A bit about me:

Just a bit about me as a writer, I love to write and I write a lot. Typically I'm fairly demanding when it comes to world and lore-building with character development and plenty of slowburn. Depending on posts, when conversations and some character interactive scenes happen, the least I'll write two paragraphs, but other times I can pull up a wall of text. It really depends on the situation. I really like to get into the character development, focus on the psychological aspects, anything to make the story that much more compelling, but the best part is that I'm flexible when it comes to story building with my partner. I really need to communicate and exchange ideas, I'm flexible and I like to be direct about these things!

  • Multi to novella sized posts, the least I'll put in is 2 paragraphs. Some situations require shorter and more concrete posts, because it's not always about the length.
  • I prefer quality over quantity, detail over length. Simple as that.
  • I have a busy life and unpredictable social life. The least I'll post is once a week, I aim to do more, but it's not entirely up to me. There are times when I'm drained out of energy and can't even post that one time, but I'll let you know in case I cannot respond.
  • I like to be in contact with my partners OOCly, I respect my partners' privacy and expect that in turn. However, I'm always up to be buddies and just chat about other things outside of hobbies.
  • I go through every single explicit detail. Be it emotional aspects, psychological turmoil, sexual content, gruesome violence, and very vulgar words. I do not and will not limit my writing experience, therefore I rate myself 3/3/3 when it comes to explicit and violent adult themed content. If you cannot stomach writing any of those things, I'M NOT A PARTNER FOR YOU. Things will inevitably get nasty, my dudes
  • With that said, I roleplay in PMs.
  • I will always make side characters, even go as far as to have special roleplaying parts in the story without my main character and instead playing those side characters to build up the plot when necessary.
  • I always use faceclaims. Some fine art (nothing cartoonish) or sometimes real life people refs (I RARELY use A-list celebrities, they're not favored for rps to me)

Things I look for in my writing partners:

  • Writers who don't have a lot of limits in writing
  • Those who are ready to go all in with this type of a plot and put effort, who loves to plan, discuss, share ideas and all that jazz! I adore enthusiastic partners!
  • Someone who's more advanced in roleplaying and preferably in writing in general
  • Discussing OOCly and keeping the hype, keeping in touch

Regarding the plot:

Themes of the plot

  • Pairing - chaste priestess x inhuman (humanoid race) warrior
  • Romance, interracial relationship
  • Drama
  • Adventure and action
  • Low to medium fantasy
  • Heavier religious aspects

This is a relatively old plot I'm reopening and it's been heavily inspired by Dragon Age: Origins. So if you've played this game, you'll see a lot of elements matching with the game as you read through this. If you're unfamiliar with the game, that really doesn't matter given that this is still going to have an original spin, just following some things that have been done in the game as a foundation for an original story.

The main plotline is this - the world is facing yet another devastating wave of the Tainted, the demons who come from the underworld. They're vicious creatures to fight against, given that they're corpses controlled by the set of undead necromancers who created an army the dead, pretty much like the White Walkers in GoT. All the dead will belong them and will be under their command. However, while they can be defeated on the surface, getting to the core where these monstrosities originate from, because that would be a suicide mission.

Instead, there exists an organization (much like the Grey Wardens from DA, I have not figured out the name for this organization) who have what it needs to kill the Tainted. However, they are vacant during the times when the Tainted do not infest the surface. They all seem to disappear, uncaring for the political and religious issues. But they did sign many contracts with multiple kingdoms around the world, where they have the right to come during the Infestation and ask for best capable warriors and magicians to join them. But just like the Grey Wardens, the initiation is actually quite dangerous, given that it does involve drinking the blood of the Tainted, in order to be mentally connect with the necromancers who control the Tainted, and be a step closer in knowing where the hordes are going and where to hit them. The initiation where the people drink the blood of the Tainted is dangerous, given that not everyone survives the initiation. People who are physically weak or have weak health would die without a doubt. And typically, health issues may not be recognized on someone's person. This organization keeps a lot of secrets from the public.

They also hold the knowledge that those who practice the healing magic can actually harm, even kill the Tainted. Unfortunately, the healers are extremely rare. Healing magic took the lives of the users, because it comes with a cost of the healer draining their energy. They can recharge and heal their energy afterwards, if they're not careful, they can quite literally wear themselves out to the death. Healers are so rare in the world that a majority of the people think that it's just a legend or a thing of a past and that they no longer exist.

My character - Is a human priestess in this religious establishment ran by humans for countless years. This is the most dominant and most followed religions in the world. Looking at her from the distance, you would not be able to tell her apart from other priestesses and sisters of the church whatsoever. They all wear the same clothes that cover them, in true conservative fashion and even head wears that cover their hair - completely eliminating all of the features that would set them apart from each other, except for their faces, voices and mannerisms. She is chaste, kind and quite playful, although very open-minded, patient, but extremely determined and stubborn. She cares for the people and is truly faithful, but focuses only on the good. She does not judge others for who they are and what makes them do. She only judges those who hurt other people - and sometimes the people she is judging are from the same establishment she's in. What also sets her apart from her peers is the fact that she's a healer. This is kept a secret in the establishment and she uses her powers away from the eyes of others to tend to the wounded and the sick. The religious establishment does praise MC for her extremely rare gift, but given how uncommon it is, the establishment doesn't want to attract attention to themselves, so MC keeps it a secret.

The biggest human-run religious establishment will be represented similarly to Christianity, and the Chantry from Dragon Age. They will not be pleasant.

Your character - He comes from an inhuman race of people who have a completely separate lifestyle from the humans. They're disciplined warriors, they do not share the same beliefs and societal standards as the humans. They would kind of reflect the Qunari or maybe orcs, however, I leave it entirely open to you on how their society functions, if they even have a religion or philosophies, like the Qunari. YC should be a warrior of any position or relevance. He can be tied to the king/leader of their kind or maybe something akin to a general or just another soldier. Up to you.

I just wanted to note when it comes to the appearance of this race of people, I would note that this is, after all, another race of people, and not some overly fantastical creatures. I'm totally cool if you want to add features such as horns, extra height, make them bulky, have fur, hooves, tails, etc. Just nothing too grand (I think wings would be too much, as well, just doesn't feel like it could be a part of the universe to me) or maybe you can make them appearance vise the same as the Qunari or some other race. I remember in the past people had some great and creative ideas for this plot, but it just didn't work given that they felt less like people and more like some creatures.

The religious organization where MC is doesn't like YC's race whatsoever and given how they don't look like humans, they have instilled fear into the hearts of humans and this has caused conflict between the races. So humans and YC's race don't exactly have a neutral relationship, given that they're represented as freak shows by humans and the religious organization, however they've never been at war or any conflict, just severe tensions. But with the coming of the possible apocalypse, these two races have joined forces to fight against the Tainted - even though it was begrudgingly.

Where our story starts - It is starting in a small village which is located at the very center of the continent. Refugees travel and stop by to rest in the safety of the present soldiers, as well as the large cathedral, where MC works and helps the people. There have been a lot of refugees, given that one of the kingdoms have fallen to the Tainted. The tension is not any better, with YC with his kin and small army having a camp set up just outside the village, as they were signed to defend the people and refugees by their authorities. Humans don't like the warrior race and the sentiments are not so much different the other way around, but everyone is focused on survival.

A day before the storm, MC gets to meet YC through some circumstances and it ends up being quite a friendly interaction. The priestess is actually quite fascinated with this race's appearance and their lifestyle, seeing that they're not as nearly as primitive or monstrous as the church led her to believe, and YC would see the kindness and open-mindedness in the priestess that is rare among the humans when it comes to their kind.

Through some series of events, the Tainted sent a squad to scout the area and attack the people in the meantime, while YC's army took them down, but it was clear that they were no longer sage. The bishop of the cathedral assigns MC and YC to hastily go to the nearest kingdom to warn the king and to set reinforcements to the village, while everyone is preparing to get the hell out of the village. With just the two of them on the way, with MC being a healer and also the priestess who will be listened by the king and YC's fighting expertise and diligence, the two of them set off to reach the kingdom as soon as they can, which is up to us how we want to fill in this phase of the story and how the two of them get together. MC, as sheltered and innocent she is, having grown up under the wing of the church her whole life, would catch her feelings for YC, but it would be preposterous to act upon it. Her faith requires to remain pure for the rest of her life, but this new experience would make this a lot more harder than it should've been.

When they reach the kingdom to warn the king, they'll run into the recruiters who are looking for people who might be good candidates to join the legendary organization that is specialized in killing the Tainted. The two of our characters get the chance to choose and join - with YC's strength and skills and MC's extremely rare healing magic, they'd make an invaluable addition to this organization and get into a dangerous mission of saving the world....


If you like this whole setup, send me a message in the PM, I don't like getting messages here, given that I prefer direct contact.

And please, send me something more than just "I'm interested" or "Is this still available" those just turn me off, I get A LOT of messages like this, it came to a point where I need to do this. I'll put some points here that you can use to send me in the message which is a great conversation starter and would help us both see if we click pretty damn fast!

- Share anything you want about yourself as an introduction, some details about you as a roleplayer like the ones I mentioned about myself ALWAYS are welcome
- If you want to, share some of your writing, but this is not necessary whatsoever
- Gush about Dragon Age together?
- What do you like about the roleplay idea I shared? Is there something you don't like? Do you want to change something? Or maybe even add something?
- Your ideas for your character, lore and other things
- Share your limits and let me know what you would like to see in the roleplay or is there anything specific you'd like to explore. I love it when my writing partner knows what they want and they let me know

Anyway, that's all I got for now, I'm looking forward to hearing from you! <3