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Shit came up but I'm back fellas
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Sure if we can cover Peter's participation in the Albanian pyramid scheme war
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anyone who enjoys anime has issues 😎
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Nice fucking try todd but obsidian made a far better fallout than you ever could
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If you enjoy my posts then consider pressing here to see my 1x1 interest check. Now listen to the tale of a man far from home longing to see its greens again.

About me:
Where do I begin. I'm from Belarus, and fairly proud of it. I've been RPing about a decade starting mostly with chat stuff and some LARPs/reenactments, doing the stuff of this site for maybe half a decade now. I'm a former serviceman, and while I was conscripted I make sure to stay in related circles. As a day job I'm a programmer letting me usually work from home even when we don't have coronavirus forcing us to do so and thus I got a lot of time for RP.

Look at me and marvel at... I'll think of it, give me a moment.

Anyway, adding shit

Russian and Belarusian (native speaker)
English and a Quebecois/Parisien mongrel French as others
doing my best to learn other interdasting ones

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Dibs on Peter
Well done lad after two years of service there's still stuff I didn't know here

One thing I'd cover personally is the typical myths of interactivity of guns with modern and pre-modern armours like the movie shite of bullets bouncing off of helmets.

Welcome! I'm @Andreyich but they call me Andy. I have previously run an RP in the Mass Effect setting titled “Phoenix.” The name is a very apt one, for not only does it represent the spectres being reborn from their death much like a Phoenix, but likewise the RP is reborn, with much of the same cast who have shown interest in continuing it. Piggybacking off of the hype from the remaster and next installation in the series I hope to create a great setting we can all enjoy for a very long time. I have been on this site for about four years now but have been RPing for more than thrice that. I've had my fair share of DMing, and I have found I very much like to help people immerse themselves in the situation with things like visuals and music. As such, have a listen to this for some mood stuff while reading what is below.

This RP is set more than 100 years following the events of Mass Effect 3 (the start date is January 3 2299), the Galaxy finally having recovered more or less in entirety from that disastrous conflict. However, everybody knew that peace following the destruction of the reapers was a dream at best. The century of reconstruction was able to prevent Galaxy-spanning hostilities for a short time, but if anything this only allowed resentments and hatreds to fester like an untreated wound. A few decades back when it seemed the world before the reapers was restored one could already see inklings of hell starting to be let loose. Conflicts began one after another and soon the galaxy became a place where might made right.

But there were reasonable voices, ones who found the ongoing conflict to be… artificial. Previously unpopular rabblerousers were found to have fortunes donated to them from no apparent source, while inexplicable malfunctions in navigation equipment lead to many an accidental skirmish. Old research and records were investigated along with testimonies taken behind closed doors from the comrades and memoirs of Shepard, the Galaxy’s hero. The same hidden… organization that pooled funds to create the Andromeda initiative had found itself another problem worthy of its attention. Having found sympathetic ears in some members of the Citadel yet more cash was diverted, and suitable people assembled such that the Milky Way might be free of what malicious leviathans might be manipulating it into suffering.

Though officially the Spectre program was discontinued many years ago there has been a quiet movement within C-Sec and other organizations to restore it such that the world might have one more force pushing for sanity in this dangerous time. You are to join one of the crack teams to investigate the many rising threats to the galaxy, foil the shadowy puppeteers and hopefully let all of the Milky way see it peace once more. Officially you are C-Sec officers with their mercenaries, nothing more. Your power is limited to that which people give you by their respect and any of your actions are a black-op.

The aim of this RP is to create a galactic adventure exploring all the many different things that made Mass Effect fun, hopefully providing the full “Normandy experience” where relationships are developed on the ship and their ramifications being as important as each individual mission.

Now I'm sorry to cut the fun, but I have to post some bureaucracy that will apply to the RP


They are for the most part obvious stuff.

1) When OOC don't be any sort of bigot, troll, bad-faith critic, or otherwise some kind of dick. There’s good fun poking a joke perhaps even at the expense of someone else but there’s obvious limits; RP is for fun and I just don’t have the patience to deal with troublemakers by any means but a ban.

2) You get 20 days to post, slightly less than three weeks. Failing to post in that timeframe gives you a strike. Two strikes and you’re out, but four consecutive posts without delays well let you lose your strike. If you genuinely cannot make it, your character would have nothing to say, or you have another good reason not to post please contact me and we’ll work something out.

3) Interpersonal problems are best kept outside of the RP environment. As said above I do this for enjoyment and don’t want any undue stresses; if you refuse to keep your quarrels from elsewhere out of this I am afraid I'll have to boot you from this.

4) I as GM am your God, but of course a benevolent one. If you have any grievances I will hear them out and if you disagree with something I have done and at least half plus one of the gang agrees with you then I will submit to your will.

5) The RP is advanced and you must post at the very least three paragraphs per post (though contribution to the beloved “collab” format will obviously have more nuance and counts for the post/20 days rule).

6) Don’t metagame or control other players without their consent and all the other typical elements of RP etiquette. If you really need clarifications on this you probably won’t fit in here.

7) Be 18+. The same mature shit we see in the ME series will be on full display here. That said don't take it too far out the other end.

8) Try to stay true to the lore. Obviously we're all doing this for fun, but we're trying to keep some internal consistency with the Mass Effect setting; this isn't some fanfic where Whatever with a capital W happens.

Some of the above rules may seem harsh, but I have been on this site for four years and I have come to understand the necessity of a little tough love. Most RPs I see on this site die after the first two or three post cycles. I shan’t tolerate such, I’m in this for the long run; I want to see this RP last years to come.

With that out of the way the following is what I will expect from a character sheet of most players.

On power and abilities:
Your character can be quite powerful but there's obvious limits. I'm not going to make any sort of formal caps on it but if you're thinking "Hmm, will Andy let me have this?" then the answer is most likely no so don't even bother. Further, the greater the supposed capabilities of your character the greater the assignments they receive will be. That is to say if you describe your character as being a super epic biotic ripping Makos in half then the first enemy I will throw at you will be either a Krogan Battlemaster or an Asari Matriarch that will lift your helpless ass in the air and rip it in two. You are all clad in plot armour and armed with Chekhov's gun but that isn't always enough.

On technology
Over the more than century that has passed since the Reaper war there has not been much in the way of cutting edge innovation, most efforts focused upon rebuilding and restoring rather than researching and improving. However progress is inevitable with the advancement of time. For the most part this has just been in the form of incremental improvements to existing technology, or the reduction in scarcity of technology previously available only to the elites of society or armed forces. The previously all but unheard of thanix systems have become the standard ship armament. Biotic implants are far safer for the individual and are slightly more effective. All medigel is now effective across species barriers and improvements in software have made almost all technology marginally faster and more accurate. Ultimately though, the life of a person in the early 24th century looks very similar to that of a person in the late 22nd.

On Character Death:
It can and will happen. Don't be a baby if it happens. For myself, I promise we as GMs won't kill you just for the lulz and it will only happen either if you do something outrageously stupid or ever so heroic. If you've been a good player and there's nobody on a waitlist to join up I will gladly take another character from you.

On races:
The races I will readily accept without any questions asked are Humans, Asari, Turians, Salarians, Krogan, Drell, Quarians.

The following races you can play but I will have much more scrutiny and skepticism, demanding a more rigorous CS and more discussions in DMs: Tank-Krogan, Vorcha, Batarian, Volus, Geth.

Anything else such as Elcor, Hanar, Ardat-Yakshi, or the even more eccentric options will only be permitted if I know you to be a God of RP.

On Citizenship:
I will gladly accept anyone from the Systems Alliance, main Krogan space, the Turian Heirarchy, the Asari Republics, the Salarian Union, the Quarians, or the Union of 2201 without questions.

I’m going to need some big effort from somebody who wants to be from: Krogan Rebel Clans, the Terminus System Pirate Realm, Cerberus (though this isn’t exactly a government), the Batarian Hegemony, an autochthonous Citadel Dweller, the Geth and Synthetic life designates, or any other independent government.

Now, after ME3 a lot of things might have happened and anyone joining an RP set more than 100 years after the events of that game would surely have questions on what happened in that wide time frame. For a quick recap I suggest one simply read the general tab and the events tab. If you want a somewhat more in-depth history I suggest you read the racial lore tabs, and the widest understanding will of course be given if you read everything.

Thank you for your time my dear nerds. I am eager to see your applications. To truly be able to participate here you must join the discord server. Herein a lot of very important communication as well as planning of collaborative posts will be made. When you have a CS ready please post it to the OOC thread. I will first raise my own personal concerns for it if there are any before letting the players critique it, after which you can move it to the CS tab. I am hoping we will be ready to start as early as next Friday, though we will begin the Friday after by the latest.

Please, if you have any questions, comments, concerns, yadda yadda, feel free to drop them here.
Howdy! Is this thing still on? Sounds like great fun, was thinking of making an Ogre tribe in the mountains there!

Yes it is, check out the discord. An ogre tribe in its entirety might be a bit much especially given how far west this game is set, but you can probably have some sort of warband
Room for a minor Chaos warchief?

Yes, check out our OOC thread and discord.
tentative interest
The Shieldwall of the Rangers held against the many volleys of the Asrai before their own return fire was let loose. It wasn't accurate with the Dawi forced to protect themselves with their shields, but it didn't have to be. A war of attrition was exactly where they excelled, and the day would be their's. Though only one of ten of their crossbow bolts hit the nimble Wood folk, the Rangers had each brought dozens while holding fast themselves, armour stopping the arrows their shields could not. They cheered as they lowered their shields to find the corpses of the elves strewn across the battlefield, archers and war dancers alike looking as porcupines full of bolts.

But they raised their crossbows in cheers and celebration far too early as upon a green dragon descended one of their Spellweavers. In a single burst of flame almost half of the Dwarfen formation evaporated, and the rest that launched bolts had them harmlessly clatter off of the foe.

Though prideful, Dwarfs know well when to retreat and this was a clear case when that was advisable as the Rangers scattered as fast as their stumpy legs would take them. But though faster than most Dwarfs, Rangers were not faster than a dragon. It swept across the battlefield causing a true carnage. Only a small pack of the original Dawi remained running, heading towards the cave they had emerged from. They had nearly come to safety when the dragon again descended, the Elf upon it smiling smugly upon the Dwarfs. She began a taunt in the Khazalid she had mastered thousands of years ago to helpless Dwarfs, but she paused half way through it noticing their shite-eating grins. She turned to look back far too late to see the Shard Dragon coming, her only warning being a feint glow of the runes that the midgets had carved into it.

The ugly, misshapen and enslaved dragon crashed into her glorious beast, its thousands of dark spines impaling her green mount. The Rangers wasted no time getting in close to hack at the stricken foe with their axes, the Shard Dragon wasted no time in gobbling up the mage herself to satisfy its unending gluttony. But the woman knew she could not end it like this, and so as the venom running through the organism of the monster began to destroy he she released all the power she could muster from the winds of magic.

A horrible explosion happened within the throat of the Shard Dragon, and the runic collar that bounded it to the will of the Dawi burst half-broken. Though of free will, its mind was still broken by the remaining pieces of runic gromril biting into its flesh. It roared, spasming momentarily before burrowing into the ground.

The Dwarfs looked between each other grimly. "Shit." One of them said.

"I challenge you to a duel then, Sir Roderick!"

"So it shall be!"

The drunken Imperial and Brettonnian Lords both drew their own longswords. Neither could remember exactly what had started their argument but by now it hadn't mattered. Their duel was a pitiful sight with swords clanging seamlessly flat to flat and edge to edge. But gasps erupted when Sir Roderick after parrying punched his counterpart. This was not allowed.

Roderick was very surprised to find two arms grasp his shoulders. Sobriety hit him like a truck when he was informed he would be taken into the local stockade for his most horrible trespass. Kuno Wolfenburg - the only other Imperial guest present at the party - kept quiet. An outburst now would serve nobody. Most likely Roderick would not be set free, but by Sigmar when he would return home and explain what happened he would make sure that the frogs paid for applying this silly and indeed local rule to a man who knew it not.
Pretty based this is in the advanced section
I have like a zillion ideas I didn't go through with (yet, anyway)

I planned an RP in renaissance/post-medieval Europe wherein the many superstitions of the lands such as werewolves, vampries, witches, the loch ness monster, chicken-footed houses, basilisks, daemons, banshees, etc. are all real. But I thought there's not enough of a crossover of people who are interested in history and supernatural shit to make me get a nice audience.

I wanted a Fallout RP set in the massive OWB Mod setting, but I struggled to somehow think of a way to bring all the content I wanted to show from Mexico the land of Titans to the Northern land of God and Cannibals. Perhaps some sort of copy of the cancelled fallout tactics story except less silly.

More whacky, I wanted an RP where people can sort of let out their inner power fantasy from all the edgy books and dusty 90s/00s animes out there of intergalactic barbarians and knights and wizards and prophecies. It was to be very lighthearted of course, players more or less givne free rein to one-up their enemies in B-movie tier twists where you reveal some hidden power. Just cheesy nonsense

I also wanted to do a more grim RP in the world wars. For WW1 like some KuK conscripts that hardly know each other's language desperate to not get pummeled at the Isonzo by artillery or on the East beheaded by Cossacks, or if the second world war then follow some Tommies on their road to drive the fascists from France.

On an ending light hearted note I thought of some absurdist RPs. Either an arena style battle royale where players are dropped in a walmart and must slaughter each other with its contents, or alternatively chronicle Florida/Polish/Brazilian men as they have a huge acid trip. Also perhaps a joke/meta RP chronicling the more memetastic eras of RPG personifying the free section as a crossover of a huge kingdom and an anime convention, the advanced section as some sort of snobby country club believing itself to be a great nation unto itself, etc.
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