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Following the clean upon the walls, Rudolph would soon enough help out with the moving of the dead, dying and wounded, despite being relieved of his position on the wall to go and get rest.
He noticed the big lizardman leave the battlements, and gave a simple wave and nod toward him.

A couple of hours pass before Rudolph accepts his fatigue, and gives in. Along the way to the barracks, he bumped into Fullar, who apparently had been wounded during the siege. "Hey Rudolph." the man nodded somewhat disgruntled. "They finally got you eh?" Rudolph replied, somewhat teasing.
"A bit of armour would of helped ya." he followed smirking.

"You know I fight better without it." Fullar scoffed. Rudolph chuckled and gave the man a pat on the back, "Just be careful you silly bastard." he finished before turning to continue onward. Fullar simply waved him off as he did.
Rudolph managed to get some rest, but decided he'd join the festivities, he could do with a break.

The event itself, albeit last minute and cobbled together, was actually fun. A rare side of Rudolph came out at occasions like this, where instead of his usual grumpy exterior, he is now open and welcoming. Some of the soldiers that knew of him and his reputation were taken aback by his sudden change of persona. He spent much of the time sharing stories and jovial banter.
Though Rudolph had finally relaxed, he was partly still on edge. He occasionally looked around him and watched as people went about their business. He was expecting there to be some sort of orc surprise attack, or something else entirely that he had to watch out for.

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Here, and can't escape.
The fight went well, more so than he had hoped. Rudolph quickly cut down another goblin just before he found himself coughing and recoiling due to an unbelievable stench, a gas of sorts curling its way around the ground for a brief moment before dissipating, soldiers and goblins alike were caught off guard by this. Rudolph then heard the voice of the so-called goblin warchief, it had survived the skirmish, and now intended to flee.
"Shoot the warchief! Don't let it escape!" Rudolph barked toward the few ranged soldiers that stood away from the fighting. A few shots were sent, but to no avail. Damn he thought as he witnessed the creature escape.
Turning back to the fight, the majority of the goblins had been slain, and some of them were attempting to escape also, but these few had less of a chance compared to their master. For the most part, it was over. Rudolph soon gathered a few soldiers with him as they went about cutting down the hooks.
I was eager at the time, this died way quicker than I expected.
Merik & Rudolph

Rudolph witnessed not long after getting the troops to rally with him that the lizard man was planning on charging head-long into the goblin group. He merely shook his head and ordered his group to remain in formation as they moved across the battlement. Some friendly ranged units fired off rounds behind them, but the majority would fail to make a mark against the goblins.

He caught a glimpse of some goblins that were trying to knock down the door to the tower. The catapult crew above appeared to be lesser in number too, most likely the ones missing were responsible for holding the door in place.

A challenge, Finally the big man had a challenge. These goblins were very well trained and were able to hold their own against the soldiers that surrounded him. Merik was just behind the line using his bulk as an unmovable anchor.

The lizard could see where the battle was headed, the goblins he scarred away before were now starting to regain their courage again. The enemy shield wall was able to maintain itself and even push them back with their Chieftain moving this way and that. Some would say cheap tricks but there is no such thing as honor when it's a fight for your life. Merik knew it was his turn to be brutal, it was time to be the monster they all thought he was.

Turning to the archers in the back for a moment he shouted over the fighting, “Wait for opening!” he growled and turned back to the wall in front of him. Plunging his sword into the stone he began reaching effortlessly over the men. Merik dug his claws into the opposing wall and ripped a shield free. The goblin was quickly met with sharp teeth as the lizard bit down and picked the poor goblin up. His maw enveloping the head and neck, he began shaking him from side to side like a wolf with small prey. Biting down hard, the headless goblin corpse dropped down in front of him and Merik swallowed the rest (Hungry Jaws).

This in and of itself would have been intimidating enough but the dragon's touch was not done yet. Blood of the goblin still dripping from his mouth he inhaled deeply, the underside of his jaw beginning to glow red and orange. Aiming for the hole in the formation, Merik filled it with a cone of flesh melting fire. The flames could very well turn the metal of armor and shields glowing red. He turned his head from side to side to effect as much as he could. He knew that this would at least give an opening to the archers. 

The lizardman's actions were indeed disturbing, but impressive all the same. Rudolph saw the opportunity and signalled the archers to open fire. Arrow and shot both made a mess of the frightened goblins, their wall beginning to crumble.

And after a few more seconds, Rudolph gave the order to charge. Spears and swords at the ready for the first strike.

Ranged units held off their fire and began redirecting their attention back toward those outside the walls.

Despite their situation, the goblins hastily readied themselves for the oncoming charge, once again showing their decent training.

A few men were countered upon impact and brought down, but the majority of the defenders overwhelmed the goblins and it became an all out brawl. Soldiers and goblins were changing opponents almost immediately, if not facing off against more than one at a time. Time to let out some steam! Rudolph thought smirking as he brought his sword down heavily on a partly distracted goblin, the blade digging far into the creatures chest, and smacking another away with his shield. He quickly yelled out to Merik over the fighting, Tuck in lad, all the goblins for you to eat! he chuckled as he countered a spear strike from one goblin, and used it to pierce another.

Merik continued to forgo his large sword and continue with just his natural weapons. It did take him a moment to recover from using his ability but it wasn't too much longer before he was back in the fight. Leaping into the fray once more the giant lizard landed and immediately began clawing, crushing, slamming, and throwing any enemy that came near. His time spent in the arena came to light as he dug his sharp claws through flesh and bone. His strong tail slammed and wrapped itself around the enemies pulling them down or dealing blunt damage.
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Rudolph successfully cut another rope from one of the hooks before he turned to see how everyone else was faring. A few of the goblins did manage to get atop the walls, but were swiftly cut down without issue.
Suddenly, a loud roar came from behind him, and startled as he was at that moment, he saw Merik stood atop the battlements producing the surprising bellow. He turned to see some of the goblins fleeing in terror down in the no-mans-land, Not Bad he thought to himself nodding in approval of its affect.

There was a brief pause in the aftermath of Merik's display, and just in time for fresh reinforcements to arrive on the scene. Rudolph helped to guide the wounded, and direct the newcomers to positions that needed attention. The sergeant that commanded his end of the wall, was also escorted away with the wounded, leaving Rudolph and Merik in full command of their post.

A few minutes would pass, and the greenskins would come again with renewed vigor. A few of them were brought down by arrow and shot, but most failed to land, or were deflected. Rudolph wondered if it was just that the soldiers he received were just inexperienced, but he soon noticed that these goblins seemed better equipped, which concerned him.
"Choose your shots carefully lads. These ones don't seem as soft as the rest." he warned.

The output of missiles from the defenders did slow down, but this time they were making more of a dent. However it would not be enough, as a large group hastily made its way to a point in the wall which still had a few hooks applied, and as though with the speed of a hungry beast, the goblins made it atop the walls far faster than their previous kin. Some soldiers tried to intercept, but they were overwhelmed almost immediately. These greenskins were much better equipped and trained compared to the usual fodder they were mostly up against, and theybquickly set up a strong position. Rudolph saw one particular goblin in much more "ornate" armour amongst their group with a somewhat boastful manner speak up, "I am the Goblin Warchief, Adgak the Heel-Slicer! We spent all week working on that ram, and we're here for revenge!" said the creature, its followers gave out a warcry afterwards.
The warcry did its job in creating some fear amongst the soldiers on the wall, but it merely pissed Rudolph off. He ordered the troops behind him to keep up the pressure on their end, and ordered others to form up with him. Despite their obvious concern, they immediatley formed up with their sergeant.
Rudolph made himself known to the goblins as he stood amongst his comrades in an equally boastful posture, and spoke loud enough for all to hear as troops rallied around him, "Are you lot threatened by this walking piece of fertilizer?!" he asked the men around him before calmly drawing his short-sword and shield and then pointed the blade at the Warchief, "I'm going to toss you off this wall, so you can join the rest of the shit-stains!" he said to the goblin as he pointed the blade over the wall. He then ordered his unit to set up their own shield wall in preparation for the fight.


Manuel Karstilli was exhausted, he had not slept properly for the past couple of days, and he may not in the next either. The reports had been nothing but troubling and negative for the most part at late. After going over another report about the overall condition of the city's defences, and its ever increasing casualty rate, he placed the sheet down and took off his crown, its weight bothering him.
He overheard the news that the messenger had brought to Balthazar. Another eccentric of the empire I presume he thought to himself shaking his head and wiping his brow. After the visit had concluded, the Duke spoke up "There seems to be more of these unexpected visitors as of late." he said as he rested back on his chair.
The Duke thought for a moment, before he spoke again, "Have we received any news of Sir Siegfried and his cavalry by any chance?" he asked.
Rudolph gave a simple nod to Merik before he stood up and took another shot at the ram pilots, unfortunately missing this time. He soon realised that the ram began to pick up speed, and was quickly making its way to the gate. "Give that thing everything you have lads!" he said as he quickly observed the situation along the wall. Rudolph then made his way to the gatehouse, where Merik had already prepared himself for the ram's arrival. "I'll see if I can soften up that thing up a bit more." Rudolph said as he made his way past Merik, and headed toward the tower that still had a working catapult.

He noticed the sergeant that had been monitoring the situation on their half of the wall had been struck in the arm by an arrow, and besides being wounded, remained in the fight. Rudolph gave the man a pat on his good arm, and passed him his rifle before nodding and continuing on.
Soon enough he made it to the top of the tower to guide the soldiers controlling the weapon. He quickly directed them to aim at the lower half of the ram, just above the ground. To them, the side of the ram was now exposed as it made its way ever closer to the gate.

A few seconds later the shot went out, the projectile fell just short but bounced slightly and hit the side of the ram, rocking the structure of the thing. But still, it made steady progress. By the time the next shot had gone out, the ram had basically reached the gate. The shot hit home this time, perfectly crashing into the side of the device, crushing goblins and breaking some of the structure along the way. Soon after, Merik's burning tar and explosives went off, destroying the machine completely. All that remained was a flaming wreck, and an obstacle to prevent other rams.

Rudolph briefly cheered with the other soldiers on the tower when they saw the thing blow up. Soon after, another rock barrage came in, one missed but the other hit successfully. The tower shook briefly, and beyond the dust and rubble below, Rudolph saw the extent of the damage. Some men had been knocked
from the wall, while others were either wounded or lay dead upon it.

Rudolph hastily made his way down to help who he could. Him and a few other soldiers helped escort some of those still able to walk down from the wall, the dead couldn't be tended to for the moment. Numbers on the wall were beginning to thin out.

As Rudolph made his way back up onto the wall after helping to guide the wounded away from the battle, the metallic sound of hooks appeared along the wall. Shit. Guess break is over. he thought.
Rudolph pulled a soldier to the side and ordered the man to go and request reinforcements for the western wall. He then drew his short sword and went to work cutting the ropes, "Cut the ropes! Kill the bastards climbing them!" he ordered. An arrow came flying his way, though it seemed to had lost most of its power as it harmlessly pinged off his helmet, "...fuck!" he recoiled slightly, but he still continued to cut.
Can we not start up with whom we have for now, and maybe someone will be interested when we've got some ground?
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