It's done.

Which is to say the GM team has completed compiling the information and guides required to start the game, because there's more they want to do and likely more will come up in the playing of the game that needs to be done...but for now it's done enough.

With that disclaimer out of the way: welcome to the Star Wars Persistent Galaxy roleplay!

There have been changes since the last time people have heard from me about the game, but the biggest is that all characters will have to be applied for now. In terms of balance and fairness the GMs thought it best to require sheets for every character at the start, and if we get to a point where we can let people just drop a sheet for a low level character and hop right into the game than we will. For now we take the cautious approach.

You still have freedom of movement, freedom to make your own stories, no matter how big or small. There will be plots initiated by the GM team, as the state of the galaxy at the moment is a dangerous and uncertain time filled with the potential for galactic wide conflict. More on that from the GM team shortly.

In the longterm we hope the players involvement and action regulate the GM group to referees and Character Sheet judges, and little more. If you find something you don't like, tell the GMs and/or myself. Got an idea that would help improve a CS template? Got a question about one of the guides? Spot an error? A Persistent World RP can only thrive with player involvement and buy-in, so never hesitate to speak up even if it's something as simple as, "Man, those CS templates sure are long..." We get it, and we'll do what we can to constantly continue to refine and improve the game to fit the players.

I can't thank the GM team enough. Special thanks to our amazing GM consultant Sundered Echo, without whom it would've taken twice as long to get to this point. Special thanks also to our first Lorekeeper, Seren, who has done a great job by helping in any way she can whenever she was needed. Thank you very very very much to both!

As a reminder, the GM/Persistent World Mod team:

Ellri - Sith Empire GM.
Heat - Jedi Order GM.
Sini - Sith Empire GM.
Ezekiel - Republic GM/Independent Factions GM. (Bounty Hunters, Smugglers, Criminals, Mandalorians, etc.)

At the moment I'm filling the Tech GM spot, which encompasses everything from personal tech, to weapons, to speeders, to starships.

They've done a great job.

Expect the OOC to be posted very soon. In the meantime join us in the Persistent Galaxy's Discord server if you have any questions, or just want to brainstorm characters and stories with fellow roleplayers.