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Time: Afternoon Day 2
Location: Gadgets and Convenience to Odds and Ends, River Port
Interaction: @Dreamingflowers Nur, [@Allivefalling] Vaeril, @Helo Leon, and @Potter Lucia

Darius was sure he had put some spotlight on himself and also embarrassed Aklenroth using a piece of a beloved song, but his actions bore some fruit. As Leon sang another line from the song and smiled, Darius returned it with a solid nod.

"Seems we're on the same page, Frodo!" He then looked to Lucia and Nur who both applauded the song. "One of my childhood favorites. It is an amazing song… Maybe too amazing for this guy." Darius joked, though it was honest. He should have saved it for Skar. If he ever saw her again that is. He held an upbeat attitude as he listened to Lucia hum the tune as they all walked. They get too far before something caused the group to suddenly halt.

"Whoa!" He let out when the bulldog came running in. He went straight for Leon and Nur, causing the two to split and Leon to embrace the dog with joy. Nur however was quite displeased. He had never seen her react in such a way. When the dog shook its slobber around, he chuckled as Nur squealed and stumbled while getting away. It was a funny moment indeed, but the dog carrying the paper in its mouth was a familiar thing to see. Leon appeared to dismiss quite like himself, so he assumed it was the same vague message. This advertising definitely needed some work. Once the dog ran off, Darius watched it as it went. He couldn't help but chuckle again as it grabbed a pastry on the way out.

When Lucia offered her arm, he linked his with hers with a smile. The group reached Odds and Ends stand, and Darius watched as Hanai's eyes lit up at the potential of making more amas. He shot her a smile and looked to Aklenroth who was standing on his own. Darius unlinked his arm from Lucia and took his place beside Aklenroth. He kept a hushed tone.

"What the heck kinda animal is that?" He nodded towards the owlbear cloak. "Any shop you recommend by the way? I might buy some more needed stuff while you… do this." While it was nice meeting Leon and Lucia, it didn't take a genius to tell who they aligned with and why they were here at the port town. He didn't know what evil Aklenroth had planned for them but didn't want to be present to see it.
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"Welcome to Odds and Ends! We have a limited supply of goods we pick up from merchants and travelers. We have great deals. Please take a gander!"

"My name is Hanai! Let me know if you want me to tell you more about any of these items. "

Casual Full Outfits for Males(6 of them pictured) - 40 amas

Casual Full Dresses for Females(6 of them pictured) - 40 amas

Full Seaside Male Outfit(Trendy in River Port) - 80 amas

Full Seaside Female Outfit(Trendy in River Port) - 80 amas

Full Seaside Female Outfit(Trendy in River Port) - No necklace - 80 amas

Full Adventurer Male Outfit - 50 amas

Mood bracelet - 10 amas

Hair Growth Serum - 40 amas - "This instantly grows your hair at least 5 inches longer!"

Plain Dress(comes in any color) - 30 amas

Meat snacks 3 amas for 4 slices

Owl Bear Cloak - 150 amas

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Time: Afternoon Day 2
Location: Forest
Interaction: @Helo Cade @Potter Cora @Alivefalling Ezeri

Elsea kept pace with the group, keeping quiet now unless spoken to, just enjoying the conversation around her. She was about to answer Cade’s question when Ezeri went on to explain why she was here. She described being attacked by a large beast and Elsea didn’t think much of it until she described what the beast turned into. Orange hair, fuzzy ears, a fox tail, it sounded an awful lot like Kyran, but he didn’t turn into a beast...did he? She wanted to ask her more questions about him, but first she needed to answer Cade. ”Well actually I’m on the lookout for Risa and our friend. I was in their company before the ball and I’m awfully worried about them, though I’m sure they’re alright. It’s strange, though, because the description Ezeri just gave sounds a LOT like our friend.” She then turned to look at Ezeri.

”Did the young man give you a name by chance?” She had a hopeful, yet worried look to her eyes. She hoped nothing bad had befallen Risa and Kyran, but if it was Kyran then what had turned him into a beast and where was Risa during this?

Time: Afternoon Day 2
Location: River Kingdom
Interactions: @princess Helio @FunnyGuy Umber @Potter Artemis @Dezuel Terneus
New Outfit: Outfit

There was a slight burst of rage that went through Azriel as Umber snapped that fairy wing, but she quickly pushed it aside. Two could play at this game. ”Oh good! Now you have the perfect trinket to alway remember your loving daughter by!” She responded with an excited clap and smirk. She wouldn’t let him get to her that easily.

Before much else could happen it appeared they had another guest. Helio seemed to think it was an elf and she nodded in agreement before they watched the light elf governor exit the carriage and approach them. Her hatred for him burned inside of her, but she restrained herself for now. She was far too intrigued to see why he was here. Didn’t he know he was currently walking into a pit of vipers? Helio seemed giddy with this new addition which could only mean things were about to get quite fun. He seemed to struggle holding in a laugh, but soon lost his fight which in turn only made Azriel giggle. She then began eyeing Terneus up and down with her signature mischievous grin on her face. Yes this was indeed going to be fun.

”Oh but sweetie pie, I don’t think we can get an amora here until tomorrow. The governor may have to stay the night.” She placed an affectionate hand on his arm, watching out of the corner of her eye if she could get a rise out of Artemis in the cage. After a moment she turned her attention back to the governor and continued. ”Unless the governor wanted me to fly him to his destination? I’d be more than happy to...drop him off wherever he needs to go.” There was a dark, gleeful look in her eye as she let out another small giggle.

Time: Afternoon Day 2
Location: Forest
Interaction: @Helo Bowyn @HowlsOfWinter Zephyrin @princess Clara
Outfit: Outfit she changed into after getting her things

Bowyn seemed to appreciate the small funeral they were able to give Boreas and Kenia was glad that they could do something nice for him. Soon Bowyn was urging them to continue on, take what they could from the wyvern and go. Kenia merely nodded in acknowledgement as she moved towards the wyvern, ready to take what she could. They couldn’t spend too much time gathering things, unfortunately, if they wanted to make it to the port by nightfall. They could only spend an hour and a half tops.

As she got to work, Arwen, or apparently Clara it seemed, spoke up. ”Oh dear gods, she’s even younger than Corvina and Rei…” She sighed as she dropped her head back and looked up at the sky. She then glanced over at her as she finished, silent for a moment before letting out a small chuckle and now looking over to Bowyn. ”Oh man, this girl is looking to join the rebels and doesn’t want to drag us into it. Too bad she got stuck with us, huh.” There was a teasing tone to her voice as she moved over to Clara and put a hand on her shoulder.

”Thank you for being honest, though I suppose I should be honest as well. I discovered you were human last night while you slept. There’s a special little something on those ears that indicates to rebels that your human.” She let her words sink in for a moment, a small smirk on her face before she pat the girl’s shoulder. ”Welcome to the rebellion Clara.” She then walked away from the girl and headed for the wyvern tail. She wanted the end of that tail for sure as she could harvest the poison later and add it to her collection as she’d run out of wyvern poison a little while ago and it was a useful thing to keep on hand. She then went back to skinning the wyvern for the most expensive parts.
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Time: Afternoon
Location: Forests, now closer to River Port than Roshmi
Interactions: Cora @Potter, Elsea @Tae, Ezeri @Alivefalling

“If your plane is so lonely why not stay here? We certainly enjoy your company Ezeri and I hope you at least find ours, tolerable.” Cade offered after she finished her story about the fox beast. Ezeri’s world sounded so impossibly lonely to him, it was hard to imagine how anyone tolerated such a life. His face lit up into a large grin when Elsea mentioned one of her friends was the rebel princess herself.

“I had the honor of meeting Princess Risa at the ball. I would not worry too much, she is a very brave fairy and if your friend is a fox I have no doubt he is fierce and crafty. We will find them in town, I have no doubt. Avalia looks after those who look after her.” Cade spoke with absolute certainty as he rested a hand on Elsea’s shoulder. He put his faith in a just cause, one that served Avalia and he believed with all his heart that the world wanted to be set right, to have natural balance restored. This would bring them luck, just as their paths had been fortunate enough to encounter a unicorn. Just as he and Ayita had found Sakura when all had seemed most dire against the dracolich. Avalia had led him to those he needed to find because he trusted it would, and he now believed there was a reason they had run into Ezeri as well.

Time: Afternoon
Location: Forests near River Port
Interactions: Zephyrin@Howlsofwinter, Kenia@Tae, Clara@princess

“I’m a winter fairy, Clara, the cold is like home to me.” Bowyn said shaking his head as the human offered her cape. He went straight to work helping Kenia salvage what they could from the wyvern corpse. Work would be the best way to warm up anyhow, and his mind welcomed focusing on the task. Kenia went right for the poisoned stinger on the creature’s tail, while the first thing Bowyn went for was one of the large canine fangs. The wyvern’s partially frozen jaws made it easier for him to extract the tooth. Smashing off bits of frozen flesh around it and using a knife to free the rest of it. Once he had the tooth he grinned as he admired it, Bowyn had a plan for this fang once they made it into town, and he slipped it into his pocket.

“Too bad indeed, we certainly wouldn’t want to get mixed up in any trouble.” Bowyn said, offering a smirk to Kenia as Clara explained that she wasn’t safe company. He helped skin the less damaged portions of the wyvern.

“There is nothing I want more than to bring about the end of Aklenroth, that evil skeleton guy, and to help keep you humans safe in this.” Bowyn said once Kenia had welcomed her to the rebellion.

“You know I’ve got a human friend with the same power as you, got another with hydromancy, hopefully, we’ll find them in River Port. Maybe we can all share a few drinks once we get there.” Bowyn offered, keeping his mind on something to look forward to as he worked.
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Zephyrin & Clara

Kenia and Bowyn were hard at work harvesting what they could from the wyvern. Their reactions to her words had warmed her heart and she was in a relatively good mood. She was excited to get drinks with them at the port as Bowyn had suggested.

She had watched the two of them for some time out of curiosity, but eventually Clara had decided to stay out of the way since she could not be of assistance with such a task. It seemed like Zephyrin was standing by as well. Having talked to her the least so far, she figured now would be a good time to get to know her. Clara bound up to Zephyrin and smiled at her, ”Hi Zephyrin! You doing okay? Didn’t get hurt, did ya?” She asked her.

The winter fairy teared her eyes away from Bowyn's exhausted form, brushing aside the heavy feeling that weighed on her chest. Still stricken from the events that had transpired, Zephyrin forced a smile, hiding her shivering hand behind her back. "Ah.. I feel great, just a scratch!" She replied with a melancholic laugh at the edge of her voice. She sucked in a deep breath and exhaled, feeling the tension melt from her body.

The air changed slightly, the warmth in the atmosphere slowly returning. The winter fairy paused, her scarlet eyes studying the human from head to toe. Having thought she was just another elf, Zephyrin never paid her much attention until now. The earthy tones of Clara's dress matched her brown hair and brown eyes. Zephyrin nodded approvingly.

Softly, her voice gaining momentum, she fully turned to Clara with a grin, "Thank you for assisting us with the wyvern. Your abilities are nothing short of praiseworthy." The words felt stiff in the fairy's tongue; she wasn't used to giving away compliments, but she felt that it was well-deserved this time. The human could fight and dress well.

The way Zephyrin replied to her first question reminded Clara of the way she’d answer people when she was overloaded with schoolwork. “Yes, I’m fine. This is fine!” She would tell them, laughing helplessly as she awaited her impending doom. It was possible Zephyrin felt similar to her. She was a beautiful fairy in lovely jewelry and expensive-looking clothing. It was clear the two of them were both out of their element.

The fairy then commended her efforts. Clara’s head was still reeling a bit and she hadn’t really taken in fully what had just occurred. They had just fought a dragon. She had just fought a dragon. Such self-awareness led her to realize her heart was still racing. ”Thanks! I was pretty badass now that I think about it. And you were too!” Clara told her with a confident smile, ”That shield you made totally saved us big time. If it weren’t for you, we could have all got really messed up.” If that tail had swung into them, she was certain they would have all gotten knocked to the ground like bowling pins.

A wry smile tugged at the corners of Zephyrin's lips. Though the fairy was fully aware she had contributed the least during the battle, she couldn't help but puff up her chest in a smug manner. She placed a hand on her hip, while the other toyed with a lock of her platinum hair. "Ha! You have a good eye, human. Conjuring a shield of that size is no easy feat, yet I, being amazing as I am, managed." She gloated.

Clara giggled at Zephyrin’s words. "Of course you’re amazing! You’re a magical fairy! ”She exclaimed enthusiastically, "But that’s not what made it special you know. For...It is not our abilities that show what we truly are…” She paused once more for suspense, trying to deepen her voice to sound wise and dramatic, ”It is our choices.” She cleared her throat as her voice returned to its normal octave, "You could have just left us all to die and ran for the hills, but you stayed and decided to protect us. That was really cool of you!” Quoting Dumbledore to a fairy was sure to win her awesome points. She threw her hand up and made a peace sign after her words with a wide grin.

The fairy thought the human quite odd, but she found her amusing. Slowly, her gaze wandered back towards Bowyn's direction. At first there was a flash of concern on her face, but it was immediately replaced by an irritated expression. Zephyrin crossed her arms, heat rising to her cheeks. "I-I guess Bowyn fought decently, too. But nothing special..! His bird was more amazing."

Clara's eyes suddenly lit up as Zephyrin mentioned Bowyn’s fighting abilities. He had been so cool and brave! She had to stop herself from fangirling right then and there as excitement bubbled up within. Not to mention how Kenia had jumped up on the wyvern’s back the way she did and had such sick moves. 'I feel like I’m traveling with the X-Men!' She thought excitedly.

She dug herself back out of her thoughts and looked at Zephyrin, replying, ”Yeah! Bowyn and Kenia are badass. I could go on forever about all the neat stuff they did. Then Boreas was such a hero!-” Her brain processed Zephyrin’s reddening cheeks as she was speaking. She broke off her rambling with a gasp.

Clara put her hands on her hips and leaned in to grin at her. ”You have a crush on Bowyn.” She accused, lowering her voice for only her to hear. Zephyrin's eyes widened, her cheeks turning into a deeper shade of red.

"H-how could you say something so outrageous?!" She squawked, scowling. "Someone as youthful and spritely as me would never fall for a... serious and dull person!" Zephyrin objected to her absurd claims. She rolled her eyes, then used her hand to fan her face.

Clara smiled doubtfully, stifling a giggle. ”Suurre you wouldn’t…” She commented sarcastically.

The fairy composed herself and continued, "You must be young and inexperienced, so let me give you some advice!" Zephyrin cleared her throat, then began to lean in closer. "Men like him.." she pointed towards Bowyn, "..would choose to die alone. They are married to their cause." She nodded convincingly and crossed her arms.

Clara’s gaze followed her finger toward Bowyn as her expression became even more puzzled yet doubtful as Zephyin’s statements continued. After the way Bowyn had reacted to Boreas, she was sure Bowyn was not someone who wanted to die alone; no one truly wanted to die alone.

"So stay away from him, you got that? As far away as you can! Find a man who is the complete opposite of him! Preferably someone with dark hair and a stupid smile on their face! Bowyn is no good. He definitely isn't badass." Zephyrin scoffed, repeating the word Clara had used. She didn't understand what it meant, but it sounded like a compliment. And she shouldn't be complimenting him.

Clara shook her head with a smile, replying finally, ”Aw Zephy... There’s no shame in liking Bowyn. I get crushes on boys all the time.” She glanced in his direction once more. ”Brave, loyal and I think he can even be kind of sweet. Oh and he’s veeery handsome!” She mused, giggling at the end of her statement, ”You know, if you aren’t interested in him, it shouldn’t concern you whether I like him or not, right? Bowyn and I could look really cute together. Imagine our kids!”

Zephyrin's ears twitched, and she narrowed her eyes. Clara let her words sink in before adding on, with a mischievous grin and twinkle in her eye, ”You know. Maybe I should just go confess my feelings right now.”

"Y-you..!" Zephyrin clenched her fists and stomped her foot. A thin layer of ice began to form around her fingertips as she gave Clara an angry stare. Soon enough though, her expression softened, and she sighed. "..You have awful taste in men." The fairy turned around, refusing to look at Clara. She furrowed her brows and pouted childishly. "Go confess to him for all I care! You can be an idiot couple fighting the lich together! And with him as the father, your kids would not look that cute.." Zephyrin grumbled.

Clara smirked to herself for a moment. If she had any doubts that Zephyrin liked them, they were most definitely gone. There was no getting a crush past the likes of a high school cheerleader! Spending so much time with girls every day had prepared her for this moment. The idea of the two fairies getting together was very exciting to her, so she had needed to find out the truth.

Still, perhaps she had gone too far. Clara sighed once she had turned away and walked around her to face her. She then touched her shoulder gently to comfort her. ”Only kidding. I won’t get in your way and I won’t tell anyone.” Clara smiled at her warmly, ”We’re friends now and it’s against girl code to do either of those things.”

"Like I said, I don't like that bloke! And what is this girl code that you speak of?" Zephyrin raised an eyebrow in question. "Actually, never mind! Let's just get going!" She gently grabbed Clara's wrist and started walking towards Kenia and Bowyn, her face still flushed red.

The human had gotten the better of her.

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River Port


The air was still warm in River Port as the sun set, bathing the port in a last batch of rays. The windows of homes and buildings were alit in yellow light, lighting up the streets along with quaint street lamps that lined each road. The fountain in town square could be heard gushing water as kids giggled and played around it. The boardwalk was busy with villagers, moving from stand to stand while couples sat in the sand, looking at the stars. Heads would start to turn in River Port as an adorable demon girl found her way into River Port.

All shops will close in two hours at 9pm while restaurants will remain open until 10pm. However, bars will stay open until 2am.

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Utsuro: The Voidcaller

TIME: Evening
LOCATION: Area of the forests closest to River Port
INTERACTIONS: Cade @Helo, Cora @Potter, Elsea @Tae, Ezeri @Alivefalling

At least, night came. Everything was enshrouded in the dark as the sun finally slumbered before it would inevitably rise again. Until then, nocturnal creatures began to come out of their homes in search of food. Fireflies and various luminescent mushrooms and plants gave the forest an ethereal, almost whimsical feel as the full moon and the stars shone brightly up in the sky.

Amongst those active were the group of Cade, Cora, Elsea, and Ezeri. They have journeyed non-stop from Roshmi City through the forests up to the River Port. They were tantalizingly close to their destination as well. They could see various yellow lights among the houses' windows and streetlamps, and there were still people milling around the town to finish their final errands before they could finally turn in it for the night and rest for another productive day tomorrow. Such distance between them and River Port could be met easily if it weren't for a horrifying obstacle that was coming their way.

"Death... Death..." The group would hear a faint voice behind them. They wouldn't be able to see the source of the sound at first due to how dark it was but its footsteps were getting louder. The voice sounded like it was calling out from under a well from how hollow it seemed to the ears. Finally, the source stepped into full view and it was nothing more than a young male rabbit demi-human. His head was low and he was walking slowly and awkwardly as if he was in a trance.

"Death... to..." He spoke again in his hollow voice as he trailed off. While the young rabbit managed to get everyone's attention, they didn't notice that black mist seeped out from the trees behind them, and out emerged a terrifying bat monster with eyes as red as blood and claws and fangs as sharp as swords. Utsuro the Voidcaller bared its razor-sharp fangs and raised its long claws to strike down and kill Elsea as the rabbit kid lifted up his head, showing his completely white eyes, and finished his sentence. "You."
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Time: Sunset to Night
Location: Cemetery, River Port
Interaction: @Dreamingflowers Nur, [@Allivefalling] Vaeril, @Helo Leon, and @Potter Lucia

Despite having to eventually split from Vaeril, Lucia, and Leon, Darius did have a good time with them while it lasted. Sharing drinks with good people, was a past time for Darius, but he couldn't help but feel uneasy about it. Something was troubling him more than he thought it should. At the bar he stared longingly in the distance a few times, though he attempted to mask it by explaining he "zones out" a lot.

After drinks with the group, Darius and Nur took to shopping again before the sunset, all while a bit inebriated. He told her about his "travels" and how Roshmi and River Port were the furthest south he had been. A true claim. Where he had gone was somewhat true as well. He had been to Crescent Village, Moon Elf Village, Orc Landing "for trade", and also Malthemoor for "trade" as well. He made all his tales a lot more elaborate as he had done at the tavern the previous night to include surviving a dance with the Angel of Death and being one of the reasons many at the ball were able to make it out.

"That demon had no chance against me!" He exclaimed as they rounded a corner. "A cemetery?" His tone was one of inquiry despite recognizing what he laid his eyes upon. Darius stared at the site from the path he and Nur walked, a melancholy expression now forming on his face. It took him a moment to realize why he was so affixed to the rows of headstones decorated with flowers and a combination of lit and unlit candles from loved ones.

"Hey Nur… do you mind if I have a moment…" It took a second to realize how odd his request sounded. He faced her with a smile, but his eyes held a tinge of sadness behind them. "Just in there. I won't be long, promise." Darius assured before hurrying into a jog at first, but then slowed down to a walk as it just seemed more natural. He strode around the fencing to reach the cemetery entrance.

Darius' pace slowed as he entered, as if not to disturb those who had passed on. Naturally, he felt like a stranger to these grounds, but this was as close as he was going to get. John wasn't here. Nowhere even close. A whole dimension away… and more. Darius sauntered past each headstone, the setting sun helping to display their names for him to read. A fairy grave keeper was making his rounds before the end of his shift, once the sun was absent from the sky. Darius gave him a nod as he passed and continued on to get some distance. He often visited the cemetery to speak to John. To update him on the goings on in his life. He wasn't quite religious, but he hoped his brother was somewhere nice at least.

"John... I know you're not here… Well you weren't really there either, but maybe you can hear me somehow…" He sighed, feeling stupid about what he was doing for a moment, and continued walking, reading the names he passed in his head. Might as well make something out of this, right?

Emery Rosethorn

Lucile Luminus

Brand from the Flame

Noland Marigold

Trevan Siraea

Albeda Lahkesh

Vinca Alahart

Plumeria Sprouten

Nova Mercuria

Cirrolio Petalus

Benelium Haro

Dinidi Frezelyn

Chasm of the Deep

Ophid Remora

Wendy Amaryllis

Wencel Vivran

Mina Larkspur

Eunice Zenith

Dinah Tulipius

Malin Skeever

Lyra Telera

Nathaniel Lee Worth?

Darius stopped at the headstone that was situated at the end of the row. He looked back down the line, also noticing how this headstone had no trace of anything upon it, despite looking newer than the rest. Normally he wouldn't have given the name too much weight, but the other details began to pull at him. He had to know for sure, and so he looked over to the grave keeper who was adjusting a few flowers to make them look pleasant.

"Excuse me, sir, do you know who this is?" Darius pointed at the name on the headstone to which the fairy squinted before fluttering over and landing lightly. His attentive expression suddenly turned to one bearing sadness.

"Yes… Well no. It's a wee bit complicated, lad. This person was… I guess it don't hurt to say it now. This lad here was human. A young man who ate a whole lot of deathberries from what I heard from those who brought him. Some locals found him about ten days ago, right off the road, a trail of vomit from where many know those berries grow…" He didn't notice Darius staring intensely at the headstone, but noticed he wasn't speaking. He even wondered why an elf would care anyway, but the thought seemed insensitive. He figured perhaps Darius felt guilty in some way for the arrival of humans, so he decided to fill the silence, to perhaps even comfort Darius if he was feeling guilty. "No one could have foreseen it. Not he, not I… not you. Sometimes things happen and it ain't fair, but it's life you know… and death. Working here, I've seen so many go… in a blink of an eye! Some of it inevitable and some of it, completely avoidable. For the latter, we just try to make sure it-"

"Make sure it doesn't happen again." Darius cut him off with a bitter tone to his voice. The grave keeper frowned, now noticing Darius' scowl.

"Yes, lad… we try to make sure of that. I will… will leave you to yourself for now." The grave keeper fluttered off to where he was, trying to give Darius as much distance as quickly as possible. He returned to the last of his duties while also noting the humidity beginning to rise rather unnaturally. In seconds he felt water beginning to run down his face. In all his years he had never felt anything like it.

Darius, over on the other end of the cemetery, still stood before the grave, the vegetation around him withered and dried up, while the excess moisture spread to the surrounding area. In the antithesis of an oasis he subtly created, Darius kept his thoughts on a memory to remind himself of why he was even in this very place. As if the reminder and the memory were his sanctuary. Sanctuary from the cruelty of the dimensional rift opening machines.

John and Malgormuun's messages seemed to meld together in his head. Their voices blended and the flashback faded into the reality of him standing in a silent cemetery alone. Darius looked to the west, noticing the sun giving him only a few seconds of light before it sunk away into the sea along with its vibrant glow.

"John… I want to do the same. And I have a way. It's probably not the best way, but… It has to be done to prevent… This. I don't know who Nathaniel Worth was… I don't even care who he was… but someone does and they don't even know they're fucking dead… I realize it's not even the rebels or just Aklenroth. This whole place is… I just want to make sure no one can come here. If that means I have to stay fine. If that means the others here have to stay… then that's fine too. They've had more than enough time to figure out what they want. If they choose Avalia, then let it chew them up and spit them into the dirt. I choose Earth and those that still call it home. If I sacrifice myself by walking hand in hand with the devil to save countless. It's the least a waste-of-space guy like me can do. I'll get it done. Easy…" He rested his hand on Nathaniel's headstone and sighed. "Rest in peace Nathaniel… you and many others." Darius walked from the headstone, making his way out of the cemetery to reunite with Nur. He held a pensive expression, before forcing a smile. It was beginning to become dark, but the streetlights and two moons kept Riverport dimly illuminated.

But what of the man's path?

"Ready to hit the vineyard?"
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Carneylus Creznek VS Elthrael Vol'Kerno

The plea from the demi-human child had reached Carneylus ears, for a moment he felt hesitation, it was wrong to fight in front of children. But at the same time it was wrong to leave bullies to continue on their way. Justice demanded that this mothwinged fairy would have to be taught a lesson. The pixie whilst certainly not impressive in physical strength did not deserve to be poorly treated by anyone, for she had caused them no harm. Or so he thought. It didn't take him long before he spread out his batlike wings and gave two big flaps from the ground, hurling himself into the air with his saber in hand, flying upwards towards the fairy slightly located above him. "Justice is on my side!" He swung the blade through the air smoothly, not as fast as the fairy but more forcefully and with such precision, as if he knew exactly where the fairy would be the moment he got close.

Elthrael grinned on seeing his nightly adversary take flight to greet him. 'Such audacity. Allow me to teach you what makes us different...' He thought before opening his mouth to retort to the man. "Hah! Do you even know the meaning of the word?!" The moth fairy mocked as he air-dashed out of the path for the sword, which seemed to almost cut the very air itself with it's force. That and a chunk of his white hair that was trailing slightly behind him. The fairy made an attack of his own, as he flew straight past him, aiming to stab the bat-man with his jian sword. The blade met flesh. The scent of blood filled the air. The bat-man had been struck. First blood had been drawn. Carneylus eyes narrowed and his teeth were gritting, as his free hand had found itself grabbing hold of the sharp edge of the jian sword, keeping it firmly in place from piercing his chest.

"Rarghh!" He exclaimed in pain and in a display of force as he lifted his saber and made a cutting motion towards the fairy's swordhand, aiming for his wrist. "Hnnf!" Elthrael quickly allowed his hand to slip from his swordgrip as he propelled himself backwards out of reach for Carneylus sword, his moth wings quickly fluttering.

Their eyes met again, one dark as the very night, the other blazing like the sun. Carneylus then threw the fairy's sword back towards him, as if he was tossing any other object. There was after all no honor in striking an opponent who was unarmed while he was himself.

"You abandon your sword so easily when it is your lifeline." Carneylus said as a matter of fact, with some hint of surprise and disappointment.

"A man who relies on a single fang, will eventually break it one day." Elthrael said with a slight grin, as he moved his left hand behind his owm back as good as he could with his wings fluttering.

The bat-man frowned at the comparison of a sword with a fang. He had fangs of his own, but this fairy seemed to regard his own weapon as nothing more than a toy of some kind. It angered him. He didn't take fighting seriously? Was he toying with him? This man was looking down not only on that pixie... but him aswell? Elthrael could hear his mentor's words in his head the moment Carneylus had tossed the sword. 'Don't lower your guard!' A line he had heard plenty of, a line he remembered well. Yet his opponent showed no sign of pressing an attack upon launching the sword. The moth fairy grabbed his sword as it flew through the air, making a slight swing in the air with it to rid it of the bat-blood still covering it.

"Now we continue... try to hold on better next time! I don't want to beat a fairy without a weapon!" Carneylus made a few flaps into the air with his wings to hurl himself towards Elthrael again. The darkwinged fairy remained put this time around waiting for Carneylus to get closer, the much larger wings of the batman almost seeming to envelop him in it's shadow, provided by the very moon itself which shone down upon them.

'What is he playing at? Does he want me to strike him down? Fight me!' Carneylus lamented in his mind as he realized the moth fairy had not made any show of movement in his pose or swordstance. But then he saw it, the moth fairy was moving it's left hand from it's back. Had he retrieved an item of some kind? Carneylus blinked as he saw some form of plantlike thing enveloping the fairy's other wrist, it was bright green and almost seemed to glow abit in the dark. As if it was filled with some illuminating liquid. A shot of bright green liquid shot out from the plant and towards Carneylus who stopped midair to raise his sword, causing some of the liquid being shot to avoid hitting him, but the remainder of it splashing him across the face.

"Ahh! Coward!" Carneylus yelled out, covering himself momentarily with his leathery wings as painful stinging began to spread across his face, he brought up his bleeding hand to attempt to wipe it away from his face as good as he could while bracing himself for the fairy's next move.

"Coward? Not at all! This is how a true warrior do battle! With all his fangs at his disposal! Your sense of some kind of honor is making you weak." Elthrael smirked as he remained afloat from where he were, allowing the plantlike thing to fall off his wrist. Carneylus left eye was stinging and the entire left side of his face seemed to be sharing in it's pain, he however resumed to flap his leathery wings, gritting his teeth at his opponent which was openly mocking him and calling him weak.

"You think I am weak? Is that it?!" He called out to the moth, but he needed no further words from the fairy. It was clear as day to him, the fairy thought he was weak. Not because of his swordplay but because of how he were as a person. A man of honor, a man of justice and a man of virtues. Memories came back to him, as if they were all swarming on him like a swarm of bees. How all the elves had treated him and those like him in his old village, how people like them always looked down on others. This fairy was no different from them, he would pick on the weak because he was strong. For a moment Carneylus felt his face go grim. No more playing games. His eyes began to flare up in a slight hue of red and he opened his mouth, showing his elongated teeth as he began to lose himself. Rage. Unbridled suppressed rage. It burst.

It was with a roar that the demi-human spread his wings wide and his entire body seemed to tense up and grow more veiny, his gaze filled ywith bloodlust as he focused in on the fairy ahead of him. Elthrael tilted his head slightly to the side on seeing the spectacle before him, was this some form of transforming demi-human hybrid? No. This man was holding back before. Upon realizing this the fairy quickly raised his left hand and quickly created large vines which shot out towards the bat-man, gradually slithering over his body, but the large leathery wings remained unhindered. Then came a roar and the bat-man tore himself free from the vines with sheer strength, even reaching out to grab the main vine in order to try pull the fairy closer. But the moth fairy would have none of it, he let go swiftly before dashing through the air. The much larger bat-man chasing him through the air, they dove downwards towards a park.

"Have you gone bat-shit insane on me?!" Elthrael yelled mockingly back to the man chasing him through the air.

"I am not weak! I will be strong for those I must protect! Raaaagghhhh!" Carneylus swung his saber with sheer force towards the fairy, which had landed on a wooden pillar, one of the many within the park, keeping the lanterns hanging by them.

'Berserk!' Elthrael's voice echoed in his own head, he had seen these kinds before. But he had only seen them in feral beasts and orcs before. The fairy pressed his feet against the wooden pillar he had landed upon, and hurled himself through the air with a backflip. Carneylus saber cut into the wooden post, severing it by the sheer force itself cauring the top of it to fall down. His blade was a tough one to be able to do such a thing, but the demi-human would have immense strength to do such a feat. Carneylus eyes darted quickly after his opponent which had yet again evaded his blade, he felt how his emotions were overpowering him, only the stinging in his face and hand was feeling real.

It didn't take long for the fairy to land on the ground, and when he did he landed he quickly knelt down to place his hands at the ground itself. The demi-human was not far behind, he dove down with an overhand swing of his blade, as a storm of thorny vines shot out from the ground below to envelop his body, yet his blade still managed to slice them through moments after, forcing the fairy to roll to the side to avoid becoming split in twain.

"Rabid hound! A man whose wielded by his weapon is no warrior at all!" Elthrael taunted as he felt a strong gust of wind blowing towards him, causing his footing to loosen, his hair began blowing backwards and his coat flickering in the strong wind. The large batlike wings was flapping with such muscular force that it was difficult for the fairy to remain grounded, and thus he allowed himself to simply fly up into the air by the current.

"By the elder elves! A fight!" A man in the park yelled out in surprise and worry, soon followed another voice of a woman exclaiming her fears. Elthrael payed them no mind, they were beholders nothing more. People who watched, unlike people like himself who were people of action. But it was these voices that brought the demi-human out of his rage and he blinked quickly, looking at his own hands and how they were trembling, he could feel his own power and the adrenaline pumping through him from the fighting. But also from his slight injuries.

"I.." He started, throwing glances to the people around which gazed upon him as if he were a monster. These were people he was supposed to protect, to look after to take care of. Innocent bystanders which had now been drawn into his quest for justice. He could feel his body suddenly losing it's strength, he felt weaker and weaker. Even weaker than he were before. What had caused it? Had he pushed himself too far? Not a chance... he hadn't fought that long? Or had he?

"My my, it seems that you are not in the best judgement... bat-man." Elthrael said in an amused manner, but slightly panting from his very urgent descent out of harms way, which would be more ascent up into the air.

"But then again.. how could you be after I poisoned you." He chuckled softly, sheathing his blade midair. Still aware however that at any moment, the man below could potentially leap up towards him again.

"Ughm... Don't underestimate people you know nothing about! Everything only has one life and that's why no life is worth more than the other! So treat others with respect even if they are your enemies!" Carneylus yelled out towards the fairy above which gazed down on him as if he was standing at the gates of the gods themselves. The fairy's eyes scanned the man below, this man had proven to be stronger than he first appeared to be. Yet what was it that drove him to withhold such anger? He didn't know.. But there was respect now. Not for his way of fighting, but for his belief.

"You've made your point, as I believe I have made mine. Yet you ought to embrace your nature, not flee from it....You are the coward here! Hah..hah..hah.." The moth fairy placed a hand at his waist, hovering in the air as he did. Slowly distancing himself from the other man.

"My nature...?" It was true, he was indeed suppressing his anger, his rage, his sorrow... he was suppressing it all, but it was because of being able to do so that he had been able to focus and let those things be at the side. To not hinder him in his quest for strength. Were he wrong? It was a matter which he felt he would have to ask Valaeon, for he most surely were the opposite of him. Or so he thought. The two nightly combatants threw some last glances at each other before they parted ways, with some form of new understanding for the other side. Yet the night was yet young.
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Location: Forest outside Roshmi
Time: Afternoon
Interactions: O'ner (Mathis)

Myra proceeded to tear of a few chunks of meat from the Owlbear's neck just to guarantee it was dead before she finally got off from it, giving a step back as she licked the blood on her face. She did look at the dead creature for a moment, licking her lips and considering if she should stay and eat some, but since she was not sure about what the group would do, she just cut a few pieces of meat and kept them on her hands, putting one on the mouth every now and then as she looked to the rest of the group waiting.

Myra watched as the group began tending to their wounded, particularly Malachi as he bandaged Belle's wounds. The moment they started walking though, a small Owlbear cub appeared from the bushes, going nearby one of the fallen Owlbears and nudging it, making it obvious that, at least the one it was nearby was one of his parents. While Myra looked at the small cub for a moment, she simply looked back at the group, almost as if wondering why they had stopped. For someone like her who lived in the forest, such things were common occurrences. Prey on others or be preyed upon. While she wouldn't kill the cub just for the sake of it, having enough meat to feed herself, she wouldn't go out of her way to help it either. Due to that, she was a bit confused when Belle said that it would take care of it, taking it on her arms rather gently, though the strange scene did make Myra smile a bit.

Surprisingly enough, Belle didn't seem to be the only one moved by the small cub, seeing how Mathis himself was crying when Myra looked at him. She was a bit confused at first, tilting her head as she looked at him, but seeing how he turned away from her, simply saying for them to go, she dismissed it as nothing serious and followed him as they made their way to the port. His decision to split from the group was a bit strange, but seeing how Mathis knew Darius, it was more likely that he would meet him, which helped her in the decision to split from the group as well and go with him.

Waving a simple goodbye to Belle, Mallachi and Valok, she went after Mathis, who had already given a few steps away from the group.

Myra and Mathis arrived on the port when it was already evening. While the sudden change from forest to city was always something a bit impactful for Myra, she was still excited because it was possible that they would meet Darius and Artemis there. Nonetheless, she was still making sure to be as close to Mathis as possible, since the port was replete with people. The multitude of sounds and smells were particularly tough on Myra's enhanced senses, hence why she was moving with caution.
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Time: Sunset
Optional Read

The two demon servants that were Vessia and Zorrah walked with filled bowls and set them onto long empty tables in the dining hall of Morteum. Venison stew was the meal for the night to the dark elf royal guard standing in a tight formation just outside.

"So Kol finally stopped crying from up on his mountain, huh?" Zorrah smirked as she set a bowl down. Vessia however only made brief eye contact with her kin.

"Crying?" Vessia commented as she continued setting the tables.

"You know what I mean. Sulking about the gray bitch that came back from the dead… Or not dead. Either way he was crying about it. Then, no one could find him since he heard the news. But now he-"

"Has returned from his long meditation. With a much more powerful resolve than before…" Vessia set the last bowl in its place, the steam seemed to attempt to reach for the high ceiling. Her tone was even, and almost robotic. "Even many of our kind are conflicted on Aklenroth defeating Lilith. Just imagine if it were done by way of deceit." Vessia was now facing Zorrah who shrugged.

"I guess so…" Zorrah grimaced before turning to walk towards the doors leading outside as she needed to let the guard it was time to chow down. "Still not enough to cry about!" She called out obnoxiously as she stepped through the doors.

"Hmm… Waste of an existence." She said coldy with her soft monotonous voice.

Zorrah found herself exiting the dining hall area and witnessing a small formation of few dozen dark elves standing out in the cold. They were equipped for Morteum's climate. Black fur cloaks and strong disciplined spirits kept them warm. Seven rows of seven is what Zorrah could see, with Kol pacing in front of the formation. It was all of the members of the guard, which meant only the undead were standing watch currently. His eyes met Zorrah who used her thumb to point towards the dining hall.

"It's all ready for everyone to eat."

"Hopefully. Hopefully that is the case this evening…" He spoke as if his words were heavy on his being. Zorrah simply sighed in response, finding him dramatic. Kol then faced his men, ready to finally address them all on what he had been seeking answers to. "The chosen few of our kind responsible for securing Morteum. I call you to attention this evening... To bear witness to my words and my decision. Firstly, I do apologize for my sudden absence, but I do not regret it as my short leave birthed clarity. Clarity for my path. For our path..." He took a quick breath before continuing.

"You are all aware of Lady Siraye Vastai's return." The sound of low gasps and slight movement spread within the formation. Some were surprised to hear the dropping of Siraye's royal title. "And you should know where I currently stand in the matter. Despite my position, I would like to give an opportunity to those wish to resign, so I can make the necessary arrangements and remove you from these grounds as your path is different than mine… Remove yourselves from my ranks! If your heart is not with Aklenroth, you need to leave Morteum this instant. Now, while I will still show you mercy!"

Wish you would have told us you were firing people before we made enough for everyone! More leftovers for me, I guess.

First it was one dark elf female that walked from her postion in the formation. Alone with her head down, she walked slowly away from her brothers in arms. But she was then followed by two more, and then several others. A total of 16 guards had left the formation.

"Remove your cloaks and armor and walk your path… Away from here." The rest of his force stood still and strong before their leader as the others relieved themselves from duty. With their armor removed, they took the first steps on their new path. To eventually meet with who they thought to be their rightful ruler, Siraye Vastai.

Unfortunately for them, they would never do so in life. Like them, she would also expire in due time. With a subtle hand wave, the shadows of the traitors and growing darkness of night bound them in place. Curling around their bodies and immediately toppling most of them to the ground. Like some kind black tar creature, it pulled them all down and muffled their screams.

"Mercy… Yes, you shall all have mercy. A second chance at serving our king… In undeath." Kol unsheathed his sword and one by one, struck down his former subordinates. It was his duty and responsibility as their commander. Once he paced back in front of those left in the formation he addressed them.

"Food is getting cold." Kol ignored the demoness.

"If there is any doubt in your hearts, I shall remove it this instant! King Aklenroth is OUR King! He is the rightful ruler of Avalia. Not to just the children of Halastra, but all who are touched by her light in the night. In the centuries since our exile, it was HE who extended a hand when no one else would. It HE who sheltered our people and showed us how to take owenership of these lands we were exiled to! Azmor Galus is ours! Malthemoor is ours! The mines! The hunt! And more importantly, victory! Aklenroth saw what we were capable of, but he also saw our weakness. Our false prophet! He faked her death to allow us to use every fiber of darkness in our hearts to strike our enemies down… And we succeeded. Our people are now found across all of Avalia! We are their guard! We are their nobles! Their superior! How is this so if Halastra's prophet was missing?! How did we feel the goddess' presence when the fraud was absent?! Yes a fraud I call her, given pity by our king so she may see what fruit her absence has bore! Supremacy of our kind and blessing from both Halastra and our one true king, Lord Aklenroth!"
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Time: sunset
Location: River Port
Interactions: @13org

Vaeril had split from Leon and Lucia, having told them that he had something to attend to before he would return. The sense of O’ner in the port had alerted him and he needed to send him to Morteum to look after things there while he was away to proceed with his plans. The sun was almost fully down as he walked with haste towards O’ner’s location, only to find Myra with him as well.

He first spoke to O’ner, “I need you to go back to Morteum and make sure things go smoothly around my Necropolis. I cannot say anything more.” He finished as he opened a light portal. O’ner mindlessly walked through without saying a word, a different aura surrounding him as he moved after hearing Aklenroths words.

Vaeril then looked to Myra and cloaked them in a reflective light to make them appear invisible, “You are a loose end that needs to be cut.” He said while smiling at her. He then grabbed her by the neck, staring into her eyes as she growled, clawing at his hand for him to release her. Aklenroth took one finger and pressed it against her head as she slowly began to pass out. “You will forget I ever existed. Everything you know about Vaeril and my current self will not remain.” He said as he pulled his finger away drawing a small ball of energy that played memories of him from her head before grabbing it in his hand and crushing it. He then dropped the passed out demon onto the ground releasing the invisibility and walking away back to where Leon and Lucia were. She would wake up in the next few minutes.
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Time: Evening
Location: River Port
Outfit:Outfit from the Ball
Inventory:Sword that's sheathed, Bow and quiver of arrows. Then: 2 hankerchiefs, liquid body cleanser, wayfinder, toothbrush, travel-size hair and teeth cleansers, small round of rope, small amount of disinfectant and bandaging: all in a fanny pack that's facing behind him, hidden behind his cape.

The light of the port was visible from even afar as the trio had approached River Port. When they finally reached the dirt road, they entered the town on the south side. The road was filled with people moving back and forth over it and each building window still alit. Malachi did not bother even glancing over things too much as he knew he could not waste time with his injured companions. He glanced to one side and he made haste grabbing the shoulder of someone moving nearby him to ask where the healing center was.

A woman instructed them to round the bend left and find it on their right. He began to follow the instructions, only to suddenly become aware of heavy heaving. His face contorted and his gaze slid over toward Belladonna, as that was the origin. A dog was seated next to her heaving with excitement and staring up at her with a piece of paper on the top of his head.

He snatched it from the dog's head and read it: Meeting Hall at 2pm. His eyebrows raised and he showed it to Belladonna and Valok before pocketing it for them. Right where they had entered, he had noticed a big meeting hall, so that made things convenient. Going with extra care to avoid the tongue and spit, Malachi moved his arm around awkwardly to pat its head. He gave her a brief moment to interact with it before they moved on. Dogs were cute and certainly comforting to the younger folk, so he knew he had to allow both her and maybe even Valok if he so wished a moment to give it a pet.

Malachi stared up at the stars as he waited.

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Risa & Valaeon

The afternoon had been both pleasant and as Valaeon would say, "glorious." The night, however, would be even better as the new bonds being formed were only strengthening with time. River Port establishments lit up with welcoming lights and people of the port appeared to unwind. Along the boardwalk, Valaeon walked beside Risa, the two being a very odd pair. He hummed an unknown tune as they strode along. Valaeon had invited Risa to join him for a walk for what seemed to be nothing more than having good company.

"Ah! Isn't the port wonderful? The air! The sea! The sights before us are magnificent!"

Risa glanced at Valaeon and smiled at his words. The night set in on the two of them as the sun set and the light of the store windows lit up their faces with each step. They had spent much of the afternoon getting to know each other and his company had been very appreciated. His enthusiasm and optimism were contagious and it was much easier to remain in decent spirits having him around.

“Oh yes! I love port towns or just about anything by the sea! Used to come to Roshmi and sit by the water when I was young all the time. Kyran likes to fish so I’d watch him and wonder about how far the sea goes. My brother used to want to buy us a boat to go explore it.” Her smile threatened to falter towards the end of her words but it held up as if the corners were nailed in.

"My, that sounds wonderful. A boat so you could explore the sea…" Valaeon chuckled. "It sounds like a dream worth making a reality, dear friend!" He assured as he was aware of her current dilemma concerning her brother. "Agreed?"

Risa steered her gaze ahead as he spoke, “As worth it as it is, I don’t think everyone else would feel so optimistic about my brother. He’s very dangerous and it is not a decision I alone get to make. I, of course, can’t help but hope for such a dream.”

"How sharp of you, young one. No decision should ever be made alone. You have much weight on your tiny shoulders… And though it makes you brave, we must collaborate with others to succeed." Valaeon stopped and crossed his arms over his chest. The two were now near the end of the boardwalk, nearly vacant of people. His wings spread proudly before he grinned at Risa. "You are not alone anymore. Whether my militia joins me or not, I will aid you!"

”Thank you, kind Valaeon. This means a lot to me. I’m glad to have your support and friendship.” Risa stopped walking and turned to face him as she spoke, returning the smile.
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Time: Evening
Location: River Port
Interactions: All characters in River Port
Outfit: Blue and gold colored heavy plate armor
Inventory: Greataxe, 1 large red potion, Pouch of Amas, Map of Avalia, Sanguine Draconis Horn.

Valamiir had come a long way back from Daka after purchasing his guard drake. He had heard that Valaeon had left to see some fairy girl about a rebellion and was angered at the militia for letting him go alone. So, then he travelled to port 10 in search of his apprentice. It was now nightfall; stars lit the sky above him as he rode through the street. After not having any luck, he decided to blow the horn as it would surely get the attention of Valaeon. His drake’s movements slowed as he approached the fountain in town square. He then took the horn from his belt breathing in deeply and put it to his lips, blowing into it. The noise echoed through the air of River Port. Townsfolk nearby were startled by the sudden noise, jumping and staring at him in bewilderment. Screams of surprise were heard in the distance and people were opening windows to stare at him. A few kids had been playing in the fountain and they jumped out immediately and began scrambling away. Valamiir seemed unphased by their reaction as he awaited Valaeon’s arrival.
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Nur and Darius

Time: Evening
Location: River Port, multiple locations
Interactions: Darius @FunnyGuy and Nur @Dreamingflowers
Ambiance: -

Nur waited outside the gates of the graveyard, leaning against the cool brick wall. She stared out into the distance. A cool evening breeze brushed past her shoulders. A chill ran down her spine, and she shuddered a little. It was getting kind of chilly, she missed leaning against someone warm. Her personal heat source was visiting the gravesite. She didn’t want to go with him. The dead made Nur uneasy, being immortal herself it was not something she gave much thought.

She sighed impatiently. What was taking him so long anyway? It wasn’t like they were talking back at him. Nur had turned and glanced through the iron gates a couple of times, but she didn’t see Darius anywhere. She crossed her arms in front of her chest, frowning. Out of all the places they could go in River Port, he wanted to go here.

Although what if he knew someone whose final resting place was here? That would be terribly sad, and she didn’t want to be insensitive if that was the case. Nur released the tension and her body, letting her arms fall to the side. She spotted Darius walking towards the gates and looked towards his face. It was weird to see him with a fake smile.

She joined him at his side, holding his arm like he was used to. At first, she let the silence linger a bit, to give him some time to compose himself if he needed to. The succubus leaned her head against his arm, not because she was tired, but because she wanted to make him feel better.

“I know what you need….” She smiled knowingly, leading them to the vineyard. A couple of drinks would make Darius smile way better than this miserable attempt he tried to sell her.

"And what might that be?" Darius asked as he caught a view of the vineyard and the winery on its grounds. He was sure he knew what Nur was referring to and her simple acknowledgement of the feelings he hid from her. He needed a distraction, and wine with good company seemed to be the answer.

“A distraction, and lucky for you I require your full attention” He managed a chuckle. A genuine one at that.

At the entrance of the vineyard, a centaur demihuman dressed in formal wear stood. He appeared to be some kind of guard or doorman.

"Good evening." He said with a slight nod as the pair entered the vineyard lit dimly by soft lighting set up throughout the vineyard.

"Wow… this is amazing." Darius commented in awe. The two took a moment to look upon the soft lights spread throughout the grapevines. As the sky grew darker, the vineyard imitated its starry appearance.

“It’s beautiful,” Nur exclaimed in excited agreement. They followed the designated path taking them through part of the grapevines, which were set up in a variety of ways. Some arranged in neat rows, resembling a cornfield. Others were being guided across wooden beams, creating archways and leafy roofs. Both white and purple grapes, dangled in heavy clusters above their heads. The fruity scent was pleasant, and light.

Nur inhaled the scent deeply, enjoying it.
“It smells so nice”

A neatly dressed waiter approached them, coming from the main establishment carrying a tray, with glasses of wine and some refreshments. There were a handful of other visitors, but it was relatively quiet overall. Nur left Darius’s side to get a better look at what was on offer. She eyed the waiter who gave her a friendly smile.

“Which one will make you forget being miserable the quickest?”

The waiter was taken aback by her question. He cleared his throat and lifted one of the glasses of red wine with his gloved hands.
“Well this red wine, is very ah…” He didn’t have time to finish. Nur quickly swiped the glass from him, he barely had time to blink.

“Great that will do nicely, thank you so much, Sir!” She’d already turned on her heel and made a beeline for Darius, who was still admiring the scenery. The waiter huffed and went over to the other guests.

She walked up to Darius, presenting the glass of wine like she was holding some precious treasure. It caused him to smile with amusement.
“Look what I got for you…… now don’t tell me you don’t drink red wine”
Nur smiled, waiting for his reaction. He did not hesitate from the gesture, grasping the glass from Nur's hands. As Darius motioned to take a sip, he stopped with the rim of the glass an inch from his lips.

"What about you?" He looked at Nur with a raised eyebrow but proceeded to sip anyway.

Nur watched him take a sip, feeling pleased. She started to notice something about Darius. This was the second time he thought of her needs, without needing some kind of incentive. Most people would only act like that once she had charmed them using her power. Sure he could just be playing the long game, trying to fall into her good graces, simply because of the way she looked. But Nur had the feeling that wasn’t the case with Darius, or he would have come on much stronger. It was a strange little dichotomy, it made him unpredictable, in a way which both unnerved and excited her.

Let’s test that theory, shall we?

She got closer to him and held his wrist, drawing it down to her. The glass resting in front of her face. Without breaking eye contact, Nur dipped the forked tip of her tongue into the tart, slightly sweet liquid. Darius blinked a few times and was sure he saw what he saw. So that was what I thought I saw in the alley.

“Just a taste is enough for me,” She said with a mischievous wink. Nur let go of his wrist with a smug smile. She enjoyed her flirtatious interactions with him. He smiled back, not appearing bothered by the showing of her tongue. Perhaps during his first few hours on Avalia, Darius might have given a much more lively reaction.

He brought up the glass to have another taste. This time it was more than a sip… much more.

"Just one, huh?" He stared at the contents of his glass for a second. "I'm different. If I enjoy something, I indulge… Maybe that's not a good thing, but if it doesn't hurt, why limit yourself?" His eyes directly met hers. "Cocytus? Is that how you say it? I want to go there at least once. And if I enjoy it…" He took another long sip of wine. "I'll indulge."

Nur frowned slightly, caught off guard by his mention of Cocytus. Why would he want to go there? It was not a good place to be for a light elf. The succubus voiced her confusion.
“Why do you want to go there?”

The demon city had been her home early in life, but she didn’t just leave to explore the world. There was a valid reason behind it, it wasn’t an easy city to live in, even for demons like herself.

So he was the indulgent type, wouldn’t that come in handy. Nur liked someone who enjoyed life. She indulged in the things she loved, excessive amounts of clothes, jewelry, and other beautiful things were an ever-present part of her. She wouldn’t be who she was without them.

"I just want to see it for myself… I have an open mind and I like getting to see new places. I am an explorer after all." Darius tacked on that last bit for legitimacy.

“I guess you are…” He would see for himself once he visited the demon city.

They enjoyed, or rather Darius enjoyed another glass of wine or two, pointing out the different sights at the vineyard to each other, after which they made their way back to the town square. Right outside of Sandy's souvenirs, the owner of the shop had set up a stall. The stall was decorated with colorful paper lanterns of all shapes and sizes. It didn’t take Nur long to spot the colorful stand and she dragged Darius towards it like she’d been doing all day.
“Oh look! I love lanterns, let’s get one”

Sandy greeted her first customers of the evening with a welcoming smile. It warmed her heart to see that even adults liked the magic of the wishing lanterns.
“Good evening to you two, I have a special offer today, couples only” She added with a wink and a smile. Sandy grabbed one of the larger lanterns, its shape was more traditional compared to the rest she had on offer. The paper was a bright warm red, which would grow even brighter once the light was lit.

“This one is guaranteed to make your wishes come true” She held out two slips of paper to both Darius and Nur.

“Perfect, I know what I want”
Nur looked to Darius, to see what he was going to do, and proceeded to take the paper from Sandy, writing down her wish in swirling letters, hiding the words with her other hand. She finished with a hopeful smile, crossing her fingers for luck, and handed the paper to Sandy. Darius however held his slip-on hand for a moment. A wish? His eyebrows furrowed a bit before he took an audible breath and started writing. Just two words. They wouldn't mean anything significant to anyone else, but to him, they did. He handed the paper to Sandy with a smile.

"Same, here." He said confidently.

Once the wishes were inside Sandy leaned over to hand the lantern to Nur, who was standing closest to her. She carefully took it into her hands, as to not rip the paper. This was so exciting! It had been ages since she had a lantern like this. Haldir and most men before him didn't really care much for romantic antics. Nur on the other hand loved it. It brought out the part of her that believed in the magic of fairy tales and true love.

She held it out to Darius, so he could hold it too. He placed his hands gently on the lantern, his face full of wonder.
"We have to let go at the same time, or it will spoil our wishes"
Nur explained with excitement in her voice. She looked at his face, his red eyes were even brighter in the light between them. A true smile gleamed! Exactly what she wanted to see.

"On three!"

"One… Two… Three!
"One… Two… Three!" They both shouted as they simultaneously released the lantern, their eyes watching as it rotated and floated up with its red glow.

The pair followed it with their eyes, it floated past windows, rooftops, and ultimately into the night sky. It kept going higher and higher until….

They spotted two figures darting across above the port town. Nur narrowed her eyes to make out who they were and what was going on, while Darius blinked in bewilderment. It looked like a fight between two fairies. Nur followed one of them more closely. He wasn’t a fairy. He had leathery wings, a demi-human and he was rushing after the fairy, clearly angry. They exchanged a few final blows with their swords until they each went their separate ways, disappearing into the distance.

"Whoa… Not gonna lie, that was pretty cool!" He commented excitedly. The alcohol was subtly affecting him. His eyes fell on her, his inhibition waning. "Did you wish for a fight in the sky?" He joked.

Nur could tell Darius was getting a little bit drunk, asking her a funny question. She hit his arm, to snap him out of it.
“Of course not, I wouldn’t waste my wish on some….” The remainder of her sentence was cut off by a loud bellowing sound, coming from a horn being blown somewhere close to them. It startled Nur, her heart racing in anticipation, while it simply captured Darius' attention away from her. They weren’t in any danger, however. She saw a dragon demi-human seated on top of a riding drake near the fountain, holding the culprit of the noise in his claws. Why a dragonoid would ride another dragon mystified her. He looked out of place in the seaside town. Dressed in a full set of heavy blue and gold armor, she could tell he had a few years on him already.

"I need me one of those." He commented with a smile.

Nur hoped he was here for the rebellion. She turned her attention back to Darius and nudged him.
“I’d say you’re a little drunk Darius the daring, it’s best if I take you home, or someone will surely take advantage of you like this.”

And that was her job, she thought with a smirk.
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Time: Evening
Location: River Port
Interaction: @princess Malachi & @helo Valok

Belle sighed in relief once they made it to the port. Her side was burning, though she refused to show pain. Beside her, Avenger waddled and she occasionally had pet his head. She scowled when a large rottweiler came bounding up to her, heaving with excitement. Belle raised an eyebrow and then noticed the slip of paper on its head. Before she could take a look, Malachi had taken it. Belle rolled her eyes and sighed loudly, although he showed them what it said soon after. Her attention turned back to the Rottweiler and eyed its' droolwith a grimace. She ignored the dog and turned back to her companions. ”What a non-inconspicuous way to get the message out.” She gestured to the paper. Belle turned to the direction of the Healing Center and moved forward toward it, regardless if the others followed.


Time: Evening
Location: Beach
Interaction: @Helo Leon, @AliveFalling Vaeril
Inventory at home: 2 Dresses, adventurer outfit, 8 mood bracelets gray coat, 2 spheres, 1 travel shelter, ruddy apple, round rindley old cheese, flask of cider, round of dark bread, 1 hoverboard, blanket, 1 cooking pot, flame starter kit, flask and water purifier, stream water, 1 hairbrush, pillow, and 1 of each cleansers, 2 wayfinders, honey comb
Inventory on her her: 2 mood bracelets, 1 backpack, 1 location sender, 1 darksight glasses, and eye protector; her bow and arrow, magic staff and its' holster

After the shopping extravaganza ended, Lucia had found Elleta and given her the heavier objects. The elf had given Lucy an inquisitive look but remained silent. Morgayne had come to assist as well and then off they went. Lucia had continued their new adventure with new friends, and eventually they found themselves at another bar for drinks. The strange elf, Orland and his demon companion, Nur proved to be interesting company. The idea that they had found another human was exciting to her. How many more were hiding?

Lucy had decided to sit on the beach and let themselves relax. For now, it was them, since Vaeril had stepped away. She had laid a blanket out for them to sit on and some snacks to eat. Her gaze was fixated on the ocean waves. Finally, she turned to Leon and kept her voice low. ”How are you? What’s on your mind?” She stretched her arms out and glanced at him. ”What happened at the cafe? I could tell you looked uncomfortable. Was it Vaeril?” She glanced around to make sure he hadn’t been in earshot or close to returning. ”I’m sorry if I am causing you any stress. I know you offered to buy drinks and I want to know that you’re comfortable and not acting. I’m not a great liar myself or that cunning, but I can compensate with my bubbly personality.”

A loud horn echoed and reverberated throughout the Port. Lucia rolled onto her feet, grabbing her bow and stringing an arrow simultaneously. She glanced around for the source of the noise and noticed it had come from the square. With a growl, Lucia stood up and lowered her bow. Narrowing her eyes, Lucia set her darksight glasses on and looked at Leon. ”Do you want to go check that out or stay away? I'm not sure who it came from and I don't want you in danger.” She glanced upwards at the sky then back down to him. Her body language didn’t leave much to the imagination in terms of her response. She kept a firm grip on her bow. Her mind went to the rebels but why would they be so loud? She gritted her teeth.
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TIME: Evening
INTERACTIONS: Myra @13org, Valamir @Alivefalling

People were still milling about, minding their own business while enjoying the last of their waking hours before they fall into hours-long slumber and start the whole cycle over again. Again and again until their last breath. It's all so tiring and repetitive but more especially, it was cosmically boring.

"Oy miss, you gonna buy that fruit?"

Sakura was snapped off her trance and focused again. She was standing in front of a fruit cart where its owner was about to close and tidy things up for the day before she decided to buy an apple. The owner was a grumpy-looking ram demi-human who seemed to be in his 50s though the demoness was impressive that he was still as strong as he was in his prime to be pulling that cart all by himself.

"Y-Yes. Sorry about that. How much-"

"One." The ram said in a gruff voice, clearly annoyed that this transaction was taking longer than usual.

Sakura reached to her small pouch and gave him three instead. "For wasting your time." Sakura clarified while batting her eyelids at him. The ram just snuffed and accepted it, letting Sakura be with her apple as he hoised the handles of his cart. "Rabbits." He said under his breath in annoyance as he wheeled away with his produce. If she wasn't keeping a low profile, she would have killed that ram instantly.

Indeed, Sakura had put on an illusion that she was a rabbit demi-human to blend in with the crowd. She didn't want to attract unwanted attention by walking out in the open as a demon so she ought to disguise herself instead. This way, no one would suspect anything of her and she could find her targe- her friends without raising suspicion.

Truth be told, Sakura arrived at the River Port just a few hours ago though she didn't know if she was the first, or one of the first, of the people from the ball to arrive here. She got herself in some minor trouble with some random goblins and other fierce wild animals on her way here but it's nothing her magic couldn't easily handle. Still, her energy was depleting due to the amount of spells she needed to keep active including her current illusion. She really needed to find a place to stay as soon as possible and rest so she could regain her energy.

Not even the death of one of her shikigami was enough to make up for the cost of the active spells she had on. Such a waste of a minion but it was necessary. That sleazy lizard was about to spoil her secrets to the rebels and he managed to tell them of the presence of a spy within their ranks before he was silenced permanently.

Sakura gritted her teeth in annoyance. After all the things she did for him, this was how he repaid her. She should really be careful of the people she chose to be her minions next time. Right now, she had some things she needed to do like find Ayita and Cade.

She continued to walk along the town, eavesdropping on conversations while keeping an eye out for any outsider that looked suspicious. She was berating herself for losing her targe- her friend. She should've just stayed with Ayita and kept an eye on her along with all the other humans but she had to send that good-for-nothing Ahzmorath away or else he'll kill every single one of them, including her. Just thinking about that wretched fool was making her blood boil so she ought to just forget about it and move on.

Sakura felt something make contact with her foot and she looked down to see a white female creature laying down on the ground unconscious. She felt like she's seen this person before especially with the clothing on her body, eventually realizing that she remembered seeing this person fleeing with the rebels back from the ball. She could also tell this was a demon like her, making her all the more curious about what's a demon doing among the ranks of the rebels. A traitor to her own kind perhaps?

"Hey, you dead?" Sakura said, kneeling down and poking its sides to see if it'll wake up. Just then, a loud horn echoed throughout the port, making Sakura and most likely the other people jump in alarm because of it. What the heck was that? It sounded like it came from the town square too. Before she would investigate, she would need to wake up this unconscious demon first and get some answers.

Sakura looked around for a bit before undoing the illusion off her face. She thought it would be best for the girl to see her kin the first time she wakes up. As soon as Myra would gain consciousness, she would see the face of Sakura looking down at her with utmost curiosity while holding an apple.
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Time: Evening
Location: Boardwalk
Interaction: @princess Risa, @Alivefalling Valamir

Valaeon had been sharing such a wholesome moment with Risa which he greatly enjoyed. She was such a sweet and emotionally strong girl. Tempted to give her a powerful hug, he controlled himself. Patience was not his strong suit as he looked her over, wondering if Risa would be willing to accept it.

The sudden awe-striking sound of a familiar horn blasted throughout River Port. Valaeon, who was contemplating whether or not to hug Risa, widened his eyes. His head whipped toward the source of the sound.

"Impossible… HE'S HERE!" He shouted before whipping his head back to Risa. "HE'S HERE! COME WITH ME! WE MUST GO! NOW!" Valaeon shouted urgently as he turned and ran forward to get some distance and momentum before outstretching his large wings. "I think it's in the square!" He flapped his wings to take flight. There was no time to waste. Valaeon needed to be where he heard the horn!
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Time: Night
Location: A dream, River Port

As Darius slumbered, he slipped away, off to the same place he always had since meeting the demon, Malgormuun. It was always the same place, but also not. This space was Malgormuun's and he brought Darius here whenever he rested. But Malgormuun never presented the same type of setting to Darius. Always a place Darius had seen before. Some he found to be intimately familiar, while others were of places he could vaguely remember.

This time, the surroundings were that of a lush empty park where Darius simply found himself sitting on a bench across from a shadowy figure that mimicked his appearance. This setting was familiar, a park he would add to his running route from time to time.

"To succeed." He said, his voice welcoming Darius. "A waste of a wish. One that implies you are not confident in your ability to put an end to those wretched machines." Malgormuun slumped back casually on the bench with his arms crossed over his chest.

"It just seems like a lot sometimes… I'm surprised you even care though. It's the thing I want."

"Your ignorance is understandable." Malgormuun pointed to his right, to an odd piece of machinery composed of a large upright ring. It resembled something out of a sci-fi flick that was used to open a portal… a rift. This was the first time Darius had actually seen the DROM with his own eyes so close up. "I also am not fond of the DROMs, especially when they are the culprit for my lack of a body. Torn apart and physically destroyed due to my mother's foolishness and endless ambition. Torn apart due to what was my unconditional loyalty to her. I stepped through one of those as a proud and powerful demon! Only to end up formless and pathetic... Aklenroth… He pitied and saved me from my suffering." Malgormuun's willingness to share was a new thing to Darius. Listening thoughtfully, he wondered what had brought this on. What intrigued him most was the attempt at sending an Avalian to Earth. And also how it had failed.

"How much do you actually know about them? The DROMs." Darius leaned forward with his elbows resting on his thighs.

"I know plenty. I meant to wait for a time after quelling this poor excuse of a rebellion to share what I know. The omission was all done to keep you focused. Now, with Aklenroth's current plan of ambiguity and nonhostility, we must shift our objective to the DROMs. We cannot linger at this port long, but I will allow you to spend as much time as you need here. To enjoy the few luxuries you may not have once we truly get started… And Nur… She is safe by the way. A particular kind of demon, but her intentions do not appear to be harmful to you from what I've observed. On the same note, I do not recognize her, so I do not believe her to be one of Aklenroth's agents. Do not divulge too much information to her. Not yet." Malgormuun speaking so openly surprised Darius. Was this generosity? Is that what this was?

"Really? I remember you complaining all day and night about Artemis being arou-"

"You could not see what I saw in that creature! She held information back from you while trying to have you align with her thinking. A sinister manipulator, as all sirens are. She is lucky I could not strike her from the lies she told of me. The slander! I am truly glad she is gone, hopefully for good." He ranted, yet didn't seem to physically shift or move while expressing his feelings. Darius looked slightly amused by how much Artemis bothered the demon.

"Umm… Well, I guess you have a good assessment on people… Because you're probably just always watching, right." Darius tried to confirm.

"Always watching, yes. But not always observing your activities. I sift through your memories often, Darius. I know your life very well. The person you were. The people you care for. The world I might have experienced if I successfully traveled through that DROM. It's interesting. The magic there is absent. Your people are most similar to the demi-humans here, but even more resourceful. A beautiful world to want to return to… But I do believe you are better off here, Darius. In your short time here, you have found a greater purpose, a mission to call your own. You are also the only one you can trust to complete that mission. If even one DROM is left, you will have failed. You will have many in your way and few at your side… Hmm… To succeed. Perhaps it was not such a poor thing to wish for. It is you making a point that everything you aim to accomplish must absolutely happen."

Darius sat silently as Malgormuun continued to speak. He continued on about the DROMs, his own life, and what Darius should expect of their partnership going forward. For the first time, the two shared what was a more relaxed time moment. Without purpose, Malgormuun needed to adopt Darius' until the time came to follow Aklenroth's direction again. Right now, was the time to forge a weapon… Perhaps even a Wraith.
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