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RestlessBlue <1 min ago
Moo made me a painting today. It's so cute, I'm dying.

Bartimaeus 1 hr ago
I am so mentally and physically exhausted, please forgive me if I'm slow to replies.

Vampiretwilight 2 hrs ago
POOHEAD189: happy birthday! :D
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DemonMiyu 2 hrs ago
Ey, we got five players now and my DM girl is drawing the maps and encounters by hand. I lucked out!

POOHEAD189 3 hrs ago
Thank you for the birthday wishes, everyone!
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Vampiretwilight 3 hrs ago
have a good day everyone
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TGM 4 hrs ago
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Kenshi 4 hrs ago…
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DemonMiyu 5 hrs ago
Making a DnD Playlist, trying to figure out how to distort space and time to fast forward.
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Dark Cloud 5 hrs ago
Morgan Freeman: "And then POOHEAD189 was buried under the sheer amount of happy birthday's from his followers. We still search for him to this day."
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RainyHigh 5 hrs ago
@LighttheDark, YES, I hate that conundrum. It's like I'm purposely trying to torture my future self! @POOHEAD189: Happy 30th! Woooot! 🎂🎂🎂
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SporkoBug 5 hrs ago
Replies will come tonight, busy day for the Bug!

Dark Cloud 5 hrs ago
Happy 30th Poo, here's wishing you many more years of memorable roleplaying.
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Light the Dark 5 hrs ago
Someone talk me out of doing another rp when I already have five.... but I also have no replies -right now- and and want to write. You see my conundrum. xD
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Todd Howard 5 hrs ago
Happy birthday to you~ Your name is Poo~ You've always been the best moderator~ And you've banned me too.
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POOHEAD189 6 hrs ago
It's my 30th birthday and my 5 year anniversary on the guild! 5 years is far too short a time to be around such admirable hobbitses!
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Xaltwind 7 hrs ago
As a great man once said; OH GOD! KILL IT WITH FIRE!!
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DraconiWarlord 8 hrs ago…

Kenshi 8 hrs ago
No wonder I'm hangry it's nearly lunch time

Kenshi 8 hrs ago
Shit, I been online that long. Did

Kenshi 9 hrs ago
Does it matter where we MAIL you to deadwolves? Cause my vote is Siberia 😎

Shu 9 hrs ago
Nothing like a good night’s sleep and well brewed coffee to help you forget an unpleasant evening.
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deadwolves 9 hrs ago
Sometimes I'm up at 1 am. If this is the case, I AM NOT TIRED I SWEAR. JUST MAIL ME ANYWAYS.

Uncertain Tea 9 hrs ago
@Light That's how all artists start! Just have fun with it. :)
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Light the Dark 9 hrs ago
I wish I could draw. But at best I can doodle. Kinda. ^^;
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Kenshi 10 hrs ago
Goblin: Your mother is a fraggin' aardvark!

Noogget 10 hrs ago
Yeetle. I still got some Steam keys to give away on my profile, if anyone's interested. 100% no strings attached, I just like to make people happy. I know they're bad games tho, sorry.
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Crystal Amalgam 10 hrs ago
ORAS nuzlocke update 5: Meet Squidward the Tentacool
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Metadude 12 hrs ago
I am upset that ToQger doesn't have high quality figures yet

NesyExecutive 14 hrs ago
I'm talking about those that doesn't exist in the real world.. that kind of fictional

VeyrinDay 14 hrs ago
well, technically, all ideologies are fictional

NesyExecutive 15 hrs ago
I have made a totalitarian ideology that's fictional.

LittleMouse 16 hrs ago
Sometimes I understand SaDiablo’s frustration with people around him a little too well, too bad I can’t hide in a luxurious office to avoid them too

Laser Kiwi 18 hrs ago
Had a lot of stuff on my plate lately. Should be more active in a day or two!
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Zoey Boey 18 hrs ago
"The pain of your absence is sharp and haunting, and I would give anything not to know it; anything but never knowing you at all (which would be worse)."
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DemonMiyu 19 hrs ago
DnD, we got a party of 4~ Can't wait for Saturday. Gonna order ramen for the occasion 😋
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Boreas 21 hrs ago
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Dark Cloud 22 hrs ago
Poppa Nurgle blesses the most pustulant of his children.
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VeyrinDay 22 hrs ago
"Awaken my child, and embrace the glory that is your birthright. Know that I am the Overmind; the eternal will of the Swarm, and that you have been created to serve me."
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Lucky 22 hrs ago
Victory for Agamaggan!

rebornfan320 1 day ago
Some days be mellow instead of just meh as Spring is coming
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Dark Cloud 1 day ago
I am enlightened, praise be the lich king!
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POOHEAD189 1 day ago
Ner'zhul* but I appreciate the reference all the same. @darkcloud. (For the lich king!)
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Dark Cloud 1 day ago
Nerull Approves
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Penny 1 day ago
Necromancy Idea - There is no reason you cant reanimate the turkey once it is cooked to spice up Thanksgiving.
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Penny 1 day ago
Troll unto others as you would have them troll unto you
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Dinh AaronMk 1 day ago
Jesus Christ didn't exist. He was a creation of the apostles Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John to troll the Romans. It was a prank that went too far.
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POOHEAD189 1 day ago
Today is my last day in my twenties, but since 2020 didn't count, am I turning 29 again? (You can congratz me tomorrow, I'm just bullshitting rn)
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Noogget 1 day ago
Which IHop?

gorgenmast 1 day ago
The only things a man should eat are bacon, pussy, and stuffed crepes available only for a limited time at IHOP
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Venus 1 day ago
Iss about that yeet
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RainyHigh 1 day ago
Yeet (Yeet) Skrt (Yeet) Yeet (Skrt) Skrt (Skrt) Roll up (Yeet) Drop that (Yeet) Skrt that (Yeet) Pop that (Yeet) Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy... You never loved me mom!
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Dark Cloud 1 day ago

Dark Cloud 1 day ago
Was anyone else scared of playing OG Lego Islad when that guy on the menu is all like "ARE YOU READY TO PLAY IF SO..." nearly shit my britches, true horror I tell you.
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deadwolves 1 day ago
y'know… I should prrrooooobablyyyyy stop staying up until 4 and waking up at 7:30… am…
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Dark Cloud 1 day ago
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Noogget 1 day ago
I am salty over salt

Pilatus 1 day ago
Reminds me of the original Gears of War trailer.
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Todd Howard 1 day ago
Country roads, take me hoooome

Lyly 1 day ago
Going nowhere, going nowhere.

LSJ Rose 1 day ago
bright and early for the daily races
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Lyly 1 day ago
Worn out places, worn out faces.
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Dark Cloud 1 day ago
"All around me, are familiar faces!"

Blaze Gamma 1 day ago
Y'all been watching too much Osomatsu san.

Kenshi 1 day ago
"We’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad.”

Penny 1 day ago
We can definitely have a Karl Marx style fairy god mother, peasants of this world unite!
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VeyrinDay 1 day ago
We can subvert the magic aspect, and instead of Fairy Godmother, let's switch her for a bearded man writing books condemning capitalism
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Dark Cloud 1 day ago
I'd pay to see that.
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Penny 1 day ago
Kind of love the idea of an anti-Cinderella tale. The prince had a wonderful night at the ball but it turns out his beau is a jacobin necromantic sorceress bent on destroying the kingdom.
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ClocktowerEchos 1 day ago
"Lovers to enemies" is just any story with a divorced couple who hate each other.
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Dinh AaronMk 1 day ago
“We were clever enough to turn a laundry list into poetry.”
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Jones Sparrow 1 day ago
“As she read, I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once.”
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KrystalKleo 1 day ago
Anyone on that's handy with X-1 gaming controllers? Not Xbox 1, the actual brand x-1

Blaze Gamma 2 days ago
Literally not once in the past 4 years.
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LittleMouse 2 days ago
So everyone’s just watching family guy rn?
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Dark Cloud 2 days ago

Kenshi 2 days ago
Get your stinking paws off me, you damned dirty ape!

wheels 2 days ago
tired of being sore just sayng
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Dark Cloud 2 days ago
I wish Langrisser had at least a sub par English dub. I enjoyed the game for months after I had been bedridden from getting surgery to have a cyst removed just above my tail bone.

Siaya Dragalorn 2 days ago
@BlazeGamma: Only 'cause it rhymes with Grug.

Andreyich 2 days ago
Shit came up but I'm back fellas

Blaze Gamma 2 days ago
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LittleMouse 2 days ago
I’m so painfully bored
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alexakeehl 2 days ago
ever sit down and just, "wow I'm fucking tired"
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Vampiretwilight 2 days ago
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Framing A Moose 2 days ago
Current Mood: Penelope Scott
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Noogget 2 days ago
Hey, you, with the face. Do you like free games? Well, you're in luck! I've got some Steam codes and I'm giving them away! Check my profile~
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Dark Cloud 2 days ago
But you know what I'd really enjoy? A Langrisser RP that's what.
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Dark Cloud 2 days ago
That is why I read, write and play video games & tabletop RPGs.
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Hacquelebac 2 days ago
reality is a weakness we must overcome
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Noogget 2 days ago
Casually got weepy over a bunch of pixels. A wolf pup lost its mama in a game and I legit cried over the story. ( ノ ゚ー゚)ノ
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LSJ Rose 2 days ago

Crystal Amalgam 2 days ago
i meant to say dogsitting, im gonna sob
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PPQ Purple 2 days ago
No big deal. It's better to be a hour early than a minute late, I always say.
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Blaze Gamma 2 days ago
I goofed slightly. My interview was at 2:30 Central, which I knew was 3:30 here, and then my brain fused to being at 2:30 here. Somehow.
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The Ghost Note 2 days ago
Ma, stop acting like you so fly. You a dime, fat ass and them thick thighs

Odin 2 days ago
what the fuck
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Dagger 2 days ago
Imagine working at Dairy Queen while also moonlighting as a bartender, and you flip a customer's drink upside down when you serve it to them
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Dark Cloud 2 days ago
I wish you good luck, Blaze.
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