse one day...

I listen to everything, save most country/rap songs. I have too many favorites to name, but I’ve currently found myself listening to Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger a lot. I find dance music is just really easy to listen to on a loop while I'm drawing or working on RP stuff.

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“YES! New banner is online! Too bad Reevee doesn’t get one!”

— Oros

Rites could be delayed for a while, but never wholly postponed. Reaver grunted as he made a mess of one of the assorted trees planted in one of the small green areas of Penrose, far from prying eyes. He sunk the knife of the bovine sacrifice, as he kept tossing viscera after viscera.

“Praise Odin.” He just said, as he looked at how bloody his hands were, before sighing. “Well, I guess it should do for now. Pity I can’t get human sacrifices as often, though. There’s always a downside to this kind of stuff.” He whispered to himself as he tried to find some place to clear his armor off the grime and dirt.

Fortunately, Reaver had the foresight to bring a bucket of water to the sight of the sacrifice. If he was going to fulfill a rite in secret, there was no point in walking around Penrose all covered in blood. There were enough things to be wary of like invisible sentries, scrying spells, artifacts that could see the future and past, and just nosy magical girls who would jump at the chance to “avenge’ something. Bringing his own bucket of water along reduced his chances of being detected considerably.

Though trying to do something in secret was a fool’s errand in Penrose. Regardless of the steps taken, it was difficult to fully avoid detection. Maybe some girl with beast magic would pick up the scent of blood. Maybe one had the ability to detect Mint activity in their proximity. Maybe, just maybe, they were in a collab, and being interrupted was a damn certainty.

Oros was attracted by all three. Or at least she would have been, but their player keeps forgetting Oros doesn’t have the power to sense Mint agents anymore. Though there might have been something else that lead her this way. You'll just have to keep reading to find out. Regardless, the smell of cow blood was a curious one. Cows were a rare smell in urben areas like this one.

She did not hide her presence. Oros sniffed her way into the forest before coming across the dead cow. ”Man, these modern art pieces are pretty crazy these days.”

Reaver’s head turned to face the newcomer, appraising her with an inquisitive gaze. Not too bad in the looks department. The snappy comment showed some kind of mischievous spirit, as he raised a finger, before answering.

“A good assumption, but not entirely correct. This kind of modern art is hardly modern, in fact it’s Iron Age vintage, my lady.” He said as he did not pretend to hide what he had done in the slightest. Snappy comments would have not interrupted a sacrifice ritual, so he was that willing to accomodate. “Lifeblood is a common token for those beyond mortal influence.”

”Well, I can only discern so much from the nebulous description of it. Which is probably just as well, since the Grand Magistrate thinks this Realm of Patrons is PG-13 and shit. Or I guess K-12, whatever their equivalent rating system is.” Oros pulled her blade out of her sheath and looked at it. She raised an eyebrow. ”Oh yea, I thought you looked familiar.” After letting her sword slide back into its sheath, she turned to face Reaver. At no point during this exchange did she look happy, or even pleased. ”Guess there’s no point beating around the bush. Willy, right? I’m Oros. More importantly, I'm a messenger. Are you ready to resolve your weird deal-thing with Luna?”

Reaver raised an eyebrow, and folded his arms. “I have a deal with someone called that, yes.” He said, his tone neutral. “However messengers are not part of it. I will listen, but I’m not beholden to uphold anything without proof you’re speaking on her behalf.” The knight casually stated.

”Sure thing, buddy.” Oros shoved her hands into her pockets. ”Honestly, I think this whole thing is pretty weird myself. Like this is the internet age. All she needs to do is ask for your Discord or Glimmr handle and then you guys could stay connected. Buuuuuut I’m getting a pretty fat bonus out of this, so I’m not going to ask many questions.” She blinked a few times. ”Actually, that cow smells pretty good. You’re not using it anymore, are you?”

Reaver tilted his head. “Let me ask my patron.” He said, blinking for a few seconds. “I guess a couple of choice cuts it’s not out of the question. Would help with the cleanup.” He said, while unsheathing his sword and extracting the sirloin out of the cow. “I’m going to take some for myself so here you go.” He said, as he handed the bloody choice cut to Oros. He refrained from simply asking Tetrad’s handle himself.

Messengers had to eat too. Not like he was in a hurry or something.

The hooded magical girl examined the meat she was being offered. Her nose wiggled as she sniffed the cuts, before her mouth opened and shifted into something far more akin to a wolf, if not Fenrir itself. Her maw clamped over the entire mass of meat. Naturally, Reaver’s hand was inside the beast’s mouth as well. Unlike with Balder, her fangs did not pierce his flesh.Her tongue weaved between his fingers and cleaned every scrap of meat and blood before she pulled her head back. It only took a moment for her form to return to normal. It seemed not even a smile would bring a smile to her face.

”Right, where was I?” Oros Tapped her chin. ”Yea, she wanted to save Betty. I guess you guys have her or some shit? Gotta stress that I didn’t ask too many questions.”

“Betty, huh… Doesn’t ring a bell.” Reaver said, trying his best to keep his poker face. That was some technique in all of the licking. He said, as he tore a chunk of one of the carcass’ legs and began chewing on it too. With a healthy swallow, he then cleaned his mouth.

“So She wants a certain Betty back. Hm.” Reaver answered.

”Not just any Betty back, Luna begged badly before beseeching a begger a bounty to breech a boy for a bombshell babe bequeath the title Betty Biohazard back. She’s a Cradle agent or something.” Oros seemed to be making hand gestures, but it was impossible to see them as her hands were still in her pockets. ”I can’t really tell if you’re being like, coy and shit or if you’re really oblivious. I’m not a mind reader, you know? But Veronica is, and she had a pretty good look inside Justine’s head. She’s pretty sure Justine handed Betty over to the Mint, and you happen to work for them too I guess?” Oros pulled her hands out of her pockets and folded her arms. ”So what do you think? Luna seemed to think you’d want to help.”

“Mint, huh.” Reaver said. Plausible deniability and all that. “I could help yes, but I do need proof. After all, we have never met before. And just knowing the real name is not enough. What I promised to her was a serious binding commitment. You should understand.” He said, as he folded his arms once again. “If I were to accept it, It is likely to cause trouble.”

”Hold on, I think she did give me something.” The girl reached between her breasts and presented a rare magic the gathering card. While it was rare on its own, it had more significance to that than Reaver.

Reaver took the card on his hand with a snapping movement, and stood there wide-eyed for a second. He traced with his fingers the shape, the form, the writing. Even every little dent the card had. Memories of the past flew into him. This was his most valuable card, that she had lost to the girl that had been his first crush. Once upon a time. He smiled, remembering fond memories.

“I guess that woman will be the end of me, then.” Reaver sighed, before handing the card back. “Hope she is worth all of this trouble.” He said, before handing the card back. “Man, and I was getting the whole dark knight thing going on.” He said to himself, breathing deep.

“Alright, I will stake my life on this, then. Tell her that.”

”This is not some one man crusade you’re going on, Willy.” Oros kept her hands in her pockets, making no attempt to recover the card. ”I will negotiate for Betty’s release, I just want you to set up the meeting. Maybe put in a good word for me or at least be there when they show up. I think I have something that the Mint would find worthy of their time. Though if you’re that eager to enter the halls of Valhalla, I won’t stop you. ”

“Understood.” Reaver said as he pocketed the card. He tilted his head in a thoughtful manner, before eyeing Oros up and down. Especially the legs. Maybe… She did look a bit like the type of woman he had spent company with.

“I guess, our business is complete then my lady.” He said, performing a courteous bow to Oros.

”For the moment, anyway.”

“Would it be so impertinent to ask if my lady would be available after this?”

Oros raised an eyebrow. ”For?”

“Well, you seem to have built...quite the appetite. And I would be delighted to invite you for a refreshement.”

She stared blankly at the berzerker, blinking only occasionally. After a few seconds, she closed her eyes and rolled her head from one shoulder to the other. ”I’m sorry. It’s been a very busy few days. I just tracked you down to whatever the hell this is supposed to be. We ate, discussed our objectives, and I can’t tell if this is an offer to hang or a booty call.”

“The former.” He thought it’d be rude to mention the latter.

”Oh, alright.” Her eyes trailed to the floor for a moment, then flicked back up to Reaver. ”You’re sure?”

He raised his eyebrow. “The last girl I told to step on me ran away. It’s better to start easy.”

”I wasn’t being serious. We can hang for a bit, but I don’t have a lot of time these days.” Oros pulled out her phone to look at something on it. ”Before we get too ahead of ourselves, you’ll probably need to get a hold of me at some point. So my number’s REDACTED.” She looked to Reaver again. She hadn’t smiled once since she got here ”Alright, let’s go.”

"Excellent. I know a place that serves decent drinks. Bit of a rundown area these days...follow me my lady."

This was not Maura’s first time in Veronica’s interdenominational mansion. This was not her first time alone in Veronica’s interdenominational mansion. This was her first time here as Veronica’s superior.

”Thank you for meeting with me, Maura.”

Among all the red, there was a small white table between the two of them. If there was anything Maura wished to eat or drink, Veronica could pull it out of the cradle and lay it on the table before them. Veronica had given herself a glass of white wine, which she held between her fingers.

”Now that the cradle is yours, what do you plan on doing with it? What will you do next in Penrose?”

Maura hummed in thought. "For the longest time, Penrose has served as the most noteworthy hotbed for magical activity. Even now those numbers are higher than what even I anticipated." she held the side of her head in one arm. "Though it's hard not to notice the drawbacks to such numbers. Justine's attacks, Soth's ritual, the current fight with Ascendancy and our corrupted kin. Even the ambush on Mariette's mansion almost costed us more lives than what's concidered 'Just'." Maura looked back to Veronica with furrowed brows.

"Again and again, Penrose and those within are subjected to incidents such as those, which could escalate into catastrophic events that can make even a god faint. And it won't get any better so long as those self-righteous vermin, or the damned mafia keep hold on the town." She straightened herself up.

"We have to take back Penrose. Take back our home, before the worst comes to fruition..." For a moment, she appeared worried at her last statement.

”Your conviction does not suprise me, but it is always a pleasure to see regardless.” Veronica sipped her wine before setting her glass down. ”I won’t dally then. Maura, my surgery isn’t complete. I dare say that coming back before it was complete may have caused some, how shall we say, problems.” She pulled back the collar of her vest, and there was a purple gash with light glowing inside of it. ”My condition is not life threatening, but it may be if I do not soon return to Binky.” She let go of her shirt collar. ”I need to go back, and I need some of your agents to help me get there. They may not be able to return for a while.”

In all honesty, Maura wasn't surprised Veronica had to leave for awhile longer. But seeing her open wound made the necromancer even more worried. Then the topic of Maura's agents going with her came up. "Who do you need?" She didn't hesitate to ask.

”At least Tetrad.” Veronica folded her arms. ”But I would feel better if I also had Trixy or Sam with me too, as they are a bit more reliable should things go south.”

"Understood. I'll let them know, asap." Maura nodded, ready to call the three through the magicoms.

”No need to bother them now, I just wanted your blessing before I approached them myself.” Veronica nodded. ”But I’m glad it’s not a problem. Even if I’m out, Viridian will be around to keep magicoms and the cradle active for you. With your own shadow magic, you shouldn’t have much difficulty using the cradle as I have.” She extended her hand. ”Thank you, Maura. I feel safe leaving things in your hands.”

With a smile, Maura shook her hand. "Of course, I hope I can make you all proud."

Veronica didn’t exactly have the power or authority to call a cradle meeting herself. Fortunately, Silhouette, Trixy, Tetrad, and Eliza respected her enough to come to a meeting with her. It was right in the Golden Trove, as most of the girls had a room there. They had met up in the game room, which was presently vacant aside from those who arrived.

”Thank you for coming, everyone.” Veronica stood behind a pool table. ”I hope the food is to your liking. It is not something I usually partake in, but I understand pizza is a favorite of most.”

Tetrad already had a slice on a paper plate, which she held in both hands. ”Glad to see we suffered no casualties. Even better that Justine is in the bag. Or should I say space?” She chuckled darkly. ”I just regret I couldn’t be there.”

”You were doing your job, we did ours, no reason to feel bad.” Trixy was already on her third slice. She didn’t need a paper plate, she had an entire pizza box to herself, and just tossed a slice in her mouth now and again. ”Also if anyone wants pepperoni and mushroom, let me know! It’s really good!”

Sam spoke up. "Since you're offering, Trixy, I would like a piece."

”Save room for pineapple.” Tetrad grinned.

”To get to the matter at hand, I must return to the outpost, and I will need some of you to accompany me. Tetrad is coming regardless, but I would like Sam or Trixy to accompany me as well, if not both. I have already gotten Maura’s permission, I just wanted to hear your input.”

Silhouette got her hands on a plate and a piece of pizza, which she had just taken a bite of. She wiped any grease off of her lips and, of course, swallowed before she gave her piece. "Are we going to leave immediately?" Sil wondered. "I had plans with... well, it's nothing important. If our leader has given her permission, then I can depart whenever you please." Of course, given her unhidden loyalty to Veronica, it was unlikely anyone really believed that a lack of Maura's blessing would matter to Sam.

"Is there anything we need to do while you're all away?" Eliza asked, stepping over to the dart board.

”I do not believe so. If something comes up, we are all connected by the magicom network.” Veronica hadn’t eaten any of her pizza yet, but she was looking at it, cautiously.

Tetrad sighed. ”Might as well say we’re all connected by the Cradle. Or whatever Maura wants to call us now. Regardless, I’ve got nothing going.”

”Hold on!” Trixy lowered her box of pizza. ”We just got done with the mission! Are we really going to take off so soon?”

”I’m afraid my wounds are only getting worse.” Veronica’s eyes flicked over to Trixy. ”Leaving soon would be optimal. But I must stress that I don’t need everyone. Tetrad and one of you will do. If Sam has other arrangements, she can remain here for the time being.”

Despite her earlier declaration of being ready to leave as soon as Veronica wanted, Sil couldn't keep a bit of the relief from seeping into her expression at the possibility of staying behind.. "If you believe you only require two of us, then I admit I would prefer to stay here to deal with a small problem of mine."

Small problem? Is it a personal matter?" Eliza asked Sam, not looking away from the board as she started to throw darts. For every bullseye she got, she'd take a step backwards.

Samantha nodded. "It is. But I don't expect it to cause any interference with any duties I am assigned. I would prefer if we could leave it at that."

Eliza took a few extra steps back this time though, as Trixy hugged her from behind, causing her to flinch. ”This is so sad!” Her voice was cracking. ”Please set things in Penrose right, and get Betty back for us! She’s still missing!” After inhaling, she threw her arms around Samantha and started bawling. ”Don’t you die on me, Sam! Whatever you’re doing, your life isn’t worth it!”

Tetrad was there to pull the maid off of her girlfriend. ”Hey, this is Silhouette we’re talking about! No way cradle’s #1 is going to get done in by some personal drama.”

Putting down the plate she nearly dropped after Trixy's emotional outburst, Silhouette looked at Trixy. "Tetrad is right. I won't die. Now isn't the time for that anyways." she looked to Trixy, then Tetrad, and briefly Veronica when she was brought up. "Of course, that goes for you two as well. Well, there's three of you. But I can't imagine Veronica needing me to remind her of that."

”It’s true.” was all Veronica said before sampling her pizza.

Eliza sighed, and pulled Trixy into a side hug. "If I didn't want to set things right, I wouldn't be here now, would I? Don't worry, we'll handle things here and get Betty back." she reassured her.

”Eliza…” Trixy sniffled before hugging her back again. ”When we get back, we’ll celebrate! I’ve got faith in Maura and all of her girls too.”

”Oh well.” Tetrad let out a sigh before turning to Veronica. ”Mind if we take a small detour? I’d like to see someone before I leave.”

”I do not wish to walk around Penrose while the mint watches. But I will need a moment to prepare my leave.” Veronica was already working on her second slice. ”Should you have unfinished bushiness that can be taken care of on short notice, you will have time for it. But I urge you to complete it quickly. However…” Veronica looked to Trixy. ”I have something to show Trixy before we make the trip anyway.”

The maid’s eyes shot open, still embraced in Eliza’s hug. ”Huh?!”

”I just need to tell someone farewell.” Tetrad picked up a dart and casually flung it at the dart board Eliza was shooting at. Despite being a half hearted attempt, she managed to nail the twenty zone just outside of the bullseye.

"Nice shot." Eliza chuckled.

”Someone, hmmmm?” The former cradle mother shrugged. ”Seems we all have our secrets. Despite that, we can still trust each other.”

"Trust is something everyone vies for these days." Maura appeared by the pool table, pizza slice in hand. "Yet at the same time, most would rather take trust for granted, like love or hope. Regardless, it's what makes us more humane than them, no?" she smiled.

"What are you doing here? I thought you were busy." Eliza's eyebrow rose.

"Ah, just wanted to see everyone off, that's all."

”Apologies, Maura. I had only meant to throw a party with my closest agents before setting off. Had I thought you wanted to join us-”

Tetrad giggled. ”It’s weird to see Veronica acting so humble. I guess everyone has a superior at one point or another.”

”Do not forget that I’m still your superior, Tetrad.” She looked back at Maura. ”It seems Sil will be remaining with you for the time being. Tetrad and Trixy will be enough to watch over me.”

Trixy managed to hold back her tears when she wrapped her arms around her new boss. ”Boss lady.” She rested her head on her shoulder. ”It wasn’t long, but I’ll cherish the time we spent together!” Veronica only groaned at Trixy’s melodramatic behavior.

"It's alright, really!" Maura reassured Veronica with a chuckle. Her eyes widened a bit when Trixy hugged her, then she hugged back with a smile. "I'll miss you too, Trixy. Update me if anything happens, okay?" She then moved to pull Tetrad into a side-hug, ruffling her hair, then hugged Veronica as well.

"Be careful out there, okay, Ronnie?"

With Veronica and Tetrad under both of Maura’s arms, Trixy shoved the rest of her pizza (box included) before reaching out for Sil and pulling her closer. Tetrad only shrugged her shoulders before pulling Eliza into the group hug as well.

”Ronnie?” Veronica averted her eyes, still holding onto her pizza crust. ”I will. I most certainly will.”

Samantha appeared uncomfortable with the hug but didn't attempt to pull free of it. She awkwardly settled into it, instead. "Jeez, there's no reason for such a dramatic separation." A soft smile creeped onto the girl's lips.

After a moment, Maura pulled away from the hug. "Well then, I'll let you all finish up here." she moved to the nearest shadow to leave, still smiling.

With the group hug’s initiator gone, the other cradle agents slowly released each other and looked in her direction.

”She is somethin’ else!” The eyepatch kid sighed.

”Wish I got to know her better, but I’m sure we’ll meet up again later.”

Veronica watched Maura leave. After she left, she pushed the rest of the crust into her mouth. She didn’t speak again untill she finished swallowing. ”Trixy, Tetrad, we leave in twenty minutes.”

”Yes ma’am!”

Samantha chose this time to pull Trixy off to the side for a small talk, but found that she couldn't speak how she wanted. More than once, she opened her mouth as though to say something, yet stopped. Eventually, a hand rested itself upon Sam's shoulder. Partially startled, she turned her head to see who it was.

"Ah, jeez! There's no need for such a dramatic separation!" Shade chided the timorous assassin with her own words."Use your big girl speak!"

Samantha didn't seem to get upset at Shade unlike usual. Instead, she merely faced Trixy once again. "...erm..." she took a breath in. "Well, I just wanted... to remind you to be safe, is all."

”Yea, you already told me that." Trixy forced herself to smile. ”But I'm glad I'm not the only one who's concerned right now. If magicoms don't do it for you, we can always talk over web cam."

Samantha clearly liked the idea, agreeing with a nod. "We should. It also wouldn't be impossible to excerise together that way, or..." Sam stopped herself. "Well, it doesn't have to be active and boring. It'd probably be more enjoyable to watch a movie." Her eyes never left Trixy's, and there was a very faint red tint to her cheeks.

Trixy briefly looked over her shoulder, probably to make sure no one was looking too closely at them. ”Well, we’re going to spend a bit of time apart, right?" She placed her hand’s on Samantha’s shoulders. Her eyes closed part way as a toothy grin crossed her face. ”We can do all that stuff and more." Trixy’s voice got quieter as she came closer to Samantha. ”We just need to take our time."

As she gazed into Trixy's eyes, Sam reached across herself to place a hand atop the one Trixy had on her shoulder. Her eyes never wavered for a second, despite her clear embarassment. "I would enjoy that." Sam paused, took her hand off of Trixy's, looked away for a second, and then presumably pondered something before looking at Trixy once more. The little distance between the two was swiftly closed as Sam gave Trixy a quick peck on the lips.

"!" Shade was still nearby, but had been standing off to the side out of respect for the two. Of course, she wasn't able to remove herself competely and happened to catch the kiss. It clearly surprised her enough to leave her mouth open, with a small, amused grin.

"...Sorry if that was too sudden," Sam apologized, something she seemed to do quite often when she was dealing with love or emotional situations, in contrast to her otherwise aloof or curt appearance.

...So she was naturally underprepared when Trixy was unresponsive. Her eyes had massive hearts in them, and her head was hanging backwards as if she had suddenly lost the strength to hold it up. ”It was just the right amount of sudden!" She lifted her head and pulled Samantha into a hug, gently nuzzling her head against hers.

Shade wasn't the only one who had taken notice. Tetrad and Veronica were also watching. It was hard to ignore with how dramatic they were being. The gambler turned to Veronica. ”I'm not separating them this time.” She said with a wink.

Veronica seemed nonplussed, gazing at a wall clock before retrieving another slice of pizza. ”Nineteen minutes left.”

As Maura watched her sisters fight, she almost didn't notice Viridian stepping beside her. Her then worried expression changed as she listened to the other girl, and watched her leave as quick as she arrived. She flinched as the newfound magic made it's way within her. Getting a new feel for the power, she connected the rest of her girls' minds with the magicoms.

Then there was Veronica's request to speak with the witches. "They should be unaware of who you guys are, so it should be okay to talk with them." Maura told her, watching as the rest of the back-up met up with Penny and Shane.

”Understood.” Veronica tucked her arms behind her back and walked towards the witches. Val was free to do as she wished, and she saw no reason to involve the other cradle agents in this. It was probably best if it was just herself and the coven speaking anyway.

”New faces. It’s odd how many show up around Penrose, given it’s dire situation. Regardless, it looks like you’re on our side.” She looked at each of the witches individually before placing a hand on her chest. ”They call me Carnelian Cinders in the north.” Veronica wasn’t lying. Carnelian Cinders was her alias in the north. She couldn’t risk telling a complete lie to these witches, as one or more of them might have the ability to detect it. Fortunately many years of black ops taught her to lie as easily as she could breath. Even her mannerisms could change on command to fit her new persona. But that was hardly needed here. ”I’d like to know who you are, if you don’t mind. You don’t seem like the sort who came to sanctuary for protection.”

The three turned to face Veronica with mixed expressions. "Cinders, huh? I feel like I heard of you before."

”It’s not my true name of course. Carnelian gemstones can be red and black in color. Same with cinders, which can be red or yellow when heated, but are gray or black when burnt up. I just named myself after my colors, so I’m afraid any relation to someone you've heard of is purely coincidental.”

Lauren noted, not detecting any lies so far. "Regardless, it'd take too long to introduce ourselves to everyone so I'll only say this once. My name is Lauren Corvus, the Witch of Order."

Maribel then walked up next to Lauren, holding a hand out for Veronica to shake. "Maribel Whitley, Witch of Nightmares. A pleasure to make your acquaintance~ Veronica shook her hand lightly before stepping back again.

"..." Rowena lightly waved with a polite smile.

"And that's Rowena Beck, the Witch of Life. She doesn't talk much." With introductions out of the way, Lauren was able to explain why they arrived. "We felt a surge of nightmare magic from this area and came to investigate. At first I though it was Maribel's work, but the fact that we haven't heard of any others with nightmare magic for years..." Her brows furrowed for a second. "We originally planned to grab the monster and go, but it got defeated too easily. A killswitch, I suspect. Same people who set it off tried to turn; Penny, was it? Against us." She appeared unamused. "We did manage to calm her down though, so things should be fine now."

Veronica nodded. ”Well, it is a pleasure to meet with you all. You must be truly powerful if you could contend with Penny. Stronger still if you could tell the monster had a built in kill switch.”

Lauren shrugged. "It's the only assumption I have. Seemed fishy for something like that to die so easily, but my third eye doesn't lie."

”You getting all this, Maura? Should I tell them what I know about the nightmares affecting the businessmen in the area?”

"Loud and clear, V. Maribel might be interested in that kind of info." Maura replied.

”…But it is interesting that you should bring up nightmares, because there have been reports of wealthy businessmen falling ill after having horrible dreams.” Veronica looked at the witch of nightmares. ”I have not looked into the matter myself. Is there a reason why you want to investigate?”

Maribel's eyes lit up. "Really now?" For once, she genuinely smiled. "Well, it's as Lauren says! We haven't heard of any other nightmare magic users in years! Although, I may have to help cease the businessmen's nightmares. But this just shows I'm not the only one!" She actually seemed excited.

”You did, I was more inquiring if you just wanted to meet who was causing the nightmares, join them, slay them… well you get it. Specifics.”

"Oh heavens no! I'd never kill a possible apprentice. I only want to get to know them~" Maribel chuckled.

”Understood.” The cradle agent placed a hand on her hip. ”Speaking of nightmares, there was a girl using dream magic. She was right behind us. I think she was eating ice cream?”

At the mention of a dream magic user, she suddenly froze. "Dream magic, you say...?" the nightmare witch looked to the hole leading to the first floor, almost hesitant. "...Could it really be?"

"Maribel's partner, the past Witch of Dreams, got killed a long time ago." Lauren explained once more. "By one of our own, no less! We've been trying to look for both her and the next incarnation with no luck. Eventually, our coven broke off from each other, for one reason or another. Us three just happened to stick together despite that.

Maura frowned from her shadow as she listened, regretful.

It was possible Veronica had said too much. But her main goal was to ensure they left so that they couldn’t bother Maura anymore. They didn’t seem like bad people. Powerful perhaps, to a disturbing degree even. But surely there was nothing wrong with leading them to what they wanted. At least, so long as it wasn’t Maura.

”Yes, they were right behind me. I don’t see why they should have moved.” Veronica looked back at the slain blob. ”Well, you’d better get going. She’s a whimsical sort, so who knows what she’s going to do next?” Veronica forced a smile.

"Right- Right then. Might as well say hello~" Maribel gave Veronica a crooked smile, before going back to the first floor.

Lauren stretched in place. "Well, I'm gonna go clean up the rest of that sludge we ran into, then make myself scarce. Nice meeting you, Carnelian." She followed the former. That left Rowena.

"....Hey." Rowena spoke up. "If you know what happened to my sister, to Maura, let me know. Please." She frowned. "...I can't let them hurt her, I just want to know if she's okay."

Veronica blinked, just once. Someone as skilled at lying as herself never slipped up, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t be caught off guard. It hadn’t dawned on her, but Rowena did look a bit like Maura. They wore dark clothes, had dark hair, but her brown eyes were far less jarring than Maura’s crimson orbs. But that simple blink was as much of her composure as she would lose.

”A sister, you say?” Veronica tightened her arms behind her back. ”Yes, that name is familiar to me. She was safe, unlike so many others. Should I encounter her in the future though, I will be sure to let her know you are looking for her.” She bowed her head.

Rowena sighed in relief. "Th-Thank you. I won't bother you further then." She bowed back with a smile, and walked away to join the other two.

Veronica continued to walk forward towards Penny and the others, only to turn around and make sure all the witches had vacated the area. Once she was content there was no one watching, she lifted her fingers to the side of her head.

”Is there something you’d like to tell me, Maura?”

Maura was silent for a moment.

"Do you remember what I told you, how I managed to break my oath three different ways?"

”I do, and I wanted to know more.”

She hesitantly started to explain. "After they caught wind that I kept a soul from dying, I was forced to argue against them." She took a moment to breathe. "...It all went wrong. I didn't mean to kill her...I didn't..."

”I anticipated it was something like that. You were vague on the details, but I didn't want to press.” She closed her eyes and sighed. ”As you likely know, Rowena seemed like she was genuinely concerned about you. But I didn’t tell her anything because I wasn’t sure if she was trying to get me to let down my guard.” When veronica opened her eyes, she looked all around herself. Too many places to hide. ”There is still danger present, If you still feel like talking about this later, I would be willing to listen.”

Maura chuckled. "You don't have to worry about her. Rowena's the most harmless one out of the three. But yeah, we can continue this when things die down."

Cross-over is one of those things that feels like it should be easy to get right, but is gotten wrong nearly every time I look.

I'll admit I don't know jack about supreme commander, but I'll assume you did all the obvious stuff. You took two worlds that were largely compatible and with similar tones. I've seen people try to do Finding Nemo/Saw crossovers and it just doesn't work because it's impossible to maintain the lightheartedness of FN with the kind of horror Saw offers.

The main point of doing any kind of crossover is usually to get certain characters in front of each other, but it sounds like you more want a world VS world thing. Perhaps your story shouldn't be about armies, but squads of people. Not everyone in star wars has capitol ships. Luke didn't have access to all the cool stuff until he teamed up with the rebels. Maybe instead of it being the big military factions from both worlds, maybe it could be about two smaller squadrons that don't have access to the full spectrum of cool gear both worlds offer? Maybe an asteroid took out a rebel/imperial ship's power, and a squad from Supreme Commander got separated from the rest of their troops. Now the two of them are racing to find a power source so that they can return home.
I actually know of someone else who has a flying pic for an avatar. Curious...

Anyway, welcome back from your 5 year hiatus. Hopefully you get back to RPing soon.
I wouldn't put too much stock in the casual/advanced tags. I've been in casual RPs where the average post is over 2k words and seen advanced posts that are far smaller than that.

But it sounds like your interests line up pretty well with at least half of the forum, so you should be good regardless of what you do. I'd suggest something, but I'm still working on my next Interest Check. kek.
W R O N G P L A C E, W R O N G T I M E

Oros might have left Sanctuary, but she had no intention of staying away.

She was determined not to leave as a failure. Now more than ever, Oros needed to make sure her plan came to completion. It was a shame she had been purified, because she could have rode the teleport to their next destination. But she wasn't even aware it was happening. So she should probably just tune that out of her mind. Regardless, Oros knew it was going to be difficult. Due to the collabs she had appeared in for during the time skip, it could prove a little awkward to try to enter the sanctuary right now. Paradoxes were not cool, especially when preventing them was as easy as walking away from a fiesta. Not that Oros even knew a fiesta was going on. Well, beyond the Mint being present. But she had faith that her writer would guide her to victory. Maybe.

"Alright." She rubbed her hands together. "We're gunna do this like a teenage boy looking at porn on his dad's computer: Incognito!"

As soon as Oros lowered her claw into the ground, she froze. There was a strange sensation all over her body. Actually, no. The fact that she was feeling anything at all was strange. She could feel the cold air on her skin, her claw being pushed against her wrist from the impact, the sensation of her jacket hugging her shoulders. She wasn't numb anymore.

Oros was shaken from her thoughts when the sanctuary trembled. The vibrations ran straight up her claws into her body. Time was a-wastin'. She started digging.

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They should have considered posting here. Then they might have gotten banned.
Joining and leaving discord servers is easy though. I tend to leave discord servers once the RP is finished (or dead) and usually have anyone I'd want to bother talking with again on my friends list.

It also could be a less terrible way to tell those in your RP group that you aren't going to post. Instead of putting it somewhere like the status bar, where no one will read it. (I'm not even in a group. So directed at no one. But yeah, just saying.)

I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt when I can, but I can't fathom a good reason to use the status bar for status updates. Which is weird when you think about it. The status bar has become a sort of public space to meme, make vague comments on your life, sad post, share tired quotes, etc.

The only people I can see using it for actual statuses are A: took on way too many RPs and feel they only have enough time to write a status update or B: They simply can't be bothered to tell anyone they will be busy, so they write a note on their profile. It just comes across as a little vain.

Doing this in a discord is fine, but it feels like there's always someone who misses it.
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Kids are so dramatic.
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