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Current Status updates, huh? Who needs those anyways, pfft
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Nothing brings more tear to my eyes tham coming back to the site after MONTHS and seeing my post/day gone below 3, even below 2.5! And to think it was above 4 at points in my life T_T
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University began today, and all my sumemr hopes and dreams shattered in one quick cacaphony of broken glass. My mondays will always kill me inside, I can already see it...
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I am completely ruining my PPD, but I am just too absorbed with Dicord RPs to start something real slow on the forums. Someone help me, this hurts.
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I figured I should update my status. Tada!
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Loves Teddy Bears|Twenty Something|Can't Speak Russian|Is Potat


Let me properly introduce myself. I am Sir Spud the Fourth, and I have been a potato for the longest time ever. I never denied it to be completely honest, but it is only recently that I embraced it. Now I have evolved from a simple couch potato to a fully grown royal potato. A dapper kawaii potato. And I dare say, knowing that you are a spud, makes life a lot easier. Just chill and let everyone else care about all their meaningless things because at the end of the day you'll know: chilling is the way to go.

I try to spend minimal effort on things that I don't care about, and procrastination might as well be my middle name. But that doesn't mean I ONLY rest. Sometimes a 'tato gotta do what a 'tato gotta do. And if that something happens to be things I like, then you cannot find anyone better than me. I am an omnipotent being capable of virtually any task to a limited degree, and I am not shy to admit it. I may not be the MOST AWESOMEST in a thing, but I am sure as hell MORE AWESOMEST than most people are at everything. But hey, I'm not here to brag, even if I am probabaly better at it than you


All those nights laying in my couch, I thought about the cool shit that I cannot do. That I cannot see. But I pictured them in front of myself like they were real, and that infuraited me. Then I found the Guild, and I lived happily after. I have been on the site for 2 years now, and I have seen many RPs, and played with many people. I wish I have found the site earlier, but I am glad that I've even found it. Now all those fantasies can be written down and my mind can rest at ease at night, without being constantly troubled by ideas.

When I RP, I love myself some good Sci-Fi or Fantasy. But hey I am filthy casual, I can go for anything with an interesting setting. I don't trouble myself on small details if the plot is good, but if you get somwthing wrong you can expect me to tell you about it. Some even go as far as to think that I am angry or something, but I am too chill for that. If anything I'm more of the funny type, so you can expect me to try and write some shitty jokes or post memes I found on the internet. Anyways, you'll see what I mean when we RP together.


Used to be something else here, but I'm happy to say that it's replaced because of a positive change. I now work as a full-time 3D artist in the animation industry, churning out shot after shot for some of your favorite game intros and trailers. Can't say anything about them before you even ask, and even though I'm still new to the industry I love it and I already know that this will be my passion for a long time. So hopefully in a few years I'll have a proud portfolio of animations that were done by yours truly that I can show off to all the lovely people of the guild.


Now I may have hobbies like the above mentioned, but there are some more things that I love in life. Here is a handy list of things you can always talk about with me:

  • Gaming: This one I am quite proud of, I'm a serious gamer with capital G. Not as much time for it nowadays, but still true.
  • Music: All kinds of electronic music, but I am a sucker for Queen and Powerwolf. Or Breakbot... anything music.
  • Anime: We all have an Otaku in us, but it's bigger for some people. For me it's just big enough.


Be chill folks, getting fed up about stuff is a recipe for disaster. You gotta learn to be patient and let things go, or you'll end up a wrinkly old man/woman with only bad memories about life. Even if you do fuck-all every day, you can live a content life by taking things easy. With that said, as always, stay safe and stay classy.

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Team Horus

Ariel’s hair was now wet. So was her shirt, and her arms, and the nape of her neck. She didn’t mind much, or frankly at all. There was no way she would be bothered about being a little damp or sore. Not while she could feel Amy’s heart: even now, when she was no longer being held so tightly.

“Take things at your own pace. There’s no need to rush.” Ariel let a little chuckle of her own escape. “I’ll be with Phi, in front. Come join us whenever.”

Hugging and crying it all out seemed to have helped a bunch. It was really only a psychological dressing; but it would keep Amy’s wounds at bay until they could follow up in the quiet peace and comfort of a chaise longue and a cuppa. Excusing herself with a little nod, Ariel returned to the consoles, where her omni-tool had finished booting up all the programs and plugins she’d be needing very soon. She waved to her fellow bridge bunny, saying, “I think we’re all set now. How are things going?”

Seraphina indulged in a sort of tunnel vision, knowing she would need to be fully focused on several tasks once the operation officially started. The conversations around her became background noise as she decided on the primary and backup encryption methods. With that done she made sure the main console would manage all data and synchronized everyone's omnitool to it. After making sure there were no problems with a few tests, she moved on to assigning each fireteam a unique name. This was not an essential task but in her experience it helped, and she put a fair bit of thought into the overall theme as well as specifics. The placeholder numbers and letters for teams and individuals were updated as soon as she decided on the last name.

>>>Horus- Tactical support
>Ariel, Amy, Seraphina (Loren Scheer)
>>>Fireteam Gryphon- Decoy 1
>Tarak, Avelyn, Trajan (Melchor Dreyfus)
>Mess Hall
>>>Fireteam Harpy- Decoy 2
>Laurey, Finbarr (Leo Mills), Dr. Millard
>>>Fireteam Mujina- Infiltration 1
>Navi, Flame, Ashton
>Medical Bay
>>>Fireteam Lamia- Infiltration 2
>Nero, Iris, Samuel
>Armory B

"Hm?" She muttered, glancing at Ariel after pulling herself out of that single minded focus. She looked at Laurey again but still didn't raise the questions nagging at her.

"Ah, yes actually. Please do. I can manage but it's not exactly a specialization of mine. I'll primarily be coordinating the data as it comes in and checking the integrity of our encryption. If the two of you can support the teams directly as the need arises I'd greatly appreciate it. Almost as much as Nero." She added the last bit with a smirk.

The dull thud of Amy's head hitting the wall went largely unnoticed as Phi continued to double-check that omnitool tracking was not lagging. However, the distinct sound of sniffling did catch her attention. Searching for the sound of distress Phi was surprised to see Amy of all people crying into Ariel's embrace. Phi realized she should have seen this coming, the signs were there, and she suddenly felt terribly guilty for not noticing. She nodded solemnly as Ariel stood, offering Amy a shoulder to cry on literally. She wanted to help as well but the others seemed to have things well in hand. She would probably just get in the way, and with the mission starting soon she wouldn't be able to devote her full attention like Amy deserved.

Resolving to pay her another visit soon Phi offered a reassuring smile as Ariel and Amy separated. Inclining her head to the other seat near her Phi invited their troubled counselor to join them.

"I think we're ready to go, since I'm starting to check some things for a third time now."

Amy stayed in the back of the room for a bit, blowing cool air onto the coffee that Avelyn had brought her to really cool it down to a temperature she could comfortably drink while the rest of the crew slowly disappeared from the room as they formed their own groups and head down to planetside. She offered a small smile towards the aforementioned girl at the pat, smiling warmly up at her as her gaze scanned the girl’s face. “You’ll always be the most amazing people in my eyes. Stay safe, okay?” As the others left, her eyes began to slowly scan the room while she took a shy sip from the cup, until her eyes finally rested on Ariel and Phi who were sitting at the consoles and getting busy with the comms equipment. Really, Amy had no clue why she was up here still… Tarak clearly wasn’t aware of her troubled thoughts before he assigned them to the teams, but he must’ve known already from Iris that she wasn’t exactly the most useful at a distance. So what was it? Were they… trying to protect her? The thought warmed her heart as much as it pained her, seeing that the kids she felt so protective of were the ones putting her into support duty. Then again, there could’ve been a myriad of other reasons for Tarak’s decision, possibilities she didn’t feel like exploring at the moment.

By the time she collected her thoughts and felt ready to finally talk with the others, the cup in her hands was long empty and she quickly placed it down on the cabinet next to her. Standing up and dusting off her dress she walked over to the two girls at the consoles with a small smile, sitting down besides Phi at the offered chair. “Thank you Phi. Thank you Ariel. I’m not sure how much help I will be, but I’ll try my best to keep my eyes open, if that helps.” She explained with a soft smile on her face as she reached out with one hand to gently pet Phi’s head. It was hard to tell if she did that because she wanted to ease Phi’s worry over her or to get some comfort for herself, but there it was. With a small nod she turned towards the row of panels and placed her index finger onto her lips as a small hum escaped her. “So... what am I supposed to do? What do we look for? Just wait until something happens, oooor…”

"Ariel and I are good for most of the technical work, but don't underestimate yourself, Amy. An extra pair of eyes and hands helping out goes a long way. But your support in other, less obvious ways may count for more than you think. A lot of operations need you to play things by ear, and adapt as the situation changes. The saying 'no plan survives contact with the enemy' is pretty apt. For now, just help Ariel with whatever minor tasks she needs, while I keep things running smoothly in the background."

The messy brown hair Phi was sporting as Loren Scheer almost looked better for the ruffling from Amy's hand. She didn't complain, since it didn't last long and everyone was mostly distracted by their preparations. Besides, Amy seemed to need the contact more. Along that reasoning Phi gripped Amy's hand and squeezed it reassuringly. Then, as the teams started moving out, Phi put on the bored, mildly irritated look her persona had displayed when he was alive. She didn't expect to interact much if at all with anyone from the Ascendancy, but maintaining the act from here on out would be preferable. Just in case.

Her first order of business involved the management of real time tracking and the three dimensional map for the various decks. The green markers for allies appeared first, represented as triangles with a line through the middle to determine orientation. Next came the more involved task of trying to mark Ascendancy personnel, since even their own people didn't have tabs on everyone else but a team or a few teams at best. Still, she eventually managed to tag most of them with red T symbols. This would have to be constantly monitored and updated. Finally amber dots began appearing with tiny numbers next to them. These were the trackers on the main prison population, exceptions where the trackers themselves had been destroyed. Most of these were not moving. This data was encrypted and transmitted to each team member's omnitool before Phi moved on to the groundwork that would seize control of communications on the ground.

Damn, I really wish I had Laurey here. All it's gonna take is one tech on their side being better than us…

With the ground teams having made planetfall, it was about time for Ariel to begin her own work too: hacking into the ship. Or, at least trying to. There certainly wouldn’t be any better opportunity than now, while the majority of the crew was distracted. Sure, if things went awry, there would be no bluffing out of it — but that was an issue for the future. The Ariel of right now had no such predicament to face!

Though she had more wartime experience busting into Rau’ve computers, code of human origin still felt more familiar. Perhaps it was differences in their fundamental psychology, or simply a matter of her training. Either way, infiltrating the ships’ systems wasn’t as difficult as she had imagined it being. Being able to plug in directly into the target’s systems was a privilege rarely afforded to those on the battlefield, but any competent support Star Marine would have learnt to cope either way.

The Ascendancy’s prison ship security wasn’t actually that bad, as expected of vessels meant to keep the likes of dangerous rebel AGIs imprisoned. The same was true of the Circle of Hell. At least, it had been — until the crash and the accompanying damage did away with a good bit of that. Take, for example, the surveillance cameras all around the ship, which were now relying on what had to be a jury-rigged system to connect to a central monitoring room. Normally they’d be linked up directly to the screens, but with those wires damaged, the engineers had cobbled together a primitive mesh of remote connections so insecure that even a mere code monkey could easily intercept their hastily-encrypted transmissions. As such, a few minutes of scanning the airwaves later, every last camera in the ship had become Ariel’s own eyes and ears.

“Managed to get into the cams.” A few of the bridge’s displays flickered to life, showing the intercepted camera feeds; all muted at the moment, of course. Even without sound, their visual fidelity was high enough that Ariel noticed things had already gone awry for one of the fireteams. “Phi, I see action at the armoury, with Lamia. Could you handle that? Amy — just point it out if you see anything troublesome happening. I’ll try and find our prisoner.”

Amy would nod slowly at the request and with all the enthusiasm of a little kid leaned forward to keep her eyes on the computer screens, scanning for any possible activities that might occur. At the same time she kept an eye out on the action already unfolding: watching with anxiety as the events began to unfold so far away from them, yet so close through the screens of their computers. If only she could do something and be helpful from up here…

Closing her eyes, she would look deep inside of her and the psychic powers which she normally kept at the back of her mind. Of course, her telepathic abilities and illusions were useful or at the very least entertaining in her everyday life, but some other techniques she had to master for scenarios when she felt threatened and needed a way to get away from people who would do her harm. None cause pain, something which Amy felt opposed to from the very bottom of her soul, but she also didn’t think she could look into the mirror if she let anyone on her team get hurt. ”Just like Iris told you, you can do this Amy. Don’t let the others down…” Her breathing slowed down as she reached out with her mind, trying to tap into the flow of information that she was receiving through the displays.

At first it was nothing. No matter how hard she was trying to focus on it, she couldn’t feel anything, not even a single thread that she could follow to get to the tangled mess that was a person’s brain. She opened her eyes for a moment and gave an angry stare at the screen as if hoping it would intimidate it into co-operating. Just as she was starting to get frustrated she spotted Iris on the screen, and the faintest tingling sensation resonated in her brain. Her heart skipped a few beats as she dwelled on this revelation for a second before she would close her eyes once more and decided to focus on Iris instead of the display. A few moments passed and then… bam, there it was. Reaching through the aether, she could feel the faint but distinct presence that was Iris’s mind. Then the mental image became clearer and clearer as more of the surrounding people were picked up by Amy, all those Iris could see. She could hardly begin to think about all the reasons that now of all these times she could finally manage to make a connection, though she had a feeling that the twins enchanting the comms earlier had some sort of an effect on it. But she could be wrong, and maybe it really was just because of the motivation she received from Iris back during their last action that got her to overcome a mental barrier inside of her.

“I got it!” She would exclaim loudly as she turned over to the others with the biggest smile that her face could possibly fit. “I-I think I can connect with the people down there! I-it’s faint, but… I might be able to use some of my abilities! If you can keep our teams in the feed, I-I’ll try and help in some way!” Amy’s excitement was clearly visible and audible in her voice as she looked at the other two girls happily. “It’s time for support team to give some support!”

>>>Are you really going to eat that?

Phi made a face somewhere between a smirk and a grimace upon catching Avelyn's feed.

She nodded acknowledgement to Ariel without saying a word or looking away from the screens. Most of the data Phi was checking was reliable, with the exception of a few expected blind spots. Much of the corrupted or unreliable data seemed to be near the secondary armory and consequently fireteam Lamia. At first she was not concerned for two reasons: it was expected with the extensive damage and the trio were competent infiltrators.

So of course things went wrong.

Phi noticed the unwelcome surprise even as Ariel pointed it out. An involuntary grimace later and she was already assessing the situation, following the engagement as it unfolded. If it had just been the Ascendancy forces she might not even be worried, but the fact that this was a third party was a problem. An unknown on the field, and the things she was quickly learning caused no small amount of anxiety.

>>>Fireteam Lamia engaged by unknowns in armory. Target is human male with possible interference magic, supported by mechanized troops.

She sent out the alert to every team and then immediately killed the lights and sealed the door behind Crow. The effect might not even be helpful for more than a second or two assuming their enemy had countermeasures, but a second or two of total darkness might be enough for Nero. She turned to Amy, surprised to learn she could reach the people on the ground with her abilities. An asset that might further tip the scales in Lamia's favor.

"Can you keep Iris and Sam oriented in the darkness? Might be better than having to rely on omnitools."

@Th3King0fChaos@Letter Bee

Amy was just about to leave the meeting when she realized just how much unwanted attention her inner demon caused her to garner. With a little sigh she put on a small smile as she saw Avelyn approach, happy to see that her fellow psychic was the first one to really pick up on her sour mood. Seeing the coffee cup her nose twitched a little bit while the familiar scent of the drink assaulted her nostrils, and her posture eased up a bit as she offered a small smile to Avelyn. "I've been sleeping ever since our mission Aveyln... but maybe this will help wake me up." Amy explained with a soft smirk on her face as she reached out and grabbed onto the cup of coffee, taking a quick sip from the hot drink before she quickly pulled it away from her lips and let out a loud "eeeeek" while she opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out, fanning at it with her free hand. "Ahhhh, haht!" She whimpered and closed her eyes as she waited for the burning sensation to disappear from her tongue, placing the cup down on a cabinet next to her. She never did handle heat well, not even ones that normal people considered to be temperate...

She was just about recovering from this little experience and turned to Avelyn as she wanted to bring up what the girl told her before their mission began, but her thought process came to an abrupt end as she froze up and turned to face Ariel approaching her. She had not interacted with the girl at all, and out of all the kids she definitely looked like the one that would need the least amount of pampering and care. Suffice to say, that fact made it all the more surprising when the girl took a step closer and have her a hug, sending a mad blush running up Amy's cheeks as she was caught with her hands in the air, hesitant about hugging the girl back just yet. What was this assault she was experiencing? Was this how everyone else felt when she hugged them out of the blue? Maybe she should be more considerate the next time she used such a potent psychological weapon, since she doubted her illusions could ever have the same affect on anyone that Ariel's hug and words had on her right now.

Slowly, tears began to stream down her cheeks as cracks began to appear on her sulking self, and indeed on her cheerful self as well, the deeply emotional and vulnerable inside of the girl starting to shine through as her arms wrapped tightly around Arial, placing one of her hands on her back and the other behind her head as she pulled her close. Her own head lowered as she let it rest against Ariel's while her tears began to roll down her red cheeks and soak into the hair of the girl at a steady pace, Amy's body shaking every now and then as she sniffled quietly and kept hugging the girl like her life depended on it. She felt all the more nervous when she heard Narvia's voice call out to her as well, and with a little twitch she would look up at the girl with teary eyes. Her fingers gently gripped against Ariel, in the moment completely forgetting about the suffocating hug she was delivering as the girl became like a pillow she could hug to feel safer. Words could not describe just how thankful she was for that original hug, but she really needed to just let all of her emotions out in the form of all the tears and hugs.

"I-I'll be fine Navi, don't w-worry..." She was lying. She didn't feel like getting better at all if getting better meant becoming emotionally stable. If anything she felt like she was about to break down and bawl while soaking Ariel's hair with her tears. She tried to force a smile onto her face as she looked at Navi, then she would relent from her crushing hug to look down at Ariel, gently stroking the girl's cheek before she wiped away a few of her tears to try and make herself appear even a little more emotionally stable than what she was. "Y-you kids are... the most amazing people I've ever met..." Amy managed to push out as she bit down on her lip to stop it from quivering. She wasn't ready, not yet. She needed to get her thoughts in order, to make up her mind about everything that she was in. She desperately needed time that she didn't have and she knew it. But until she could do that, the hug from Ariel would suffice at keeping her stable enough to not break down into a crying mess in the hallway, but it probably made the situation even worse behind closed doors.

Slowly she would close her eyes and pull Ariel back into the hug, deep down hoping that she wasn't being overbearing on the girl... but she really needed the hug right now. "Thank you, all of you. You're all wonderful, a-and I don't deserve the love you've shown me." Sniffing quietly she nuzzled softly against Ariel before she finally let go and let out an embarrassed chuckle, wiping away her tears. "I-I'll get myself together for this mission. But... I would appreciate the company after we're done... thank you..." To think she was the one offering council and was now the one crying and relying on the kids for hugs to keep herself stable... it was irony in it's purest form. Then again, when she first joined she didn't expect the kids to make parts of herself surface that she hoped were long gone, or that she didn't even know existed. One thing was for certain though, this was a journey where she was sure to find herself at the end. Even if she had to take that journey one hug at a time.

~The Fight~

Fog of war. Three simple words that describe such chaos and disorder that it's only fitting that they are as vaguely described as this. For any one man or woman it can mean a million things at once, from simply not knowing where an engaged enemy might be, to a downright complete and utter self doubt that crippled them at a mission critical time. Amy was definitely experiencing the latter at this precise moment, her anxiety about doing a spell like this nearly driving her over the edge. She was worried for everyone inside the enemy ship, and while she knew she had to help them out, what if it was her spell that would cause the enemy to think something was amiss? If it didn't work out then all they would hear are a few commanding words through their radio, something that would raise suspicion in even the most lax of fighters when coming from an unidentified source.

Thankfully Iris was here to help her out, and with a sigh Amy flashed a more relaxed smile as she listened to what the other girl had to say. Having her trust meant a lot to Amy while she doubted her own abilities: she could now replace her own self-doubt with the confidence someone else had in her abilities. With a deep sigh she would nod, still smiling as she reached over to gently stroke Iris's cheek for a moment. "Thank you Iris, your words are too kind to me. But you're right, I can do this. I have to do this." She explained with a sigh as she turned back to the comms terminal, her hand hovering above it as her eyes gazed at the interface while the doubt began creeping back into her. No, stay strong Amy. She was ready to go now, she knew it. She had people relying on her.

She was just about to start broadcasting when the all-clear message came through that they were clear. Amy could hardly believe what she had heard, her ears perking up for a moment as she looked over at Iris and Samuel in first confusion, then with a quickly developing smile. "They did it! We're clear!" She blurted out as she spun around on the spot before rushing over to the siblings, encompassing the both of them in a warm hug of joy as best as she could, a quiet "eeeeeeek" leaving her lips as she let all the built up anxiety get out of her system. It took quite a few seconds before she would pull back from the hug, beaming at the two others for a moment as she tried to get her thoughts together. "Right, sorry to disturb your magic! I'm just... so happy! Hopefully this means everyone is okay and we can get to Plenty soon. At least, it makes my job redundant... and that's how it should really be." She explained with a small sigh, placing a hand on her head as she flashed one more smile at the two. "I'm sorry, I built up quite a headache from all this anxiety, I'm not exactly used to combat responsibilities like all of you... I'll be in my room if you need me." She explained as she made a polite bow before she would quickly hop n skip out of the bridge at the most awkward speed ever.

If it was up to her, Amy would've ran back to her room straight away to cry out all the tears hiding behind her smile, yet walking seemed too dangerous if anyone were to address her and break up her facade before she got back to her safe place. Not a minute later the door to her room opened with a silent hiss and then closed with the same sound as the dull sound of Amy landing in her bed echoed around the room. Then slowly sniffling and the sound of silent crying filled the air, the tiny room's exterior growing into a dark and infinite abyss, lit up only by specks of light that seemed too distant to even be the stars around the ship. They seemed too distant to be in the same galaxy as the ship itself, something far, far beyond the reach of any human that ever lived or will live. But this simplistic serenity was the only companion for Amy while she brood in her dark room, letting her feelings out into oblivion to get rid of them for good.

~En Route~

The man in the image never seemed to age. No matter how often or how hard she looked, Amy could never seem to find a single white hair in the old man's beard despite the wrinkles that were starting to appear on his face with every smile. It was like... a frame out of place, as if someone had taken a picture from somewhere else and stitched it together into this picture. But she knew it wasn't the case... she hoped it wasn't the case. "I let you too down old man, hmmm?" Amy asked quietly from the small picture inside of her pendant, her finger running across the small picture in an almost yearning way. Biting her lips softly she closed the pendant before shutting her eyes, reaching out with her free hand as a faint blue glow filled the room for a moment. Once she opened her eyes she was facing down herself, a perfect replica of her younger self... a self she could not recall without this pendant. A part of her past, lost to darkness. Her eyes slid across that young face and smile, coercing a little smirk from herself as she stared at the hand resting on her younger self's shoulder. Standing up she would walk closer, her eyes filled with wonder as she reached out with a hand to slowly pull her fingers along the face and chest of the man she knew the visage of so well. "Who are you..." She mumbled quietly to herself as she looked at the spitting image of the man on the picture. At first the illusion was incomplete, faulty... but over hundreds of hours she perfected it to the point she could have him dance like a puppet if she so wished. And sometimes, she really do wished they could make him do that, make him talk and tell her all the secrets she was so desperately trying to find out... but that's all he was, a puppet without a voice. Once more Amy would sigh, a few tears rolling down her face as she hugged the illusion with all the warmth and love she would hug a real person, her tears landing on the cold and unforgiving metal floor as the illusion slowly faded out of sight and left Amy crying once again in her own room, laying curled up in the corner as she was left with her thoughts. "Why did I leave you..."

Amy had shut herself up in her room while they were travelling, not feeling ready to face any of the crew. The mission to get them through was a success and she knew it, but in her heart of hearts she felt that she had left the others down. She didn't do anything other than waste Iris's time while on the bridge while she was getting worked up over a spell. Navi was seriously injured during the engagement and she didn't even go to see her... she felt too weak to look the girl in the eyes. She felt that she had let those down that she wanted to protect, she felt so... helpless. This was no smuggler's ship anymore, this wasn't a cargo transport where all she had to do was put up the illusion of a container to hide her sleeping corner. This was a bona-fide military operation, something where she felt she did not belong. A part of her soul itched for combat, but the rest of her being simply yearned for a place to belong to. She would happily give up her hunt to just stay with the kids and help them, but how could she do that in good faith if she was unable to protect them?

Slowly Amy opened her eyes as she looked down into the palm of her hand. Her eyes narrowed as a small flame kindled in the middle of her hand, slowly growing in strength until it lit up the room with a cozy orange light, the heat radiating against her palm as Amy winced silently. "N-no... I can't..." She muttered to herself, shutting her eyes as her grips closed, the small flame in her hand getting snuffed out as she did and the room falling back into complete darkness once more, leaving Amy alone to with her thoughts.


The Amy that left the room was different than the Amy that the crew might've come to expect. There was no smile, no giddy half-hopping walk or endearing words. She was quiet, that brightness that usually seemed to follow her around now only a dim shadow of her body. Quietly walking into the back of the room, Amy leaned against the wall behind everyone, hugging herself while she listened half-heartedly at what Tarak had to say. It wasn't that she wasn't interested in her task or didn't want to put in all the effort... if anything, she would put in 200% effort now, but she was starting to doubt if that was enough of her. How could she protect Phi or Navi? How could she protect anyone? Looking at the two girls from the back of the room, she had to make a conscious effort at stopping herself from crying again, the guilt built up over the long hours spent sulking in her own room coming back to her.

Nobody blames you Amy, only you. Stop being stupid. A silent hiss left her lips as she closed her eyes and turned her head away, the familiar voice seemingly disappearing for a moment. Come on, stop being such a crybaby! We both know you can do more than sulk! Amy clenched her teeth as she shook her head once, banging her head against the wall behind her with a wince, the voice leaving as quickly as it came. With a silent sight she opened her eyes once more as she looked over at Tarak and listened to him finish up his debrief. Great, she was teamed up with Phi. She would've been overjoyed any other time, but now... now she was afraid the girl was going to get hurt because of her. Even if her actions, or rather inactions, didn't affect the last mission at all, Amy feared that she might not get so lucky next time. If she can't act when her friends are in danger... then maybe it was best to leave once more, and go searching for her home. Maybe one day she'd find a place she can call her own and see the dawn of a galaxy that was won over by the kids on this very ship. But as for what her future was? She was torn... her primal instincts told her to run, far-far away from any fighting or responsibility, but her maternal instincts have kicked into a higher gear ever since she's been on the ship, and they were screaming at her to fight tooth and nail to protect the kids. She refused to believe that they were just fighters who had been trained to kill, and she wanted to help them see through this war so they can return to being just kids... make up the time they lost.

Such were the thoughts that weighed heavy on Amy's mind as she leaned against the wall in the bridge, listening with one ear to the inputs from the rest of the crew as the debrief ended.


After Phi left, Amy decided to grab some rest until they would drop out of cruising speed and approach the planet, figuring that most people were already sleeping if the relative silence around her was an indication of anything. As she laid down on her bed and closed her eyes, the world quickly emptied around her and she was left in a pleasantly bland abyss of nothingness. But then... something began to bug her. Like an odd speck of dust that just wouldn't go away, there was a part of her illusionary space that seemed to not work. Frowning slightly she took a deep breath and extended out towards the spot with her mind, slowly approaching this anomaly with caution. Then she felt it, a rush of feelings that streamed across from this point in space and straight to her mind, and the illusion shattered with the sound of a glass house exploding. At least, that's what it felt like to Amy as she sat up, her mind completely freaked out as a few drops of sweat ran down her forehead. Still, she smiled as she slowly realized what she had just found.

It was Avelyn, the girl from before that she felt that little ting from when she reached out to her. Now that her mental defenses were down, the girl's mind felt like a soft putty that Amy could so easily tap into. And while normally she wouldn't go as far as to intrude people's minds so much, this one felt different, out of her control. It felt like... back when she was amongst her own kind, where everyone had such strong connections that if allowed to peer into their mind everything felt so familiar and friendly. And while it wasn't the same extent, feeling something like that had shocked Amy's system after being away from her own kind for so long. But now... it brought a soft smile to her lips as she slowly closed the connection between their minds as she lad back down on the bed, this time opting for a more traditional human way to close out thoughts and emotions in the form of pulling a blanket over herself. "Mmmm, goodnight everyone. Goodnight Avelyn. I feel like we'll have a lot to talk about tomorrow..."

Amy woke up to the cacaphony of thoughts and feelings that surrounded her as everyone was summoned to the bridge. With a small sigh she got out of bed and rubbed her eyes, doing a few stretches and adjusting her dress before she stared at her reflection in the mirror for a few long moments. "This is the moment Amy, I'm sure you'll do fine!" She cheered herself on as she put on a smile and quickly left her room to meet up with the others in the bridge, slinking into the back rows once more as she listened to Natasha explain their plan.

Suffice to say, it made her quite uneasy in more ways than one, especially about the part where they wanted to rely on her abilities to persuade others over the radio. She had never done such a thing... she wasn't even sure that it could be done. Still, she didn't want to say that, it already felt like she had the most minor role possible in this operation: what would they think of her if she told them she couldn't do this? She was supposed to be the psychic on the team, and not being able to do the mind magic they want, well... she wasn't sure if counseling the kids would really be enough to earn her keep.

As the briefing ended, she was left with her thoughts as Amy's eyes blankly stared into the distance until she was snapped out of her train of thoughts when a familiar sensation rushed across her mind and she received Avelyn's message. She felt quite bad for the girl, knowing very well just what it was like for someone that people were afraid could read their mind. With a smile she nodded at the girl before she walked up to the twins, flashing a soft smile at them as she waited for the kids to work their magic on the comms system while she tried to figure out what it is that she could do to help them out. In the end she decided that staying back and letting them work was probably the best idea, and she instead spent the time trying to come up with ways to make her ability work.

Once more she seemed to have been lost in thought as she heard Iris tell her that they were ready. "R-right, let's do this." She explained and walked up to the comms panel and looked at it for a few long seconds, feeling her stomach curl as she bit her lips and let her fingers rest on the smooth panel for a moment. Then she would take a step back and pulled her hands up to her chest with nervous expression. "I'm sorry, but I-I can't do this. I've never tried to use my ability over the comms... I'm not sure if it will even work, and if it does to what effect. What if they figure out what we are trying to do? They'll surely be upset..."

Amy watched carefully as Phi sat down besides her and began to talk. At first she didn't expect to too much out of the girl, but as the seconds turned into minutes she realized that she had struck a nerve with Phi. More and more information about the little girl came to light, both things Amy had already suspected and things that she never expected to hear from her. Her eyes were glued on the girl besides her, intently listening to every word, every breath and sigh that she would share with the alien who seemed so keen on learning about her troubles. And Amy was thankful for all the things she could learn about Phi, her ears twitching softly every now and then as she picked up on the tiniest of audio cues in Phi's words while she compared them to the raw feelings and emotions that were radiating from the girl. It was truly hard not to get a fee of the girl's thoughts and emotions now, as they were practically oozing from her as she opened up about her issues. But really, Amy didn't mind getting that sort of help, especially not when the small girl told her so much.

Once Phi had finished speaking, Amy hummed quietly and turned her attention towards the door, her eyes lost in thought as a haze fell over them while she peered into her mind to think about a reply to the girl. She knew what she wanted to say and she knew how she wanted to say it, but she wasn't entirely sure why she wanted to say it. It flattered her immensely that the girl praised her so much as to call her more than a nanny or a therapist. She could even get hints as to what she was thinking through her thoughts, but Amy wasn't entirely sure she understood their meaning. Just another thing that she still had to learn about humans and the way their mind worked. Which is exactly why she was so confused as to why she wanted to say the things she honestly felt like saying, things she considered to be too human but also unlike what she had experienced before whilst among them. An odd mix of emotions seemed to surround the words like a fine mist, emotions that Amy has never felt before and didn't know what to think of. And that scared her, made her unsure if those were appropriate things to say or think.

But she had a girl to cheer up, and a long silence would surely be the worst outcome now that she's invited Phi for a chat. So, she turned back to Phi with a radiant smile and reached out to gently place her hands on the girl's shoulder before speaking up.

"I understand the way you feel Phi, more than you can imagine. So few trust or want to spend their time with someone like me, afraid that I'm out to get them due to the reputation of aliens in the Ascendancy. Even the reputation of my own species, something I find is... quite fitting, but ultimately misguided. But in the end, it means I don't get to make a lot of friends before moving on. Though a part of me wonders if I could even be friends the people I meet." Amy explained quietly, gently gripping Phi's shoulder for a moment as she offered a warm smile, but her eyes seemed dull as she stared far past Phi's eyes and into the vastness of space around their ship. "But then I found you guys! We've not know each other for long at all, yet here you are talking to me about your feelings! Could you imagine if I kept my distance and didn't talk to anyone?" Amy asked and couldn't help but chuckle at that idea. It seemed she was back after that long pondering, her vibrant smile once more directed at Phi instead of some imaginary person Amy was trying to convince of her ways. With a giggle she stood up from the bed and hugged the seal plushie to her chest, spinning around in the little open area of the room with a happy sigh as she looked up at the ceiling light as if staring into a bright sun, and she could swear she felt it's warm rays upon her skin. "All these wonderful and unique people in one place, ready to teach me so much about themselves and their culture while we talk and have fun together! I couldn't be more happy even if someone gave me all the answers to my sea of questions and mysteries! You know why Phi?" Amy asked with a happy smile as she turned towards Phi and walked over to the bed, crouching down in front of the girl and gently grabbing on of her arms before pushing the plushie into it with a smile while her eyes stared into the girl's.

"Because of the experiences we share together. Of moments like this, when I feel like I have people I can actually reach out and touch, without them keeping their distance from me, or without me worrying if they will return the extended hand!" Slowly Amy reached out to gently touch and stroke Phi's cheek in a motherly way while her eyes scanned the girl's face for her reactions. "To feel like I have a family once again. A family I've yet to learn about, but one I can already tell will be more than what I could ever hope for. And you know Phi, you don't get that every day. Believe the words of someone who has been travelling on their own for a very long time now. So..." Amy shifted and turned on her heels, quickly hopping back on the bed as she curled one arm around Phi to hold her close while she extended her other hand, her fingers weaving an intricate illusion of a picture right before their eyes, the room around them slowly turning into the open air of a field on a sunny planet, the rest of the crew sitting just an arm's length away in front of them, smiles on all their faces as they talked and made jokes with each other that only they could understand. "Treasure the moment while it lasts. As sad as the truth is, it might be too late to use the chance if you take too long to open up and embrace the people around you. But if you treasure them and retain their memories, even if they are gone, they will still be with you forever. Right there~" Amy explained with a soft chuckle as she reached down to gently place her hand over Phi's heart and then smile while looking into the girl's eyes. Slowly the illusion faded away as she pulled back with a warm smile on her face and placed her hand sin her lap while she nodded towards the seal plushie. "I think you have everything you need, right here in your hands and heart to make the first of these friends and family you can treasure for life. I believe in you, and you should believe in yourself too~"

@Jade Kiyo

Once Amy had finished her speech she waited for the rest of the kids to disperse while she watched them with a smile, as well as returning small waves towards everyone who told her that they would want to talk with her later. Once the dust had settled and she was left alone with Abaddon and Natasha in the room she would let out a happy sigh and shake her head at the almost empty biscuit box in her hands. "Awh, they grow up so fast. Maybe too fast..." With a slight smile on her face she grabbed one more biscuit and placed it between her lips as she planted the box down on the table next to the captain with a happy expression. "I know that they are crew now, but it's not fair that they went from being fighters for the Ascendancy to being soldiers for this rebellion. You know my opinion of all of this Natasha... we should let them be kids while they are still young, at least for a bit. Let's go easy on them at least while we travel." Amy looked into the captain's eyes with the gaze of an innocent puppy as she quietly nommed down on her biscuit before making a small nod in front of Natasha and excusing herself out of the room.

As she set down the hallway at a slow pace, she was both excited and afraid of the future ahead of them. On one hand it seemed very exciting, albeit scary to go into a fight like this. She clearly didn't think much of going into an active warzone, but that was the mentality of the Zvezd as a whole. There were precious few amongst the humans who possessed the brain power to resist their mind magic, so most of her species would not think much of a firefight when they could easily make the enemies fall asleep or "persuade" them into being their personal bodyguards. But getting blown to bits in space was a different thing, and that certainly got Amy worried as her eyes trailed the sleek metal surface and padded corners of the ship. As big as the ship was, she could trace it's length with every step she took, and it made her unnerved to know they might have to deal with people shooting at them.

She didn't even realize that she had made it all the way back to her room while lost in thoughts until the door slid open with a silent hiss. She looked up and made a tired sigh as she stared at the dimly lit room that had hardly anything in it: just the basic equipment that was given to her when she first got here. It wasn't a whole lot, but Amy's had to deal with worse on her travels through the galaxy before, and she appreciated having her own bunk for one. Humans seemed all too keen on poking and prodding her tail when she tried to sleep, trying to see if it was fake or not. Amy knew first hand just how real it was when you couldn't sleep because people have never seen one of your kind before. Though, not many have actually seen her kind, but that was a different topic for a different day.

With a small smile on her face she sat down on the bed, her eyes closed as her fingers dug into the soft fabric of the blankets while she stroked the surface of the mattress, enjoying the pleasing touch of the material. She already missed Mr Cuddleton, but that couldn't be helped if it meant cheering up one of the kids. Of course, that meant that the only thing making this otherwise bland room any more comfy and homey was Amy herself, which was certainly enough for anyone else to make it feel very welcoming, but she could hardly enjoy her own company like others could enjoy hers. Then again, maybe peace and quiet was just what she needed after these eventful days behind her.

Yes, that sounded great... Amy's eyes slowly closed as her breathing slowed down and she gently crossed her hands in her lap as she relaxed, her mind slowly sinking deeper and deeper into a dark abyss of nothingness as she tried to cancel out all the thoughts in her head to relax...

The door opened once more with a small hiss and Amy was yanked out of her meditation, and she gasped as if a bucket of cold water was emptied on her head. With a bashful expression she turned towards the one entering her room, her lips quickly curling into a curl as she saw Phi hold what she could only assume was a plushie that the girl had made herself. It was oozing emotions and thoughts, so fresh that Amy could practically smell the psychic handprint that Phi left on it. Really, it reminded her of Cuddleton, though in a different way. Whereas her teddy bear had dozens of years of hugging and love deeply sown into it's fabric to get a distinct imprint that she could sense, this plushie was like fresh bakery, or the smell of a new book.

"What a lucky find Phi!" Amy exclaimed joyfully, having to suppress a little chuckle as she appreciated the efforts of Phi trying to hide the fact that she was the one behind the creation of the plushie. Actually... she was so focused on the fact that Phi created the plushie, that she didn't even realize it meant that the girl could sew! It made Amy's jaws drop a bit as she got a hold of the soft animal and gently squeezed it against her chest, smiling happily up at Phi. "Let me guess. You want me to give this to... Narvia. Correct?" She asked with a chuckle and shook her head as her eyes focused on the girl's for a moment before she slid to the side on the bed and placed the plushie in her lap, patting the now free space next to her. "Come now, don't be shy Phi! Tell me, why are you so afraid of making friends, hmmm? I'm sure Navi would appreciate it a lot if you gave this to her yourself, probably give you a hug too! Maybe even cry a bit, she does seem like the sensitive type. So, as the, uhm..." Amy had to stop here for a second, wanting to give a reason as to why Phi should stay by being some figure of authority, but her mind was firing blanks as to what exactly her role was aboard the ship. After a few seconds she just decided to go with what she thought was best and made a flustered and somewhat apologetic smile at Phi as she continued. "-Professional nanny aboard the ship, I would be glad to talk about with you. Of course, you don't have to, I can tell you want to go back to the cargo hold and make more plushies." She blurted out, moments later covering her mouth with her hands as she realized she was once again reading into people's mind without even realizing or getting their permission. With a flustered blush spreading across her cheeks she shook her head for a moment and made and awkward laugh. "I-I'm sorry, I won't tell anyone. I can't always control myself around you people. B-but if you want to talk about it..." She fell silent with an apologetic smile and patted the bed next to her, while her other hand gently stroked the head of the small seal as she tried to get over her anxiety for blurting out things she shouldn't. Amy sure hoped she didn't scare Phi away with that...

@Jade Kiyo

Amy tried her best to listen in on everything going on inside of the room, but it was quite a lot to take in even for her. Still, she tried to pick up on as many emotions and pieces of conversation as she could before the captain got her attention. She began to talk about a short and long route, things that Amy didn't fully understand the context off. Indeed, despite not caring all that much about the mission she couldn't help but feel unnerved about some of the things that were being said. So, much like a kid copying the answers from an exam she made sure to quickly peek into the mind of the nearest person she could find actually paying attention to what was being said: in this case the one she found was Avelyin, the girl who seemed to always have a lot to say and remain serious. It was nothing more than just quick peek, but Amy felt a little jolt go through her mind while she got the information she needed. "Hmmm..." She hummed to herself quietly as her eyes turned to the girl, sizing her up for a moment. There was something distinctively different about this girl, at least as far as Amy was concerned. Maybe another Zvezd that she couldn't identify at first? No, it can't be... then... maybe a psychic?

She was ripped out of her thoughts when she heard the hologram thingy call out her name, and she let out a stifled gasp as her eyes jumped back on it while she tiptoed to try and get a better look. Apparently she was to take care of the children's mental health, which made Amy smile happily and clap her hands together excitedly. "Excellent!" She explained in a cute voice as she looked around the room quickly to remember the face of all the kids in it. She already wanted to do that, but now that it was official it made her even happier. She was so excited to finally get to know everyone and talk with them about who they were and what they liked.

However, it seemed not everybody shared her excitement as quite a few people began to leave the room as soon as the meeting was adjourned, including some of the kids as well. She was quick to seize the opportunity while there were still people in the room listening as she hopped up and held her hand up high with a high pitched yelp. "Kids! Amy has something to say, so if you can just stay for another second please!" Of course, she was Amy so it might've seemed weird to call herself out like this, but she wanted to make sure everybody would know what she was talking about. She always had trouble remembering voices in such a short amount of time, so she hoped it would help some people out. And of course, it was something that she had gotten used to back when she was with the Zvezd, and it took quite some time to get over it. Indeed, she still had a lot to learn about the way humans and other alien species talked.

Once she saw that everyone who was interested turned to him, she smiled happily and made a small little wave to the kids with a cheerful expression. "Alright children, it seems I have the task of making sure you are all having a good time and don't stress about the past! Remember, you're crew on the ship now and members of this little rebellion, but you're still kids at heart, I'm sure of it! So if you have anything weighing on your hearts that you want to talk with about someone, or just need a hug and a place to relax away from anyone else, you can always find me in my room! It's just down the hallway to the left, last room at the end of the corridor!" She explained with a happy chuckle as she beamed a warm smile at everyone while she reached into her bag and pulled out a box of butter cookies that she originally intended for the other crew member and quickly opened it. "I know you all had a bit of Abaddon's amazing lemon cakes, but I insist you have a bit of my favorite biscuits too before you all leave to your rooms! And remember, Amy always welcomes anyone!" With that she would chuckle softly and smile happily at everyone in the room while holding out the biscuits for anyone who wanted one.

At the same time she looked over at Narvia with a little wink. "You can keep Cuddleton for as long as you want to, alright? You can borrow her any time you feel like crying and having something to hug again." With that she smiled supportively at Navi before she gently patted the girl's shoulders with her tail.


Things were starting to get out of hand in the room as Amy was concerned, the amount of voices and faces slowly overwhelming her ability to just focus on a single thing. Of course, it was also aided by the fact that she no longer had any cats to pet: though as it turned it she never really had one to begin with. She certainly expected weird things once these magical kids joined them, but it made her chuckle a bit nevertheless that one of the kids was the cat and that the large boy so easily gave him away. Clearly they weren't above being playful, and she really admired that in them. She certainly hoped that they could get along, and it made her job of making sure the kids were alright a whole lot more easier that they didn't seem to be too moody.

Before she could learn the name of either the small girl that the larger boy was patting or his own name, a third girl came around with tears rolling down from her eyes. The people in the room close to her were quick to flock to the girl and try to cheer her up, though some had more success than others. At the very least it helped Amy with some of the names as the two girls hugged each other cutely, making Amy smile softly. "Phi... Tarak... Navi..." She mumbled to herself quietly, counting to three on her fingers as she memorized the names of the kids for later. She found their names to be quite unique, wondering if it was her name that was too common or something that not a lot of people had. Humans were still so confusing to her, seemingly going against their common wisdom at every turn, but she found it quite enjoyable to learn about them in such a way. And, well, seeing the two girls hug each other with Tarak close was kind of heart warming.

Despite all of the chaos going on regarding either Navi or the plan of attack (something that Amy completely ignored up until now and had no idea what it was about), she slowly walked over to the two girls with a smile on her face and crouched down next to Navi, looking up at Tarak for a moment before she turned back to the girl. "Awh, sorry to interrupt cutie, but I couldn't let a crying little girl carry on like this!" Amy explained with a warm smile on her face as she reached out with one hand to gently wipe the tears away from the girl's cheeks before she chuckled happily. "Don't ruin a cute face like that with tears! Hmmm... I think I know just what you need right now to cheer you up!" She explained, giving Navi a playful wink before she turned off to her side, opening up the bag on her side and reaching inside before she pulled out Mr Cuddleton from inside and held the plushie up with a quiet giggle in front of Navi. "I know it's not quite your lovely seal plushie, but Mr Cuddleton is just as fluffy and huggable, I guarantee you! If you want it, he is yours until you feel better! Deal?"

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Amy was completely lost in her thoughts as she was petting the cat sitting on Tarak's shoulder, too occupied even to notice as Navi began to cry. Normally it would've set off just about every single red flag in Amy's brain and sent her into full on pamper mode, but she wasn't quite tuned into the happenings of the room. She did hear Tarak's response though, giggling quietly as she heard his rather funny remark about why he was so big. She would flash another big smile up at the boy when he complimented her smile and he would blush ever so slightly as she swiped some of her hair out of her face while she tiptoed a bit to get a better look at Tarak. "Hehe, you're gonna make a lady blush like that! But thank you! Keep eating your greens and you'll be an outstanding gentleman in no time! A strong one at that, I'm here to root for you!" Amy explained as she made a little reaffirming node, moving back and forth on her toes as she was ready to give one of her pep talks to Tarak about being a gentleman and all that.

But then she was given the cat all of a sudden, and Amy froze up completely as she now held the fuzzy cat in her hands. Her lips parted as she let out a small gasp, her childish stare turning towards Finn as she adjusted her hands to comfortably hold onto him. "Oh my god! He's so fuzzy, and cute, and fuzzy and warm! Aaaaaaaa, I'm dying of cuteness~" Amy explained in a cheerful tone and let out an excited whine, biting her lips afterwards as she softly hugged Finn against herself and began to scratch the cat's head slowly and carefully. After a few moment she looked up at Tarak with a beaming smile, her face showing the true joy of a little kid who just opened their Christmas present. "Thank you! You're already making your o-nee-san Amy get all worked up!" Amy explained with a happily giggle as she closed her eyes for a moment and nuzzled her head against Finn's before she looked back up at Tarak. "I'm Amy by the way! But uh... I think you knew that already, heh, I'm silly... But how can I call you, hmmm? Don't want to be the girl who learns the fuzzy furball's name before anyone else's, hehe~"

Slowly Amy would fall silent as she kept her ears perking up while she looked down at Phi besides Tarak, smiling cutely as she stopped petting the cat in her hands for a moment. "And while we're at it, what's your adorable little sister's name? I want to make sure I remember them for later, in case there is a hug or cuddle emergency that needs big sis Amy's direct attention!"

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Sitting in the cockpit of the Xuanzang's shuttle, Amy reclined in the comfy pilot chair and closed her eyes as she snuggled up against the time worn but still relaxing fabric. Her tail swung lazily by her side, swishing against the metal plates of the floor as her hands hugged her tiny plush friend against her chest. Quiet moments like this were quite the treasure when one usually travels with groups of mercenaries or adventurers that can always run into troubles, but not a lot of traders are willing to take on any random person who wants to travel the galaxy, and Amy wasn't exactly swimming in cash with which she could fuel her curious nature. Besides, tourist attractions wasn't what she was going for, she wanted to know the galaxy for what it truly was and the people who lived in it. And uh, as far as searching for that true, unfiltered view of the galaxy went, she really did it this time. A bunch of rebels who wanted to oppose to Ascendancy... "You really did it this time Amy." With a tired sigh, Amy would let out a quiet whine as she clutched her plushie a bit more while she let the auto pilot of the shuttle take her back towards the Xuanzang. And not even that, she failed her first "mission" of sorts too! The contact Natasha said would be here simply never showed up... and Amy was waiting there for at least an extra hour! She was super excited to meet one of her new crewmates, she even bought an extra pack of biscuits to share! Oh well, sometimes plans don't come together like they are meant to be, but now it seems like she would be late to the meeting with the kids they were going to take aboard. Some... super soldiers with magic, Amy believed. The idea certainly raised her attention, and despite this rough start to a day she was looking forward to meeting them. It was definitely a new side of the galaxy she hasn't seen yet, and she was hoping they would share some of the biscuits with her.

Her train of thought was cut in half as a beeping sound emitted from the terminal in front of her and Amy gasped quietly as she opened her eyes and leaned forward to check what it was. "Ah, it seems like we're close Mr Cuddleton!" She explained quietly to her small teddy bear and lifted it up to her face to nuzzle it before pushing the small bear back into her bag with a chuckle. "Don't be like that, it won't be for long! Besides, I'm sure at least some of the kids would love to play with you!" Slowly he closed the bag back and shook her head with a smile as she leaned forward and grabbed the flight stick with one hand, and switched off the auto pilot with the other. "Alright, time to get back to the ship. Hope I'm not too late..."

7 minutes later

Back inside the ship, Amy walked through the quiet corridors of the airlock as she left the shuttle behind. Taking a deep breath from the recycled air inside the ship she could feel the smell of freshly baked treats and... people? No, that wasn't a smell, that was more of a presence that she could very faintly pick up. "Aaaaaaah, damn! The kids are here!" Amy whined in a distressed voice, quiet angry at herself for being late to meeting them. She really wanted to be here by the time they came back, ready to greet them all with a hug and give them some biscuits before they started to deal with the serious stuff again. Kids have been through enough to be given some time to relax and unwind before briefing would start, and she felt kind of guilty for not being able to deliver that.

"No matter Amy, you can do it! Just gotta go in there, report to the captain and then make sure everybody is okay! You got this girl!" Amy told one of the sheet metal walls lining the corridor to the briefing room, watching her own reflection as she made sure to adjust her clothes and hair. First impressions matter quite a bit to humans, and the last thing she wanted was to make a bad impression on all of the kids who were coming aboard their ship! It was such an exciting opportunity to learn more and have a fun time, ruining it already because of a stray strand of hair sounded like a terrible way to kick things off! It took Amy about an extra 10 seconds to realize that she didn't need to adjust her hair like this and she could just as easily have used her mind to change the illusion, but when this is the image you see every day it gets to your head and you start to believe it a bit too much. Who knew if those stray stands were real or an illusion after all.

After staring at her own reflection for long enough Amy would let out a small sigh and close her eye for a moment as she prepared herself for meeting all of the kids. Then she would open the door to the briefing room and step inside with a smile on her lips.

"Oooooh, look at all of you! Welcome aboard the Xuanzang you cuties! Don't mind me, just passing through~" Amy spoke up with a small giggle as she pushed into the room towards Natasha, making light steps that were almost hops as she zigzagged her way through the gathered people while her tail swayed from side to side behind her like a snake. She would stop besides the boss lady herself and tiptoe up beside her with an apologetic smile. "Sorry for the interruption and for uh... being late... Gabriel didn't show up, and I wanted to wait to make sure I didn't miss them on accident. Apologies..." She explained quietly, not wanting to cut into the ideas that the kids were putting forward and she took a step back to make an apologetic bow in front of Natasha.

Moments later she was up and standing again, her eyes excitedly scanning the room as she examined every one of the kids that have joined them, as well as some of the crew that she didn't see on her first visit aboard the ship before she left to pick up this supposed crew member. Part of her wondered if he even existed, or if Natasha just sent her out for some other reason... but no, she wouldn't do that! Besides, Amy could tell what she was planning, unless the captain turned out to be extremely good at resisting mind reading.

Well, whatever the reason was, she beamed a happy smile at everyone as she looked around at the kids gathered in the room. Spotting Tarak and knowing that the large boy would provide ample cover for her to lay back in the shadows and wait for the briefing to be over, she quickly slinked off to the side, cheerfully hopping past Abaddon as she grabbed a lemon bar and held it between her lips as she winked at the large crystalline construct before continuing her way over to Tarak. On the way she quickly devoured the lemon bar, sending a quick message in her mind to Abaddon, complimenting his cooking with all the positive words she could remember. With a content sigh now that she had her belly full, she stared up at Tarak for a moment, then back at Natasha and the kids speaking, then back up at Tarak again.

"Wow, look at you! How come you're so tall?" Amy asked quietly as she giggled and tiptoed up to compare her height with that of Tarak, barely able to contain her excitement as she waited for the moment when the briefing was finally over and she could talk with all of these wonderful new people! Who knows, maybe some of them would be up for playing some games with her!

Just as she opened her mouth to ask another question from Tarak, clearly already throwing away her bold and implausible plan of simply staying quiet and still, she noticed the cat that was sitting on the large boy's shoulder and Amy fell silent with a small gasp forming on her face. Her eyes sparkled in excitement as she reached up with her hand and gently scratch the neck of the kitten, looking at it with a childish wonder one would more likely expect from one of the kids in the room. "Oh my god, you have a kitty? Awh, he's so cuuuuute~" She explained quietly and chuckled, already forgetting all about the meeting and the mission as she now only wanted to pet the cute kitty. If she wasn't to easily distracted, she could've probably noticed that said Kitty was actually one of the kids, but there was just something about having so many people in one room and that absolutely soft and fluffy fur that made her oblivious to that fact, or the scene she was making in the background. But it couldn't be helped, that was just how Amy was when she was excited.
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