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3 mos ago
Current Still alive, I swear! My PC might not be for much longer, so I need to get a replacement, and RPing on my phone is hard. I'm thinking of getting an HP Omen Desktop. Much higher-end than my laptop.
4 mos ago
Good riddance to 2020. Let's hope 2021 won't make us beg for 2020 to return.
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4 mos ago
Back from girlfriend family things. Long story. Her family celebrates Christmas eve, Christmas, the day after Christmas, and then we went to see a "Friends" museum the day after that. Popular show.
4 mos ago
I haven't forgotten anyone or any RP. My internet is out and I'm typing this on a public Wi-Fi. It should be back today. Sorry for any delays.
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4 mos ago
Head hurts again, but it's not so bad. Replies coming soon. Thanks to everyone who participated or voted in the drawing contest. Ow.


Hi there! I've been roleplaying for years, mostly in fantasy-type RPs. I don't like giving out too much about myself, but I am a man living in New York City (that's in the Eastern time zone, if you don't already know), over 18. Recently, I have been busy working, although I graduated from college and grad school a while back.

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@Dark Cloud

Alright. Hope to see you again sometime.
Welcome to the guild!

"Tiwa. Sounds good! And honestly, you don't need to worry about being a proper father... whatever that is. Really more of a human thing. Just keep them fed, healthy, safe, and teach them how to do something useful. And it's not like you'd be taking care of them until they were old enough to help you around the smithy. Well, Haf can help, at least. Tiwa will probably spend more of her time here. She'll make a good dancer someday, I'll make sure of it. Not like a female has the strength needed to work a forge anyway." Siwa wasn't wrong when she said that. Only the very strongest of goblin males could hope to be even barely competent smiths; he average goblin male wouldn't be suited as a smith, and the considerably smaller musculature of a female goblin simply ruled that craft out as a matter of biology, regardless of one's feelings about the matter.

She paused as he gave her the gifts. "Ooh. I've seen humans use those before, but you'll have to forgive me if I don't rush to try them on now. Hands are a bit full with the younglings, and my feet and ankles are still swollen from carrying them, but I'll be sure to wear 'em later. Thanks!" She moved to get the milk to the younglings now, as it would spoil before long. "I can feed them with these things on my chest- which aren't just for your viewing pleasure, of course- but it's nice to not have to do so for a little while. Got plenty of milk myself, as long as I have enough food to eat myself."

Breden sat quietly, knowing that it would be his turn with Siwa before long. Not tonight of course, but when she had recovered and had an hour or two when she didn't have to look after her new family.

@Dark Cloud@Zillanilla

Vox and Twig's conversation was cut short by the approach of a small humanoid coming out of the woods. It was a small humanoid about the size of a goblin, but instead of human-like features, it had clawed limbs, digitgrade feet, reddish scales, a reptilian snout, and a pair of stubby horns in place of hair. A kobold, a male one to be exact. He was unarmed and clad only in a loincloth, but he had a piece of animal hide with some characters scribbled into it.

"Uhh... hello. Is this a bad time? Are one of you the goblin chief? I've got a message for him from my tribe, the long-tails." He waved around the hide, not sure what to do with it. From his appearance and his voice, it was obvious that this kobold was barely an adult and was still quite naive about how things worked.
@Searat@Dark Cloud@BigPapaBelial

If you need me, please feel free to PM me or something. Even if my PC has trouble again, I can always access this site on my phone. It's just hard to reply there with a long message.
@Dark Cloud

I'm finally back. I'm getting a new PC, but my old one is working again. Not sure how much longer it will last (screen won't physically close, touchpad doesn't work, had to free up some memory, etc), but I'm here. I'll post again.

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