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Sighing at Nyriens answer after the quip. Yes they would have questioned them of course. But the watch was not the elite group of men for sure. Many of whom were incompetent lazy bastards who just did it to collect the meager pay the spot offered.

He didn’t push it though, he only threw it out there for the others… he personally felt the ‘tavern’ would have been the best step though. Full of thugs and criminals, they wouldn’t have to ask around too much to find at least one supplier. Either scare him or entice him with an offer to take the drugs off their hands.

Finn blinked when he was ignored by Qantz-Farron, then just decided to up and walk away with no explanation of why or where he planned on going.

Sera then apologized, saying she’s going with qantz-farron on this one. explaining that they should take the initiative. On what exactly? Walk around aimlessly? He didn’t even offer much of a plan in the first place. Let alone what he was even thinking of trying.

He didn’t even get a chance to retort as she spun on her heels and walked away. Finn couldn’t help but feel like the last kid ignored/left out once again. Scratching the back of his head with a bit of an irritated sigh escaping his lips as he tried to push the stupid feeling from his head.

She was right about one thing though, it was their mission. As much as he didn’t like the situation he would feel worse just letting them go alone. Splitting up without a plan would surely just make everything fall apart. Sighing, he looked to Vela, who hadn’t said anything after all that and said while scratching his temple. ”I guess we should follow…? ”

Gods this is awkward... Finn thought to himself as he started after them before they got too far away. Talk about a well mesh group. Guy who speaks in riddles, a lady who likes to antagonize everyone, and another lady who just kept to herself it seemed.

Finn walked in silence as he followed the others, slightly back from the group so that he arrived just after Sera decided to go into a building by herself. One that Qantz- Farron decided to stop at for some reason. He then looked at the man who now carried a lit lantern and asked quietly.
“Mind filling us in on how you ‘know’ this is a stockpile? Could have told us in the first place. Instead of having us walk around blindly...
With a clear hint of irritation in his voice. As well as a clear cut off.

He glanced at Vela, “Excuse the poor choice of words…” he said with a wince in his voice.

He moved towards the door that Sera just snuck into when Qantz-Farron would answer or not. Standing with his back to the wall on the left side of the door, his eyes darted from left to right as he checked farther into the ally and stood ready to storm in if he heard a struggle. However he stood with his back to the wall, to. Not look suspicious as much as one could in an ally from those passed the mouth of it.

As he waited he drew three arrows from his quiver and held them in his draw hand, one arrow in between each of his fingers. He then held them casually, tips pointed to the ground,

Yi took the cup with a quick nod of thanks and took a drink, chugging almost all of it right away. He coughed a bit after but he was still listening to her. She went on to say it wasn't necessary to worry about her because of her quirk, explaining a tiny bit about it. He watched a she played with her own fingertips. with her soft voice it was clear that she was a really shy girl. which with her making the initiative and coming here meant she was way out of her comfort zone...and it was kinda adorable.

He smiled,”I appreciate you visiting, and I’m glad you’re ok. While I didn’t know it was your quirk, and that you would have been fine either way is a relief. As for me you do not need to worry. I appreciate it, but I’ve suffered much worse before. “ he said, his smile being more pained as he remembered previous… punishments from his past life. But it was only there for the briefest of moments before his smile strengthened again.

Only to turn into a nervous one when SHE walked in. Ms slappy. Covering his nervousness with another drink from his cup, despite only having a drop of water in it.

However she seemed to be polite and somewhat sorry in a round about way when she asked if he was ok with what happened.

”I’m fine thanks. It’s nice to finally know your true name Shinon.I am Yi helme. Please call me Yi, Sealer is just a silly name to call me by. I don’t even go by that back home. “

Before he could reply to her asking how long they been there, which he thought odd. Did she think there was naughty things going on? The one who called him Hairy came in, calling him by his real name. How did he know? Perhaps it was the nurse… fumiko would have registered him under his real name of course. He tossed the thought to the side as he also asked why the girls were here, as if it was improper. He raised an eyebrow at the way he he said it but he soon dropped it, turning his attention back to Yi.

He then offered a power at to yi, who accepted the gift with a chuckle. Yi always found power bars to be lacking of flavor… not hospital food. Perhaps it was because he was well acquainted with it, being used to it. Either way he accepted it and said “Thank you, I appreciate it. I must say I am a bit surprised to receive a visit from you all. I thank you all for coming. I must say I am not used to that… a nervous chuckle escaped his lips. As he scratched the back of his head.

“I am a bit sorry for stealing the spotlight, yesterday… when I saw him looming over Aurora I could not stand back.” He also said while bowing his head. He knew they were students, and unlike he, probably wanted the Experience from fighting a tough opponent.

@Guilty Spark Of?

@Dark Cloud we did, but the gm was already pass the player cap they wanted in the first place. And the title still says full. So that’s what I base it on.

Course I could be totally wrong.
You’re apart of a guild. That’s the plot. I believe we are full though.

Qantz-Farron started going on about how roaches will scurry to their groups. If he was trying to say follow one to the group, they would have to find one first, then follow them. But then he went on to say that interrogation and interview were the watch's job. That our work doesn’t rely on words. Finn’s face contorted as if he witnessed something painful. But he said nothing at the moment.

From what he gathered, Qantz basically wanted to just go in without intel. Following some random scum into the sewers. Finn sighed and rubbed his temples with his right hand thumb and middle finger. That’s a sure way to get killed, or not even find the group. And HE was called a BOY? He wondered how long Qantz had been really adventuring.

They seemed to ignore the fact that they have one of the customers in custody, if they find out where they got the drug from, they can be sure they are following the right drug dealer. Who would lead them to their supplier. Instead of just hoping for the chance to run into said drug dealer/ supplier.

He heard the door open and looked up to see Suran walking in. Who quickly introduced a new member for their group, since their mission fell through. Finn was surprised at another human female who joined them, Though she was at least eight inches taller than he. Not that he had not seen it before, as his parents were about that high.

Not much more was said besides intros. Then quickly moving onto The Cliff. Finn quickly picked up his bow and quiver from his room, easily catching up with the group a few minutes later. He kept mostly quiet, despite wanting to be chatting up Sera and now Vela. He decided to walk at the rear of the group, to keep his eyes open and watch their backs..

Upon reaching The Cliff, Nyrien handed over ‘the reins’ to the initiates. Vela quickly speaks up, asking if they had a plan already, looking towards them. Despite having a cloth over her eyes she had the uncanny ability to look directly at them. Finn wondered if she really was blind. But it wasn’t the time for that.

Sera mentioned Qantz-Farron’s plan. But was pleased to hear she wanted some more info as well. He then spoke up “The Sewers are a maze here in The Cliff. As sure to be as ruined as the city above. It would be super easy to get lost down there I'm sure without any maps. ” Finn had traveled a lot within the city and the cliff, for jobs, personal training, and to familiarize himself with the cityscape. But he never entered the sewers.

Rasing a finger he then said. “ Nyrien did say the watch had one of the customers in custody. Perhaps we can convince them to give up their dealer for freedom?” He put his forefinger on his mouth, as if having a thought. “There is also a...well tavern of sorts called ‘The Needle.’ It is a hangout for thugs, mostly. Perhaps we can find some info there? “

Yi closed his eyes as she giggled. Scooooree. he thought to himself.

He grunted as she started to treat him, a full pain but quickly sedated. She went on to say he was lucky and most wouldn’t do what he did. Thanking him. He raised a finger in protest but it quickly fell onto the cot. “No thanks necessary… I just did what I had to do… stop him before others got hurt….” it sounded like he said more but it faded out.

She mentioned not to worry and he tried to get up in protest ”im not l-little…..” his face plopped into the pillow as more morphine was administered to his iv. Falling alseep to her saying something about being perfect...and something.

Yi then woke up to a couple knocks. He jerked up when he didn’t recognize his surroundings. Only to have a twinge of pain in his back bring the memory of what happened yesterday. He groaned as he rubbed his eye and face with one hand while moving to his side and shimming up the bed so he was more upright while not actually sitting up in his bed.

He glanced over to see a pale girl in a blue long sleeve and black skirt enter his room. He blinked a few times and smiled. Only taking a few moments longer to recognize the girl from yesterday. The one on the roof. Clearly not see through or all white now. He could see… she was really cute.

“Hey! he said with a frog in his throat. Clearing it with a cough. he looked like he was trying to shift through his thoughts for her name. ”Aurora? Right? his voice was still stained from being parched. Having not had a drink since the day before, still dry from the dust it felt like.

He studied her and sighed with relief that she didn’t have any bandages. “What do owe this honor?” he asked. A bit surprised he did have a visitor. Those who would were a country away.

Finn raised his eyebrow, he thought it was qantz then Farron. Not tied together. He assumed he didn’t like his last two names. He never heard of anyone going by two names at the same time. He shrugged at the thought. He hasn’t said anything yet about it.

He nodded at Sera’s mention of doing prep work, the same thing his father taught him, it was a basic principle. He kept silent for a bit when Sera added what she would have preferred. With how the mission was brought up, it seemed it had to be done asap. But it was obvious not to point it out, as much as he agreed with her.

She then asked how the two wanted to handle this. He was hesitant, because he was to help them; he didn’t want to have too much input on how to do the actual mission. This was their time to prove themselves, not his. Rolling his eyes with a smile at her next comment, only to stop half way when she called him boy once again. Hopefully this doesn’t become a ‘thing’

Sighing as he stood up straighter and folded his arms across his chest. Looking serious as he said.”I mean, if you want to hold hands I'm sure that's fine for a bit. I understand girls hate rats so if that makes you more comfortable to hold my hand then I can do that.” Scratching his temple he left it at that, unclear if he was serious or not.

Looking directly at Sera ”I’m not like other archers who need space, I can handle cramped areas just fine. If it becomes too cramped for bows, I can fight close quarters just as easily as you can.” he said matter of factly.

“Since I am only here to help, I'll leave up the exact plan to you two. But I'll chime in some ideas that might help. “ He added with a smile as he pulled another red feather from his pouch absentmindedly and started spinning it in between each finger.

Finn sighed when the handler came in then told them their mission. He had no issue’s with tight spaces, but why did it have to be sewers. He kept silent as he continued, then watched as he passed out the initiative pins. Unconsciously, he reached up and rubbed the silver pin on the inside of his collar that he has had for three years so far.

His shoulders slumped when Sera called him Boy once more. Looking over to her she didn’t reveal much more than what he suspected. She did add that she liked to be more discreet in her fighting. Well...not much to glean from that.

Qantz-Farron didn’t answer his question, but went on with his two cents on the matter. Then making the comment of treating them like roaches and flushing them out. He didn’t quite understand what he ment there. Mentioning only Sera. He didn’t say anything otherwise.

He instead turned his head to Nyrien
“Does the watch know anything about this group? Any notable ring leaders?

Nyrien replied, "Only that they're tied to the black market, which could make them part of any number of organizations, but no the 'who' hasn't been answered yet,"

”Do they have any in custody? We can interrogate them, or have them lead us to the suppliers like Ms. Sera said.

Nyrien shook his head, "Only customers,"

”Perhaps we can get them to take us to the dealers. Then work from there? While they might not know which tunnel entrance it is. They might know who does. ”

Finn eyebrows raised when Sera stood up and leaned on the table closer to him. He nervously swallowed as she said he had a lot of nerve for hitting on her. He raised a finger but she continued on saying she couldn’t tell if he was oblivious or enjoyed being harassed. He looked to the side and half shrugged while tilting his head to the side. As if to say he didn’t know either… that perhaps it was both. Probably more the latter.

This was the moment she snagged his feather away from him. His head pulled back as a slightly confused look came upon his face. First thought that came to mind were other kids stealing things from him when he was a child. It irked him slightly, at the thought. But then again, it was just a feather he found while traveling. He had a dozen more in his small pouch. So it wasn’t a loss. So he let it go.

He furrowed his brows as she warned him on being careful who he becomes friends with. It seemed odd she would say that. Did she have a darker past? Was she warning him away from her? As for the snack part, he didn’t know what to make of that. Sure other races were known to eat humans. But there were some in those races that he worked along with. Before he could ask what she meant by that she shoved him in the chest.

The way he was sitting made it all too easy to tip his chair back at the force. Normally anyone caught off guard like that would have tumbled backwards out of the chair. But not Finn. Kicking his foot up he managed to wedge it against the bottom of the heavy table top. Which gave him enough of a hesitation to reverse the momentum by tucking forward. Balancing on the edge of the two hind legs of the chair.

He held that position for a moment as she turned her attention towards the other man. Who had asked her what her name was. Which she gave, Sera Vrukiel huh? Wasn’t that the name of a noble family in Borea? Finn had been there a few times over the last ten years… if he remembered correctly there was something bad that happened to that family five, or seven years ago. He couldn’t remember details but it was a tragedy that shocked the entire city state. Perhaps he would remember more later.

She seemed very aggressive and possibly competitive...that is for sure, though open to working together. That's good. It will help in the mission. His attentioned moved towards the one who now called himself Qantz. Who seemed to be interested in Sera as well, even stating the fact. Yet when he turned his eyes to Finn, his smile faded and a very insincere pleasure was spoken.

Finn began to grow uneasy at the man's gaze. The fact no light glinted from his eyes...almost as if he was starting into the eyes of a corpse. Clearly he didn’t think highly of Finn. Not that Finn was surprised. He dealt with that alot. Even within the guild at first. But he’s changed the minds of many of the other guild members after working with them. Becoming friends with the most unlikely.

He finally allowed his seat to drop back down to all four legs with a thud. Standing in the same momentum. “It’s a pleasure to meet the both of you. Qantz , and ms. Sera. Though a bit.. Rocky at first. I do hope we can work together well. Not too often can I work with some fellow humans.” Started off, feeling more confident now that the ice was..cracked in a sense.

Looking to Sera, who was still holding the red feather she snatched from him while also one of her blades as she inspected it. With it near her eyes, he finally registered that her eyes were a dull red. I do hope you understand I meant not to offend, and make it look like I was trying to hit on you . I was merely stating a truth. “ He added with a smile on his face.

Finn looked up at Qantz and with that same smile, as he leaned both hands on the table he continued.
” I guess we can start by getting to know each other’s strengths so we can make a plan for this upcoming mission. To start off I am not a green adventurer” He said with an amused glance towards Sera.
” I’ve been adventuring for ten years now, and have been a member of this guild for 3 years. Before all that, I grew up in the woods just west of here, Where I also learned how to track and hunt. I am a decent archer who can infuse elemental magic into anything I touch, mostly just my arrows. But I also can also handle my own in a close combat fight, so you don't need to worry about me being in trouble if some melee guy gets too close. Mentioning that he was an archer due to the fact he did not have his bow and quiver on him.

He lifted his right hand and motioned to both of them with a palm up.
What about you both? It was clear Sera was a swordswoman, with her swords and large dagger that rested on her hips. As well as the multiple smaller daggers.and knives, including the one in her hand.

Qantz he couldn’t see any weapons or equipment on him, perhaps he was focused on using magic? Or perhaps he left his weapons and equipment in his room. He did not look much like a fighter, but then again, appearances could be deceiving.
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