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RIP Stan Lee... You will forever be missed. As someone whose grown up reading Marvel comics, you've always have kind of been a part of my life. Thank you for making most of the Marvel heroes we know.


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Location: Helheim
Skills: N/A

This was not a good situation, not at all. Currently she was in her own hiding place, separated from the other two by a little bit of distance. Plus the giant had seen her, so that wasn't exactly helping at all. Her mind was racing as she started trying to figure out what exactly she was going to do with the current situation. There were a few different options, just go charging in on foot and use her sword to attack the giant was one option. Another option would be riding in on her cat who could turn into a much larger cat (which she still was getting used to the idea of) and then go on the attack like that.

Of course, her thoughts had to be interrupted by the fact that the gatekeeper decided to destroy a pillar and the debris from it nearly hit her! "Well this is a horrible situation..." she muttered under her breath, glancing slightly back where the other two were. At the moment she was sort of lost as to what to really do. Klara pulled her sword out of it's sheath, looking at the gatekeeper. It likely was not going to be easy, and she wasn't sure what exactly Nadia was planning on doing since she was still a little ways away from the other two. If she spoke up to say something to her, the gatekeeper would know exactly where they were, so hopefully this wouldn't end poorly.

Janelle Gauger

Location: Dining Pavilion
Skills: N/A

She was somewhat used to the snow and the cold of winter, after all, she was from a country that was somewhat cold and grey anyway. Besides, Janelle loved the feeling of snowflakes on her head, even if she couldn't see what the snow really looked like, but the sound of the snow crunching beneath her feet was always a lovely thing. She giggled slightly with every step that she took through the snow as she headed for the dining pavilion walking along the path somewhat slowly. Of course she knew the path by this point, even in the snow.

At the moment she wasn't really paying much attention to anyone as she walked into the area as she went over and got some food, before she went and sat down at the Hypnos table with the rest of her cabin. Of course, she didn't really consider them to be her siblings, nope she only really had one sibling, and that was Jason. Even if apparently they didn't have the same father, he was her only real family, especially after their parents died. Janelle was just sitting there, a little bored though.

Jason Gauger

Location: Dining Pavilion
Skills: N/A

Jason wasn't really much of a morning person, in all honesty he hated mornings, but he was wide awake at the moment for some strange reason. So he decided he might head out to the dining pavilion and get some food since he was awake and ready for the day anyway. Glancing outside, he saw the snow that was lightly falling and just rolled his eyes slightly. Fun, snow was always interesting, then again, usually snow when it got deep enough resulted in snowball fights or something like that. Thinking nothing more of it, he headed out of the Ares cabin and headed out.

The snow was always a nice thing to walk through, he was used to the cold as he walked into the dining pavilion, seeing his sister sitting at the table with her own cabin. He figured before going to sit at the Ares table he was going to go at least say hi to her. "'ey dere Janey, 'ow are ya doin?" he asked her, walking up behind her and putting a hand on her shoulder so she knew where he was. Of course it helped that he was smart enough to at least announce his presence to her.

"Dahn't call me dat," she responded with a bit of a laugh. "But I'm alright, you?"

"Eh, could be wahrse, see you in a lettle bet," he said to her, before he headed over to the Ares table away from her.

Marygold Isley

Location: Outside the Barrier
Skills: Shapeshifting

Mary was currently wandering around by the barrier, she tended to take a bit of a walk in the morning before she headed for the pavilion for breakfast or something. She heard movements outside of the barrier and a few voices as she stepped outside of the barrier into the heavier snow despite her better judgement. Racing towards the sounds, she heard what sounded like Leandra talking to someone else, and she heard a roar. As she got closer she saw the satyr and a young girl there running away from something. Leandra wasn't seemingly doing anything aside from standing in front of the pair, and that's when she saw the manticore.

"Leandra, if you are just going to stand there get those two in the barrier, now," she said as she got closer, before looking at the girl. "Hey there, my name is Marygold," she said kindly to her, "Look I know this might seem freaky at the moment, but you need to hurry up and get going, okay? I'll handle this, and don't be surprised by everything, you might eventually get used to it," she said, before turning to look at the creature. Before she charged straight towards it. The snow around her was giving her an idea, as soon she was no longer on two feet but on four paws as she tackled the creature, her paws slashing at the monster. Her claws struck it, but it managed to avoid her bite but that didn't matter, she just wanted to give the kid time to get out of there.

Veil and Sapphire

They were running on a clock, but no one was going to be able to perform at 100% without some rest first, James especially. Veil didn't know really how to relax and be patient in this situation. Most of the things they did were rushing around, it was rare that they would stay still with an impending doomsday situation. Professor X was proving impossible to reach, and at this point, Veil had to wonder how much of that was willful - that if Xavier never responded, then the X-Men couldn't fail to stop the X-Cutioner. She was currently pacing back and forth in the training room, deep in thought and riddled with anxiety.

Sapphire was looking for Veil, there were a few things that they really needed to talk about. Namely, at the moment, it was because she was having some problems mentally at the moment. She was having problems getting her powers to work right or do anything that she actually wants them to, aside from that shield she really managed to do earlier, and somehow freezing Kris and keeping her alive that way. Something that she still had a bit of a headache from, as if her brain had broken or something. It didn't matter now though, as she found Veil in the training room, walking into the room. "Hey there Veil," she said to her as she watched her friend pace back and forth.

"Feeling better?" Veil asked hopefully. She didn't know everything that had happened down in the tunnels with Sapphire, only that she had somehow reverted to the mental state of a child. But given the lack of giggling and snowflakes, she figured that Sapphire was feeling better - which was good, as if things went wrong putting the bombs on ice was going to be one of several backup plans. There were too many bombs for them to be able to go in with just one strategy to handle them, too many chances for it to all go wrong.

"I have a massive headache, but I'll live. It was super weird, like a small part of my brain kind of broke or something like that... Super weird, but odds are I hopefully am not going to do do something like that again since ow... If we were still in an actual combat situation then that likely wouldn't have ended well..."

"Yeah, I'm not going to pretend to understand what happened either," Veil admitted. "I never paid attention during X's psychic awareness lectures - probably should have, but c'est la vie," she shrugged. She bit her lip slightly though. Her mind was still analyzing over and over again their situation and what Xavier's motivations were. The more she thought about her upbringing, the more she realized she was still one of Xavier's child soldiers even now.

"...Are you okay Veil?" she decided to ask her friend, it was obvious that something was bugging her.

"Do you think X is actually a good person?"

"I don't know, I've never met the guy really or interacted with him at all, hard to tell just based on what I've heard on most things. Why?"

"All of this... It isn't sitting right with me," Veil admitted. "He tells us to not get involved in superheroics, but then sends us to deal with the Hounds more or less. He gives us M-Pox cures, but only if we'll go walk into a trap. And now, when the X-Cutioner is holding every mutant in DC hostage, he's conveniently unavailable... as if he expects a tragedy to happen and doesn't want to tarnish the X-Men name."

"Well I honestly don't know what to tell you." she said with a shrug, "I mean who knows really..."

Veil sighed, but she nodded. It was a heavy question that would just lead to more questions. And right now, they needed to be focused and certain. Anything less than that could end in tragedy. They could decide what to do about Xavier another day, but the mutants of DC couldn't afford to wait for a philosophical debate. "Was there something you wanted to talk to me about?"

"...It's a bit complicated... And a conversation in which I'd rather be talking to you as my best friend and not as the leader of the Underground, okay? So throw that out of your mind or whatever."

"Yeah, of course," Veil answered, her eyebrows furrowed. She was trying to instinctively guess what it was that Sapphire wanted to raise, but she was drawing blanks - unless this was going to somehow be about Havok, but Veil sincerely doubted that. "What is it?"

"It's uh," she started to say, but she was at a loss for words. It was hard for her to actually say anything for once, since usually she didn't have any problems whatsoever with speaking her mind. Then again, she also was horrible when it came to talking about her emotions in anyway. "...I've been having problems," she admitted. Of course, her saying that could mean a million different things, but problem was it was hard for her to find the right words to describe what was going through her head.

Veil tilted her head ever so slightly - had it not been a serious conversation, she would have pointed out that Sapphire needed to be more specific. They all had problems, countless problems - one of which was the ticking clock. "What kind of problems?'

Yeah, she knew that she wasn't being very specific, but it bought her a little bit of time to figure out a better way to answer. "I mean, every time I've done anything or even tried to, most of the time things seem to get made worse or something goes horribly wrong because of what I end up doing or something like that... It's hard to really explain what's wrong..." she said somewhat softly.

Veil nodded, listening to her friend's plight. "You're a perfectionist, Sapphire. And you're being too hard on yourself. If it hadn't been for you, Stareyes would have died."

"But others have died because of me," she said softly, referring to what had happened with Cayden before, since that was something that still haunted her, and it was something that still messed with her and she thought of it as something that she could have prevented.

She shook her head. "We can't control what other people do - the people who pull triggers on innocents and don't care about the consequences. All we can do is try and save as many people as we can... and sometimes, that isn't everyone."

"You say that, but my brain doesn't think that and never has. The only thing I ever seem to be good at is hurting people more then helping people..."

"Your words have power, Sapphire. Even if you may hear a little voice telling you that you can only hurt people, it isn't true. And you shouldn't let that voice have power over you. Only you can decide who you are and what your worth is."

"If you say so..."

Veil fell silent. She couldn't help Sapphire if Sapphire didn't want to be helped. The most that she could really do was listen and be supportive, to try to be there for her.

"I keep just seeing only every time I screw up. For instance I keep seeing Cayden's face, when he essentially died in my arms and I couldn't do a damn thing about it... Actually what I ended up doing probably made things worse rather then helped that entire situation. When Magneto attacked, I got trapped in my own head and couldn't do anything and couldn't help at all really. Then I could have ended up killing her when I froze her, I didn't know it would work, hell might as well not have done anything anything since we probably would have gotten the same result probably if I hadn't done anything..."

Veil nodded, listening to what Sapphire was saying. She felt horrible for her friend, and she didn't have all the answers. She knew that she couldn't fix Sapphire's problems for her, that the best she could do was be supportive. "I'm sorry. That's really rough," Veil said softly.

"I don't know what to do..."

"Have you thought about therapy?" Veil asked

"Contemplated it once," she responded with a bit of a laugh, "But when would I have time for therapy exactly?"

”Maybe when this is over, it’ll be time for a break. You can’t help other people if you don’t take care of yourself, you know - and with how X has been lately, maybe it’s time for us to split off from the larger Mutant Underground and try our own thing for once.”

"Maybe... We'll see since we still might be busy or something like that."

”Your well being is more important than whatever we might be up to, Sapphire, I mean it.”

"If you say so Veil, if you say so."

Andy and Zari

Andy had taken a shower after traipsing through the sewers, and then found a quiet place to think. The easiest solution was the room she shared with Zari and Stareyes. Andy had gotten into the habit of thinking of Kristin as Stareyes after their encounter with SHEILD. It was odd to think of everyone by codenames, but she kind of liked it. Even if she wasn't too happy with her codename. Havok hadn't helped with that. She sighed and laid down on her bed. Was this what she wanted? Fighting instead of running. What all did the MU do? So far it had been fighting some really tough enemies. Heck, she had never expected to meet Magneto in her life and here he had been pulling down the roof over their heads.

Zari was currently tinkering with Mr. Jaws in their room too. Though she was at least doing so relatively quietly as she sat there with a screwdriver and was just tinkering away. It let her own mind wander to all of the chaos that had been going on lately, but the nice thing about her gadgets was that it was rather calming to her to mess with them. For the moment she was more or less somewhat ignoring Andy, though she was debating about whether or not to say something to her to be nice.

The tinkering noises Zari was making weren't annoying. Strangely Andy found them comforting. It was a sound that meant someone else was there. She considered trying to make conversation. Anything she could ask seemed invasive, or just about MU and what their group had been up to when they split up. She didn't want to talk about MU stuff. Zari was from another world and didn't know much about B-Movies which were one of Andy's interests. "Do you need help with anything?" She finally asked. "I don't know much about computers and technology but I can provide a spark of electricity if you need one." She propped herself up on her elbow, so it was tucked under her. Her damp hair pulled out of her face, but loose.

"I don't think so... Typically I can keep the power going through the circuits, however if there is a power surge a little zap of electricity might help a bit..." she said, looking over towards Andy now. "So... How are you doing?" she asked her, figuring that she might at least try to make some conversation.

"Well let me know if you ever need that zap." Andy gave Zari a crooked smile. "I'm doing alright." She looked down at her hands and the smile dropped. The day had been harrowing. "I don't know if this is the place for me. They were really upset with Glimps, which I get since she killed people in front of SHIELD agents, but I..." She trailed off realizing she was about to get really personal with someone she barely knew.

"SHIELD isn't so bad... I mean yeah, she killed someone in front of them and that sort of thing from what I'm seeing is kind of frowned upon, and usually, the response tends to be more violence, which honestly I'm used to... My mom is in SHIELD... And it's okay to not know where you belong, in all honesty, I kind of know the feeling... I'm a bit of an oddball, even by the standards of where I grew up, which if it wasn't obvious... Well isn't here."

"I don't know much about SHIELD. Just that if you get caught breaking the law around them as a mutant you end up in super max." She shivered a bit at the thought. "And I don't mind you being an oddball. I think you're interesting. Me... I'm just an orphan." She shrugged.

"There is nothing wrong with that either... Everything happens for a reason, even if sometimes that reason isn't exactly clear..." she said simply, still fidgeting with her robots.

Andy frowned at the phrase everything happens for a reason. She had never really liked it since her whole life had just been terrible thing after terrible thing. Anytime she had something resembling happiness it was taken from her. "Do you really believe that? That there is some grande scheme behind it all pushing us to a fate we have no control over? That certainly was a mood for Andy.

"Yes I do," she said without hesitation, "Actually I know it for a fact, or you can just think I'm crazy, I'm typically considered an eccentric anyway so eh, adding crazy wouldn't be that big of a jump."

Andy looked up a little surprised at how forceful Zari sounded about it. She wasn't certain if Zari believed it was a good fate or bad one though. "Do you believe that force is good or evil?"

"Probably more of neutral, neither good or evil... Everyone has some sort of fate, even if it doesn't seem like it at first, ever wonder why sometimes bad things just happen to good people? Sometimes those people then turn it around and make it into something better, or they go down a sort of rabbit hole and make everything worse... It just depends."

Andy wasn't certain how Zari's response made her feel about her own fate. What had been the first domino for her path? Had it been set when she was found in the ocean or after that when she killed her foster brother? She closed her eyes. "I hope I can turn my fate good."

"I'm sure the path that fate has laid out for you is a good one, even if it doesn't seem like it at all at first."

Andy smiled and opened her eyes looking at Zari. "I'm sure yours is too." Andy tilted her head thinking. "What is your path? I mean, what brought you here?"

"That's a bit complicated... And waaaaay easier said than done, I'll just say that."

Andy snorted a small laugh. "Well if you need help getting it done I'm happy to help." Zari was closest to her age Andy thought. And both were bits of odd ducks it felt like here at the MU.

"If I need help you'll be one of the first people I ask."

It felt good to potentially be needed. She felt useless around the MU because she really was only good at fighting. She wasn't going to be helping in finding or defusing the bombs at all. She hated that she couldn't help more. "And if I need help I'll ask you?" She said, more asking for permission if Zari wanted to help.

"That works for me," she responded happily, giving her a smile.

Jack Gold

Location: ???
Skills: N/A

He had been somewhat hoping that his father would tell him what it was that Maleficent was up to, but he knew deep down that it wasn't very likely, and his father proved that he wasn't going to. Yeah getting any sort of info from him with regards to that was close to zero. Now the question is what to do with regards to his other statements. It didn't help that he wasn't sure if he trusted his father at all, actually based on everything he remembered about his father from his childhood, trusting him at all wasn't something he should do. He needed to be cautious with regards to this entire situation, and considering what situation he was stuck in, that might not exactly be very easy.

Then he started to explain somewhat more. Jack wasn't sure at the moment if even Merlin really knew why Maleficent was after them, or if he did know what she was planning he had been keeping it from them. It had only been mentioned that she was after them, and more or less had been proven, but that was it. His attention snapped back to what Rumple was saying about protecting him from Maleficent. His mind instantly was saying to tell him no, but it was the second part he said that made him hesitate. As far as he knew, Megan was the only daughter of someone named Arthur (that being King Arthur), so he was obviously talking about her. "...I don't know..." he did manage to say, but it was clear now that he was debating it a lot. "And no, not hungry or anything."

Rosalia Rider

Location: Camelot
Skills: Hand-To-Hand Combat

Rosalia wasn't too sure about this entire situation. She never had been very comfortable around anyone in authority, just because she was a thief and had had several run ins with the law. Everyone else probably hadn't based on what she could tell from the group. Most of them seemed to be the goody goody type, either that or were flat out idiots, she was still sort of sorting them into groups. There were a few oddballs that didn't fit into either category (namely Megan seemingly and Taylor), so that was something. She was a little shocked when Megan took off out of the gate and out the gate of the city. Well things might have just gotten a bit more interesting.

She went somewhat to follow after her, when a guard caught her by the arm, and she turned to look at him for a moment, not saying or doing anything. Then, with a bit of wiggling, she managed to loosen the guard's grip on her arm. "Well this has been fun..." she commented with a bit of a shrug, "But I really need to get going, so... Bye!" she added before with one big yank of her arm she managed to break free entirely and took off ducking into the crowd and she didn't stop moving until she was outside of the gate.

Annie would somewhat be alone, though as she walked along, she'd be able to see that she ended up heading in the same direction as Gamora, since she'd be able to see the woman not too far ahead of her, and she'd be able to see her take a left through a doorway. When Annie reached the doorway, she'd see a much larger central area and she'd see that she was a few floors up from the ground level.

Bethany and Runa
At the moment they aren't really running into anyone of note, they will walk by a few other prisoners who'd shoot a few glares at the pair as they walked. Much like Annie, they'd be able to see the much larger central room (look above for picture), however since it was so large they weren't exactly able to spot Annie or anyone else that they recognized in the area.

Location: Space Jail
Skills: Chlorokinesis

Yup, Guin had completely lost her mind or something like that with the way that she was rambling. "Guin, rambling isn't going to help us, okay? So can you please just, calm down okay? I get that you are panicking, but we need to keep our heads and wits about us to find the others and see about getting out of here, okay?" she said, giving her friend a slight smile. Of course, she was sort of lying a little bit, the main reason she was wanting to hopefully calm her friend down was because the voice in her head was trying to take over and try to murder Guin instead in order to shut her up.

Mary stepped out into the hallway area, and glanced around, "Alright, come on, let's get moving and we'll see about finding the others okay?" she added to her friend as she started to walk along the corridor to the left, and having grabbed Guin's arm and started almost dragging her along as she went. After a few minutes of walking, the pair ended up walking almost straight into what looked like a tree and a raccoon? "Oh uh, sorry," Mary somewhat apologized, a bit confused as to what was with the tree and raccoon.

"I am Groot," the tree said, looking at the two of them. The raccoon seemed to not even be paying attention to the pair.

"Oh uh, nice to meet you."

"I am Groot," Groot said again. Mary was finding something a bit funny here, since despite what it sounded like, she was actually finding that she understood everything that Groot was saying perfectly fine, and not just him saying his own name over and over again.

She glanced slightly over at the raccoon who, much like Guin had been not too long ago, messing with a door panel of some sort, "So you're Rocket then." Hearing her address him, the raccoon turned and looked at her.

"You speak tree?"

"Apparently. What the hell are you even doing?"

"What's it to you?"

"I am Groot."

"Loudmouth, you don't just tell people what we're doing! You are the worst person ever at keeping watch for the guards!"

Mary glanced over at Guin before whispering to her, "Apparently the raccoon is working on something much like you had been with the door panels seeing if there is a way to mess with the security system and get out of this prison."

Location: Space Jail
Skills: N/A

"You found a few of the others, cool," Lance said to him, nodding his head slightly. Good, they had a starting place at least with everything. Finding everyone wasn't going to be easy. Everyone could be just about anywhere on this station, at least he thought it was likely a station or something like that. He doubted they would have been hauled to a planet based on what he had gathered in their short encounter with the Nova Corps and what Runa had said about them. Which reminded him that he currently had no idea where she was.

He followed along after Ed when he started heading out of the cell towards the direction that Mary was supposedly in. "This place seems huge, wonder where everyone else is," he couldn't help but comment. The pair of them would walk past a few other prisoners as they went, and a few doors that were on the left hand side of the hallway. Eventually though the pair would see Mary and Guin in the hallway, by a tree and a raccoon. "What the hell is going on over there," he couldn't help but ask.

Location: Barton Homestead
Skills: N/A

Sparky was a bit annoyed at Kwassi really. Typically she was the person who dealt with the technology and what not for the group, not him. Plus apparently everyone misunderstood who her entire meaning with what she had said. She hadn't been referring to an EMP field at all. She had simply been referring to more like a shield effect that wouldn't damage the sensors since that would make it obvious that someone messed with it. But nope, everyone decided to think she meant an EMP field as opposed to more of a cloaking effect, how typical this was really, people were still just walking over her and ignoring what she actually was saying. "I'm not really a hacker type truthfully Amelia, so I don't know. I build tech and mess with robotics for the most part..."

Jakobsen glanced over at Matt when he asked who Alcie was. "...She's my daughter and is only a few months old," he said in response, "She was born at the beginning of February." Of course his mind was going back to if the Skrull person who had replaced him might hurt Alcie, and the thought wouldn't exactly leave. A part of him really wanted to when they got to the White House go find her and Jade first, to let others deal with the Skrull, but he knew that wasn't the best idea. He knew they needed to take out the Skrulls, but he really wanted to find his family.

Turning her attention towards Kwassi she shook her head at him. "Actually I am perfectly capable of doing it without your help, besides unlike the rest of you I can't exactly go help you all out and go on the mission itself, so how about you let me do it and you can go find the other Flerkens. I don't need your help, and might I point out you all sort of missed what I initially said. I wasn't referring to an EMP field, since that would damage the sensors and make things obvious that someone is there. I was more of referring to almost like a shield that scrambles things ever so slightly so everyone registers as a human and not anything else." It was somewhat clear that she was somewhat annoyed with being unable to go fight with everyone else. Thing was she didn't really want anyone's help since it gave her something to do and focus on and not sit there essentially snapping at everyone with regards to not being able to go.

There was the second part of Matt's question, and it resulted in him having to shake the thoughts that were still going through his head and to try answering the question. "The White House itself probably does, once we get back there and actually evict the Skrulls, we can pull and get just about any sort of info you might possibly want with regards to how that whole conference is going to work. So we might just need to get that sort of info afterwards, but we definitely can get that info afterwards when we actually come up with a plan for the conference itself."

Location: Skrull Ship
Skills: N/A

"As well as could be expected I guess," Flynn said to Hope with a bit of a shrug, letting Maria explain the entire situation more. He felt a bit bad for the princess, who clearly wasn't a horrible person, telling them to either lock her up or just to kill her and get it over with. That was not something that he even wanted to really think about, killing someone or whatever who clearly isn't posing a threat just is a horrible thing to even think about doing. Hearing her words, he shook his head slightly at her.

"We don't want to hurt you princess," he said honestly to her, "We don't really want to hurt anyone really, we just want to get back home in order to stop what the Empress that you mentioned is trying to do to our world..." his attention went to Maria with her suggestion and he shook his head. "The princess already said that the Empress isn't on this ship, so that idea wouldn't work unless you are referring to the actual leader of this specific ship, then maybe we'll luck out with that..."

Location: Mutant Underground
Skills: N/A

"Wow ruuuuuuuuuuude!" Sapphire said to Havok with a bit of an eye roll. So mean to her, it wasn't entirely her fault that her brain wasn't wanting to work quite right, it was because she had frozen someone as in cryogenically. If she had been using her powers to try to kill someone or something, it likely wouldn't have happened. Then again, that was not a thought that she wanted to have no matter how loopy she was. That was not something she'd ever joke about no matter what other people seemed to think with regards to her.

Her attention turned slightly (even though she was having trouble focusing) towards Max as he said she wasn't in any shape to potentially help. "Why won't anyone believe me when I say I'm fiiiiine!" she protested with a slight giggle. "I'm not useless or anything!" Of course, a part of her knew that was a lie. Her brain or something in her head was messed up, what exactly? That was something she wasn't entirely sure about. All she knew was that something snapped, whatever it was probably was something important.

Location: the Mutant Underground
Skills: N/A

Jack was glad for the most part that everyone was okay, and now they had to deal with the other thing, the sort of elephant in the room, that being the explosive that was threatening to blow in the city. That likely wasn't going to end well, that much he did know for a fact, even though explosives were kind of waaaaaay over his head in terms of how they really worked. Aside from the obvious thing of they tended to go boom. Other then that, disarming one sounded like it would be incredibly difficult something to do.

Zari came walking into the area, and despite the obvious thing being that everyone was tired. She was definitely annoyed now. She hadn't been in the best mood before (hence her snapping at Callie earlier) and here now, she was sort of being ignored. Well kind of anyway, as Waverly was saying good job or whatever to Sunshine, and ignored the fact that she was the one who had caused them to locate the bombs in the first place. "Right, tell her good job or whatever and totally ignore the fact that I'm the one who found the bombs thanks!" she snapped slightly directing her annoyance at Waverly.

"Hey just calm down a little bit, you found the bomb, or bombs plural, that's great, where exactly are they or whatever?" Jack asked her, figuring it might be a good idea to just switch to a subject or whatever to stop Zari from getting clearly even more annoyed. The girl was a bit weird, so was it really all that surprising for her to start snapping? She had seemingly gotten annoyed not too long ago for something else completely random which he still wasn't entirely sure about what had happened.

"I don't know really much about bombs what do I look like a bomb defusal expert? I'm a hacker and robotics person, not bombs. What I do know basically is that bombs if you aren't careful tend to go kaboom. I can't tell you a lot about it since we aren't even near the bombs or whatever. I can't tell you about it until we get there. Now there were a bunch of smaller ones sort of zipping around in repeated patterns, but I think we might be more interested in the other one, at some place that Sunshine called the Lincoln Memorial."

Location: Helheim
Skills: Perception

"Whatever you say Nadia," she said with an eye roll at Nadia as she watched Nadia head up with Runa following her. Klara's eyes grew wide when Runa seemed to fall down the ladder after losing her grip. She was about to reach to see about helping her, when she seemed to climb right back up and up the ladder. Thankfully she seemed to be okay, and Klara let out a small sigh of relief afterwards, since she was up to the top of the ladder. Okay, well now it was her turn to go up the ladder, and hope that nothing horrible happens. She made sure that Betty was still clinging to her shoulders, before she went to climbing up the ladder after the other two.

She thought that she was being careful when she climbed up and poked her head up, but then she realized that she got spotted, by a freaking giant. Uh oh, this was not good, not good at all. Glancing around quickly, she spotted a hiding spot, a hole of some sort, away from the other two where she wouldn't draw the giant to them. If the monster came after her, at least it would be away from the other two. Klara dove for the hiding spot and managed to nestle down, and all she could really hope to do at this point was that the giant would have lost sight of her.

Marygold Isley

Location: Argo III
Skills: N/A

Mary rolled her eye slightly with regards to Kiera's lovebird comment with regards to Waverly and Demi, but she said nothing of it as she glanced at Demi. She was glad that the guy was still alive, even if he was someone who annoyed her to no end. "Try not to die," she commented to Demi, before following more over to where Leda and Kiera were a little ways away. Arthur seemed to be alright, for the moment anyway, as the kid had ran up to give some ambrosia, so that was a good thing. Based on him not freaking out aside from over Demi's injury made her think that odds were that Andy was alright too then.

She shrugged slightly with Kiera's comment, "Yeah, you can definitely say that again," she said to her, before looking at Leda with her own take on the Romans. "Personally, I don't know, but based on how much destruction was going on back there, I don't think it would be smart to attempt to take back that place for a while... That's just me though... Who knows, maybe the Romans will want to take back New Rome as soon as possible and after only a few weeks or something they'll go for it... We'll just have to wait and see."

Jason Gauger

Location: Argo III
Skills: N/A

Jason was more or less somewhat ignoring the mob of people who were coming into the area. There were a lot of people on board of this small ship. Like, way more then the ship was probably meant for. Now a part of him was wondering how anyone was going to be able to sleep and then maybe moving around without stepping on someone else or something like that. This was not going to be a very comfortable flight back to Camp Half-Blood. He really hoped that this ship could fly faster and get them all there faster since it would be more convenient, but he doubted it.

He wondered if his sister would be back at the camp by the time the ship returned, but he figured that was partially him hoping that Janelle was alright even without having talked to her for a while. Maybe they got a little luckier and didn't have to deal with the chaos that had happened in New Rome, but based on what he knew about where that group had been headed they likely hadn't had an easy time with their quest. At the moment he just hoped that that entire group would be fine and make it back to camp too.

Janelle Gauger

Location: Houston Space Center
Skills: N/A

Janelle didn't say anything quite yet, since Zeke and Kristin were having a slight conversation with regards to things. She wasn't too sure what they should do now, head back to camp maybe? Getting back there would be nice, and back to hopefully not getting chased around by monsters again like they were on their entire journey down to where they were now. Then again, from what she knew about things, that sort of thing was common for demigods, at least partially anyway. Janelle just wasn't too sure if she'd be able to keep up fighting more after that instance, she was a little bit tired.

With Zeke sort of teasing her slightly about flying, she turned her head slightly so that she was more or less facing him. "It was strange, flyin like dat... I 'ad no idea where I was, ahr if I 'ad mahved... Sence I mainly see usin me sense o' touch, suddenly naht bein ahn de ground made dat difficult," she said to him with a slight shrug, before paying attention to what it was that Kristin had said. "Out o' 'ere seems like a good way to start, we can figure out de rest as we go alahng," she said a bit happily, giving the two a bit of a smile.

Jack Gold

Location: ???
Skills: N/A

Now at least the info that he was getting at the moment was somewhat useful, aside from the fact that he knew that Maleficent was after them. Maybe he could get his father to explain why? Well, he lied flat out about the whole thing about not being a villain. Or at least he was pretty sure that he had lied about it. Though he wasn't sure if he wanted to say anything about that. If he said something it might end badly, so for the moment, he was going with the idea of not saying anything more or pushing the idea of him being a villain. This was going to be an interesting sort of conversation to say the least.

"What exactly does Maleficent want or hope to accomplish?" he decided to ask, trying to hold off on answering his father's offer to teach him about his own magic but have to stick by his side or something like that in exchange. Part of him had a few more questions with regards to that. Namely what would happen if he said no, and what would happen in it's entirety if he said yes, like what would the whole staying by his side thing mean? "...A few other questions with regards to everything before I answer that last offer of yours. Hypothetically if I said no what would happen? And if I said yes what does that mean? Like staying by your side what does that mean?" he ended up asking.

Rosalia Rider

Location: Camelot
Skills: N/A

"I don't exactly have much in the way of friends, because what I ended up doing for a living, people could get hurt or potentially killed if things go wrong, so sorry for not liking to work with anyone typically because of it," she snapped as she followed after the others outside of the pub. Of course aside from the few idiots who for some reason decided to sit down at the tables still in the pub. That was weird, and idiotic in her mind, since they clearly were pressed for time and had to get running to reach Merlin's tower without getting caught.

Sticking close somewhat to the others as she carried her things in her bag, putting Lucky into the main pocket so that the puppy was easier to carry. Her attention went towards Meg, and she couldn't help but feel somewhat bad for her with regards to her brother the cop. She wasn't too sure how hell bent Merlin was to actually help the guy, since it seemed like he had a lot that he had to deal with, so who knew if she would be able to get help in finding him. Rosalia knew that she wasn't on just about anyone's good side currently, but she went over and leaned to talk to her. "Hey look, I know I don't get along with a lot of people, like at all, but your brother in the real world was always one of the few people who was ever nice to me, tried to get me out of being a thief a few times too, failed but he kept trying anyway... Look if you want help in finding him and want to go off by yourself or whatever because Merlin is too busy doing other stuff since let's be honest, sounds like he has a lot to do, let me know and I'll help you out, okay?" she kept her voice down enough so that only Megan would be able to hear her.
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