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Latest Statuses

Bondye 3 min ago
Is there a proper term for one's brain turning to mush and the body wanting to hibernate because of it?

Catharyn 40 min ago
Let it rain, all night.
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Jones Sparrow 2 hrs ago
“The only thing worse than a boy who hates you: a boy that loves you.”

Kenshi 5 hrs ago
Bright beautiful full moon tonight , to the point of I can see the man in the moon..unless that's just the drugs kickin in .
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Aristocles 7 hrs ago
I may be getting a new PC, paid for with store credit, as they don't necessarily have the GPU for the PC in the repair supply chain. Semiconductor shortage to blame.

Dark Cloud 9 hrs ago
With all my posting done, and 2hrs with no posts dropping. I'mma go play WF.

Andreyich 10 hrs ago
our boy googs will be dancing on the bodies of the dead opps
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Dagger 10 hrs ago
Fire update: Evacuations are set to happen tonight. I'm not in an evacuation zone currently, but if embers start flying, I'll most likely have to evacuate too because I live less than 100 ft away.
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Latest Checks

ABERRANT! The Nova Age
by Dead Cruiser 10 hrs ago
Large Group Superhero Tabletop Future Casual Sci-Fi

Band 1x1 (looking for male character)
by AHeartlessNobody 13 hrs ago
Romance 1x1 Casual 18+ Advanced Slice of Life

I'm back! Looking for long term, detailed RP partners who want to build complex storylines and slow-burn plots.
by badfool 1 day ago
Romance Horror Historical Fantasy 18+ Slice of Life Medieval

just a boy looking for an assassin's creed roleplay!
by proudwrites 1 day ago
Romance Fandom Historical 1x1 Casual Advanced Slice of Life

Latest Roleplays

Yu☆Gi☆Oh!: Soul Mirror
by Ammokkx 1 day ago
1x1 Casual Anime/Manga

Street Punk Serenade: Delinquent Days
by Courtaud 2 days ago
Modern Casual Anime/Manga Slice of Life School

Mythic Madness
by Kale19 4 days ago
Historical Fantasy Casual Advanced Steampunk Small Group

Venom Saga: Volume 1 - What Doesn't Kill You (Xenon & Zool)
by xenon 4 days ago
1x1 Fantasy Advanced

Star Wars - Rise of Crusade
by Sep 5 days ago
Large Group Fandom Casual Small Group Sci-Fi


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bellproo 1 day ago
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