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Latest Statuses

Jones Sparrow 18 min ago
“Sometimes all you can do is lie in bed, and hope to fall asleep before you fall apart.”
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DemonMiyu 22 min ago
When the dm makes you feel horrible about one of the most hated villains in the campaign. -cracks open a cold one - ....

Star Cat 39 min ago
Praise be to Cappy.

AngelBites15 2 hrs ago
Posts will come, at random times, for a while, as I am currently finding my footing, post-college :/

Bondye 3 hrs ago
Call went well. Got my foster siblings' numbers, so I'll call them tomorrow and see how they're doing.
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the one i'm in is 2 years old and still going
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Nallore 4 hrs ago
@GhostMami I know right?! Been thinking of doing one at some point.
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GhostMami 4 hrs ago
I love worldbuilding supernatural lore SO much. Why do supernatural/paranormal RPs never last?? They're the best genre. Fight me.
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Returning to Roleplaying (mostly dark themes)
by tastelessglass 3 hrs ago
Romance Horror 1x1 Fantasy Casual 18+ Sci-Fi

Runt's 1x1 Interest Check
by Runt 18 hrs ago
Post-Apocalyptic Modern Horror 1x1 18+ Advanced Slice of Life Sci-Fi

The Elder Scrolls: Stormcrown Interregnum
by Hank 20 hrs ago
Large Group Fandom Fantasy Advanced Medieval Military Small Group

Old Glory (GoT-styled RP in a post apocalyptic medieval USA)
by ClocktowerEchos 1 day ago
Large Group Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy Casual 18+ Medieval

Hello Again Fellow Roleplayers
by rise13eyond 1 day ago
Romance Historical 1x1 Fantasy Casual Advanced Medieval

Latest Roleplays

Flower Power! - A Plant-Inspired Superpowers RP [OPEN]
by Zanavy 9 hrs ago
Large Group Superhero Modern Casual

Formula D: Sunset City
by rocketrobie2 3 days ago
Modern Tabletop Small Group

A very ordinary place (Escaping Chralmede)
by Windstormugly 3 days ago
Large Group Future Fantasy Casual Ancient Sci-Fi Free

Amygdala Circuit
by Mcmolly 4 days ago
Horror Future Casual Small Group Sci-Fi

The Energy Storm
by Chulance 5 days ago
Large Group Apocalyptic Superhero Modern Casual 18+ Military
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